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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

dreamt Japan preparing war.

dreamt helping Japan in war. it's a lengthy dream. at first Japan just
in war and everywhere Japanese motivated and celebrated to join army.
I happened to be in Japan and take part in their parties, from rooms
to streets, learning their culture in ritual. then I applied to join
their army and likely accepted. but it's all in prewar, I just saw
group of soldiers busy with their operations. later in a room for war
donation, I gave all my money, ¥335. the staff recognized me and
teased me on my donation, but I made him registered my share. the
dream delayed me from breakfast, but it's such a strange dream.
yesterday I busied more than half day trying install google apps suite
on my cheap Chinese smartphone yet failed. its bit boring to hack the
gear. and I saw Chinese government blocked google service in one hand
while buying from world wide to develop most hacking tool on the other
hand to break through wall with malware, just aiming compromising its
citizen's security and private. I wouldn't take the bait. the world is
sad for the poor, even google itself increase their smartphone's
price, while its gapps suite so hard to install on Chinese product in
conflict of their service. and dictation in PRC day by day risk common
Chinese life and future to build war reservoir against mostly its
civilian, then the US which responsible for world democracy and peace.
in no way the tyrant in PRC will stop playing fire before forced to
quit dangerous suicide, like spoiled son of bitch in north Korea in
cult of wicked worship and dead totalitarian. God, dad, we suffered so
much in welcome the world democracy, in Christian united world of just
and independent. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain progress
China maintains since Ming Dynasty under my ancestor's title, Zhu.
bring me new family and offspring with my beloved girls, Asoh Yukiko,
Lyu, TW. grant my son and me new flight journey, finace independent,
and booming cyberspace startup, our portal online.

Monday, October 17, 2016

sins in sinking PRC and its dorm.

dreamt with Iron Man Elon Musk. he first introduced himself to me on a party. then I with him to his factory where I saw his rocket, which has 3 different speed empower to exceed gravity of air, earth, and sun. there are some pupils made advantage of his device and nail the window open and instant shift from one side of reality to another by climbing over the window. then saw Musk's family, his ongoing projects including raising fund, his charm among people. this week a bit busy: I tried hard to install google apps on my cheap new smartphone. comparing India where every new smartphone should have google apps ready, I can safely assert PRC losing in coming decade by turning down its people qualified service like google and all free web and shift to its domestic poor copycat inherits sinful. PRC people lose so much in strangling with its top-down dictative enslavement. on weekend reuniting my son, woz, we proud of our time together. due to mounting surveillance over my son's vpn, I had to spend more time just got his android applications updated from google play store. but anything elsewhere likely went smoothly. we felt triumph upon economic pinning down, dangerous circumstance around us, all by PRC dictation who more and more insanely fearful under our demonstration and turbulent PRC social unstable. we recently seldom play windows game, for downloading from steam or origin heavily lagged by China surveillance. we just cope with free web and security update. last Saturday heat system starts in service, and the dorm turns much better for dwelling. even in solitary, dogs around in the dorm desperate entangles me. the gay in nearby room using his protend coughs as weapon and spit quite messily on corridor and disgusted me. the big dog also humiliates me with his ill surveillance: each night if I go to bed later, he will stay his door open and make alarm sounds on corridor to urge my sedative, like any of his business or concern. I pray God disappears the sin and free me from poisonous environment. God dad, bring me sooner my Royal China, bring me a tidy work and life space anxiousless. grant us free of wants, finance independence, borderless web. in coming season allow us to renew our web assets as scheduled. thx for this sunny morning, God dad.

Monday, October 10, 2016

preparing passport in dawn dream.

dreamt of preparing my passport. this 2 weeks a bit astray: I too glad
to enjoy our new gadgets and their functional. also reunited my son in
celebration of PRC holiday. we went to movie, visited my dorm. before
his tour with his revengeful mom, I warned him about dangers in travel
and hope he less with his mom's desperate tour. the day before
yesterday on way returning to my dorm, there was almost an accident: a
motorist hit me and crashed my phablet in my notebook bag. thanks God,
I was intact. then I ordered a replacement from taobao.com. this dawn
I dreamt a lot about applying Unite State's passport. there likely
linked to my elder sister's recent call in which she let me know my
nephew's wedding near lunar new year and invited us to flight to join
them. at first I gladly admitted, then found my dearest sister, 3rd
elder sister, didn't really invite us. what's more, my younger brother
likely covertly plotted framing us in humiliation for we are currently
too poor. so I told my son we might rebuff it. then holy spirit
affirmed me the hometown journey, our 3rd flight tour. in dream I
first don't know how to compose application, only puzzled in wording
of causes. then gradually I see the categories of travel intention,
like business information, visiting friend, tourism, etc. then saw in
dream I chose BIX or something stands for business information
exchange, and lots of uncertainty of the audit outcome. I pee once
then dreamt again the applying process. in the end my senior middle
school alumnus, Chao Lixin, who aided me get my first domain,
be21zh.org, and a scholar in US since his Phd, and Wujiang, my Nankai
Univ alumnus, dropped me a visit. the former kindly check my
application and offer some tips, while the latter look through my
form. I finally got insight the meaning of categories of travel
causes, and saw large flow Chinese in PRC moving cross border. I saw
what happening in American embassy in China and handling of passport
application. God, my life can be limited to mainland of PRC, but grant
my son and my other offspring free migration among Christian united
one world. bring woz to peaceful nation before PRC war bubble burst
out. bring me sooner my Royal China to bring peace on the eastern
Asia. grant me financial independence and complete annual renewal of
all my domain and hosting plan. grant woz his 4th flight to his
grandpa's hometown and merry union with his cousins there. thx, dad,
in God's mercy.

Friday, September 30, 2016

a holiday ruined by idiot.

dreamt relocated within QRRS. in dawn dream I was assigned by my once
and long time employer, QRRS, again and work for its labor union. I
was called by the director, who told me my routine before read his
newspaper. I then interviewed by some other leaders in the department.
most of my job is dispatching newspaper, and at first I missed and the
director asking my sending his desk. then I discussed him about
digitalization of those subscribed newspaper for available for all
staff at same time in additional searchable feature. later dreamt
detailedly gaming, in which we drive and fly through all scenes of
urgent flee before destroy all enemies blocking. coming PRC national
day holiday I previously arranged my son going cinema with me, then
shopping Walmart and finally ported a night in my dorm. but his mom,
the cheap small woman, again will bring my son in tourism. the
relentless bitch desperately compete with me by offering my son evil
and destructive gift like travel. she never shared her tuition
earnings while occupied the house all time and does no chores when we
lived together. she didn't earn much from her jobs so cheap but she
never stop attempting won my son from me with her poisonous offer.
Dad, God, my son in many cases stupidly trying annoying me after
received his mom's stupid gift like tourism by ignoring my message via
digital gadgets I equipped him in last years. Dad God, free him from
his mom's stupid and stubborn like beast. he and his mom both do no
hurt me by that mean behavior substantially but just make me sad. in
my life blessed, I saw so many poor quality persons including my
siblings, women around me. God dad, I just need a considerate partner
so long, without cheating, without silent war, without psycho problem.
why I so hard to win world in my wise and faith unbeatable? God, dad,
bring me sooner my Royal China to family me. bring my girls, Asoh
Yukiko, girl TW, girl LYU, to soothe my pains among embarrassing
qualified poor people. grant me financial independence, warm me and
embed me with firmer holy commitment. thx dad!

Monday, September 19, 2016

dreams in Taipei.

I was likely in tourism to Taipei. when we lined up in front of
parliament hall, I bored and scratched pocket, then finger nails drag
out a toll of large amount old era bills hidden. my neighbor
schoolmates found at once and yelled. I evaded chase and made sure the
amount is large. I or schoolmates commented: in communism anything you
found will be confiscated, or seized by larger organization and only
in lawful nation your findings belongs to u. then in the monitor and a
girl schoolmate's house in Taipei they invited me. her mother
preparing meal for us. the monitor persuaded me honestly to check the
ancient bill again and try to save in bank. when I heading to bank
accordingly, the monitor and the girl trying to accompany me. its
about 5am, after noted the dream I returned to bed. dreamt jogging on
road near qrrs, my once and long time employer. met many foxes running
around, they didn't attack even fearsome. then more flying mouse,
flying crane or flying pig or goose, with their baby under their belly
in air. then in the girl schoolmate's house I busy writing down my
dream. her mother blamed me not helping her clean house. I told her
blogging and shift away to write on a paper pens holder. this 2 weeks
mostly fought GFW for my son's access English web. his internet via
vpn insanely blocked. I sometimes a full morning tried all means to
penetrate the iron curtain, just aiming bring my son amazon prime
video, among which lots of qualified kid English TV programs. I also
prepared myself an alternative os for secure operation, android-x86.
like in cold war I frequently felt insecure against government backed
hacking in sinking PRC, world largest and last hooligan. this weeks
mostly raining. the rain drop is the most in my 25 years in
northeastern China. I enjoy the rhythm so much! also in the rain I
picked my son to dine out while his mom arranged a boy schoolmate of
my son visited their house. my son accompanied the boy schoolmate till
saw him off. our shoes both sucked by water but fortunately its no
cold. we ate fish but woz ate less. returned to dorm, I sensed my
son's lose in my unable to prepare him friendship, career, payment or
reward like I prepared him tablet, cellphone or smart watch. I sensed
his loneliness and uncertainty ahead, while I demanding upon his
focus. next morning I resumed more or less courage, known that I can't
cover my son his life but God does. I sang in my workload to reinstall
his dell notebook os. in dining out I told him I will do my best and
likest as usual. he admitted. last day of lunar Mid-Autumn holiday he
asked to dine in dicos, after near half year absence since our debt
crisis. God dad, grant us financial independence. bring me sooner my
Royal China to support my life and family. bring me my Empire peaceful
for glory of the Son. free me from prison and notorious of debt trap.
in the rainy Autumn shed more sunshine to warm my bed. thx, dad God.