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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

seasonal gifts with snow.

these weeks brewing shopping online for quite some times, empowered by
alipay virtual credit. but unfortunately godaddy doesn't support it.
so I ordered woz's new boot, google home mini as planned in this dawn.
later I will buy myself tea whose deficit last months. In dawn dreamt
of a respected elder, likely PRC general Liu Bocheng. he first in my
dream appeared as a painter, who drew golden leaves with Chinese
traditional calligraphic painting. then he linked 3 painted leaves in
a line to forge a brush and drew more in batch likely painting
software, painter which can animate painting procedure. then some
relatives of the elder appeared, claimed the renowned man never query
the elapse of his old acquaintances, for he can grasp the information
in solitude & silence. after woke up I felt he must be old partner of
Deng Xiaoping, General Liu. these days PRC surveillance turns more
rampant, and insane. last weekend it only deterred playing back &
restricted sources available via lagging internet, but last night it
shameless rip audio from online episodes real time stream, and reset
cache building minutes each after 2 or 3 minutes, just aiming upset my
watching experience. hatred in PRC, esp dogs arranged by tyranny let
me sad sometimes recently, by their desperate, cheap and total
equipped to teeth. nevertheless my son rejoiced after my analyses of
adversity we were beset, after he felt insulted by my scorn when he
refused counting money for me when I handover bills to pay our spa
groupon in front the counter. might he thought the ammount, ¥250, too
small for his engagement, but I hoped he recount before shifting to
cashier, for I just roughly fetched from my purse. but he move them
directly to cashier with whom I natively didn't trust. my son got hurt
and in next Saturday when we went cinema & bought Taiwanese sweet
juice he refused to face cashier. I first puzzled by his refusal,
blamed him shy to publicity. then I saw his attitude & reason behind.
so in Sunday luncheon, I explained why I didn't put him as independent
but a kid. we more or less reunited & the downtown hotel restaurant
lunch is delicious. after showered & returned to his mom's house, I
let him watch "Rick & Morty" while I massaged his feet. his sinful mom
tentatively arranged her lesbian friend's son came over for her
english tuition, then my son looked diligently to play steam game with
the docile kid while his mom, also the cheating kid, posed to be too
busy and left my son unfinished amid game playing. its all right God,
dad, just let the bitch does her utmost sins trying tearing my son
apart between beast & holy, hership vs fathership.

God, dad, 2017 ends soon. grant us renew all 21 domains with bonus, my
only source of surplus in bare living year long including boarding &
lodging, monthly cinema, weekly dining out with woz, dearest son.
grant us self-relying sooner my online portal of Royal China. bring me
sooner my Crown Queen, Asoh Yukiko, for future ahead, for tomorrow
reality in eastern Asia. protect zhone 21 domains in our title &
promising in their far-sight & far reaching game changing. grant us
merry Christmas & lunar new year!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

sad reality and moral inspiring.

dreamt editing video as my old career in QRRS cable TV. a piece of
video abnormal & frequently freezed. I reported to leader that its
likely encrypted. my once departmental leader, likely framed me and
side watched for my clueless while playing Mahjong with his pals in
the studio. but I checked carefully to assure its not damaged but
encrypted, then gradually decrypted the video. after that I posted my
resignation notice for the unfriend environment in which the boss
conjected with departmental leader setup me in. last night I felt sad
for our new registrar, dynadot, so irresponsible to fix its
problematic dns setting rule. it domain root record defies matched
field, say title and value, but just arbitrary single value. while
zoho mail hosting SPF and let's encrypt ssl dns verification both need
title "@" matching txt value field, otherwise the only txt value
wouldn't be recognized, and verification halt to proceed. such a
simple malfunction defied many users' operational inc mine, and caused
many complains in its user community. but after near 3 months after my
transferation from godaddy, I yet saw fix at all. the boss of the
company shows his leisure time with his pet dog in his pool on social
media. this reminds me their less concerns with their product on which
I deeply hope I can firmly cling to, after departed from godaddy which
more intelligent and powerful esp dns setting, just in one
shortcoming, too expensive & bargain needed in renewal. I hope our new
registrar, dynadot, responsible, steady, but new found let the
assumption shakeable. God dad, why domain registry so thin in scale of
intellectual property, why is it so easy to be a domain registrar with
such a problematic product while remains open service? its shakes my
faith in American corporate moral, and traditional Chinese, esp from
Taiwan, as dynadot founder is a Taiwanese, more equipped with merit of
hard working and emotional smarter.
On Tuesday our ordered ssd from taobao arrived. but last mile express,
contractor Yuantong express failed to deliver. I buzzed the agent
according sms noticement and the man claimed he no longer in the job
for days. so I visited local office of the contractor. the small
office jammed with parcels. 2 women there helped me find my package
after a quarter's scrutiny. Yuantong once had a wonderful service,
speedy & well organized, but now seemingly in deconstruction. for its
too earlier to fetch my son from his school, I lingered awhile in KFC
local franchise. there I found my alipay virtual credit, Huabei,
resumes my limit from freeze. I paid a KFC groupon with the payment
tool in a blink. that's so exciting even before I went to bed hours
later, I still felt shocking satisfaction. I need credit so badly. in
next days I wondered what credit is and how it can facilitate my life,
I took granted that it only encourages installment. so this month I
will equip my son & my own 3 items, woz's new boot, google home mini,
and my tea, all in one installment and hopeful year end bonus will pay
the bill eventually. God, dad, enlive qualified service in American
Chinese startup, esp established corporations like dynadot. bring me
fruitful usage of credit. bring me my Royal China, my Crown Queen Asoh
Yukiko for better management of monetary. grant me constructive credit
adoption, and booming business my online portal empowers.

Monday, November 27, 2017

for a step firmer than novel

retrospect last week, it elipsed so peaceful. but in fact I burning
for the coming salary which turned out extraordinarily surprising.
previously I thought the year end most financially demanding tasks
completed with 2 loans from my old hometown relatives, ie my sisters &
brother. but suddenly my vpn service informed me renewal due in couple
days, exactly Nov 22. while recently my salary released usually on
19th monthly. so I took it easily. from 19th, Sunday, I looked out
hopefully descending of salary till 22rd, Wednesday. everyday I prayed
for solution. it was a sunny noon on 22rd Nov, 2017, I gave up canteen
lunch and hope my last salvage. but it didn't. then I sought out with
blessing resolution for dorm canteen's loan. they didn't refuse my
appeal, offer ¥1000 at once. with it I immediately deposited in my
icbc credit account. CCP surveillance blocked my trading attempts for
a quarter, then went smoothly. my paypal strangely refused my payment,
claiming verification failure. so I ditched it and paid via alipay, a
mainstream electronic financial tool in PRC. my vpn vendor listed
under its transaction list. might be that's what PRC surveillance
demands in defying of my paypal which done last year perfectly. then
most wanted salary release notification sms arrived: with year end
bonus, I got 4420CNY. I had previously reconed many times my budget &
salary's supportive distance, and thought I will save my purchase from
returning less to bank credit, which already warned me insufficient
pay back & possible sue over me. the main coming bill is my son's
desktop os, ubuntu on a ssd usb drive, and gift sending to my nephew
whose first child, a daughter just born. I had already refrained from
gifting his wedding ceremony nearly year ago. so this time my
congratulation really due to manifest. they both costs ¥300. with the
powerful salary, I maintained last month pay back standard, 500CNY
each for ccb & psbc credit debt, while clear all my due liability
among bills active in life, except debt to canteen loan adds more
hundreds. but in the afternoon, when I handed over ¥1700 including 200
to pay a woman staff there for my laundry, the canteen operative woman
and her husband accepted without complains. God, dad, what a wonderful
moment after so many neck breaking anticipation! in the night I
informed my son online the clearance of bills and claimed only left
unfinished is donation annually to poor kids in China mountainous area,
and bbn bible radio. but now, I want more: equipping my son woz a pair
of new winter shoes to replace his wrecked one, and my tea deficit for
months. my son's programming lesson arranged by his mom stepping in,
my preparing his desktop environment is portable os on ssd udisk
hopefully running on hardware of his old dell notebook and intel nuc
in his lounge. dad God, let my son adopt my suggestion, first step
to master typing via training tools from chrome store on his
chromebook. grant me helpful and his prompt execution for aid via
powerful google & online courseware. I have no more debt in his
education, also no more in my online business, our portal for Royal
China and democracy of China progressive. God dad, grant me another
surge of spacious budget for renew our domains year end, nearly 15
domains left. grant us happier lunar new year, and Christmas 2017. thx
for this clueless post in firm hint of publish in rest of recent