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Thursday, February 16, 2017

shallowly snowed.

the day before yesterday I worked overnight. the yesterday I felt
inspiration in ladies fulfilled my heart. I admire them so much, and
sympathetic to their pleasure seeking and concerns while none of them
lives in my life in past decade. in the night I dreamt first played
with kids. then among a kindergarten, I with my men with shotguns
played with kids crossword puzzle. we shoot to answer. then I likely a
royal captain of firearm brigade, operated them in war field where
fire distance matters. after wake up I wonder the small figure in
dream is Napoleon, who relentless with war fire till saw his own
failure and death after challenge Russian, the iced land. I saw
relentless love attempts for his concerned, esp women in his life. I
felt dizzy after morning alarm. even breakfast in canteen is
satisfying, I still trying finding nap after settle here my workload.
last afternoon bankcomm clearance crew buzzed in, show their interest
to interview. there is nothing new in their probation. they impotently
demanded me return at once my credit debt while It clearly out of
possibility in my situation, in which recent 3 months steadily
returning, ¥2000 paid every salary day. in the mid after found their
only aim is to intimidate me, I claimed they incapable to negotiate
with me, for there is nothing valuable or granting policy in their
holding card, so I arbitrarily quit the conversation. my work space
just resumed, I enjoyed my favorite Chinese podcasts, and Amazon prime
video in the rest of the day. God dad, last Monday after my ICBC
monthly credit statement revealed ¥700 left under account, I
immediately renew zhone 19th domain, billingzhu.com for my 2nd son, to
its longest life span, 5 years for ¥511. dad God, there is only one
thing unfinished in 2016 as annual, woz's 12 domains renewal. grant us
financial freedom to do the job. bring me sooner my Royal China to
sustain my offspring. bring Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan,
to home my new family. bring 2017 new monument for ever growing
mission to revitalize eastern Asia, for the grace and persistence of
Chinese and Japanese. thx dad God, for the snowing night and this
morning so quiet in sober.

Friday, February 10, 2017

late wake of lunar 2017.

dreamt of complicated time space pair. after 2 busy days at dorm, heat
gathered in central China gradually melt. my nose ran water a lot, and
shit softly, too. last night I perceived erotic dream drove by full
sperms, but in fact I didn't wet last night. rather, in dream I got
insight of time-space tangle. I saw a dynasty broke down and lots of
strange behaviors, like soldier don't know who to obey, court women
don't know how to survive in riot era. I saw my Nankai alumni went
class while I drift wild. I saw when time dissolves, events in space
can be floating around, losing their sequence. the result and the
cause in different time location can't be replaced, otherwise there
will be forecast, in time travel paradox. these days hard economy
again pestered me. I only gain a much shrinked ¥3000 in 2016 as year
end bonus from QRRS, my once and long time employer, comparing near
¥7000 in 2015. a policy gain, aid for poor staff, ¥1000 offered to me
by labor union. I handed over to dorm canteen at once, and next day I
had to borrow ¥200 again for living expense. now I have debt ¥1000 to
local contacts, and my anual renewal of zhone domains yet complete.
¥2000 will do the job like a breeze. then again every month I will
fight for dinning out twice a week with my son woz for gathering, and
my pills will add another ¥100. in the 3rd hometown flight tour, I
almost broke up with my kid brother who contempts me and cheats me
into endless waiting his aid. now my salary, at its best around ¥3000,
barely afford our lifestyle including credit debt compensation. but,
God, how I lucky in such failing economy maintaining such a small
burden of investment! and watch the grand produce of my endeavour and
willful. God, dad, I see so many affirmatives in holy message. please
firmly attach me onto faith of Christian. bring me sooner my Royal
China to fasten the falling treasure. bring me Asoh Yukiko to put
together the Empire dream and stipulation. grant me financial
independence to safeguard our startup so strong online.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

dream of software.

the night before yesterday I gave my son a lesson, for he too open and
vulnerable upon cheap offers. this night I felt blessed when we ready
to sleep. I first dreamt in art college saw many students and
computers running a software likely robohelp or tin?in. its a series
tools including 3d modeling, illustration, and presentation. in dream
I felt glad to fetch my pastime skill and sharpen them. I felt that
would more or less let me more energetic. then in my hometown village,
facing neighbor village there are 2 modern office malls where once
rice field. many small companies rent space there and share
introduction multimedia, project management or progress report online
there. I still dwelling on the robohelp and thought about app as
service, or the functions of presentation. I tried hard to sync our
data or put our running data into the app. the detail of program very
lengthy in dream, even cross the intervene of getting up to pee.2 days
ago I finally got informed that our train ticket booked, after more
than 60000 times bidding online by our travel agency, ctrip.com. so
last unease resolved and we really needn't hurry, just as holy
affirmed. my son once repulsive upon my teasing infant of my nephew's,
a 16 month old boy, after I told him why I glad to help infant with
empowering them with full heart support, he forgave me and I thankful
for his considerate. his willful pal, the grandson of my 2nd elder
sister, also quit hijacking my son with all flattered. I also openly
talked about fault of my 2nd elder sister whose family less attractive
and colder in heart, with her husband and daughter-in-law. the
daughter-in-law is a slim tall woman with adorable configure and I
tried to help her when she loathe to chores. I hope they don't pitfall
like some of my relatives. after all, we are family from my passed
grand father, God in heaven now. this is a sunny morning with clouds.
hopeful it will more shiny later. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal
China to home my offspring, to guest my concerned. bring me financial
independence to liberate some of my relatives trapped in wrong idea
and habit. grant me adequate fund to renew our domains, the last task
unfilled upon new year 2017.