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Monday, September 19, 2016

dreams in Taipei.

I was likely in tourism to Taipei. when we lined up in front of
parliament hall, I bored and scratched pocket, then finger nails drag
out a toll of large amount old era bills hidden. my neighbor
schoolmates found at once and yelled. I evaded chase and made sure the
amount is large. I or schoolmates commented: in communism anything you
found will be confiscated, or seized by larger organization and only
in lawful nation your findings belongs to u. then in the monitor and a
girl schoolmate's house in Taipei they invited me. her mother
preparing meal for us. the monitor persuaded me honestly to check the
ancient bill again and try to save in bank. when I heading to bank
accordingly, the monitor and the girl trying to accompany me. its
about 5am, after noted the dream I returned to bed. dreamt jogging on
road near qrrs, my once and long time employer. met many foxes running
around, they didn't attack even fearsome. then more flying mouse,
flying crane or flying pig or goose, with their baby under their belly
in air. then in the girl schoolmate's house I busy writing down my
dream. her mother blamed me not helping her clean house. I told her
blogging and shift away to write on a paper pens holder. this 2 weeks
mostly fought GFW for my son's access English web. his internet via
vpn insanely blocked. I sometimes a full morning tried all means to
penetrate the iron curtain, just aiming bring my son amazon prime
video, among which lots of qualified kid English TV programs. I also
prepared myself an alternative os for secure operation, android-x86.
like in cold war I frequently felt insecure against government backed
hacking in sinking PRC, world largest and last hooligan. this weeks
mostly raining. the rain drop is the most in my 25 years in
northeastern China. I enjoy the rhythm so much! also in the rain I
picked my son to dine out while his mom arranged a boy schoolmate of
my son visited their house. my son accompanied the boy schoolmate till
saw him off. our shoes both sucked by water but fortunately its no
cold. we ate fish but woz ate less. returned to dorm, I sensed my
son's lose in my unable to prepare him friendship, career, payment or
reward like I prepared him tablet, cellphone or smart watch. I sensed
his loneliness and uncertainty ahead, while I demanding upon his
focus. next morning I resumed more or less courage, known that I can't
cover my son his life but God does. I sang in my workload to reinstall
his dell notebook os. in dining out I told him I will do my best and
likest as usual. he admitted. last day of lunar Mid-Autumn holiday he
asked to dine in dicos, after near half year absence since our debt
crisis. God dad, grant us financial independence. bring me sooner my
Royal China to support my life and family. bring me my Empire peaceful
for glory of the Son. free me from prison and notorious of debt trap.
in the rainy Autumn shed more sunshine to warm my bed. thx, dad God.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

meanings in rain rhythm.

dreamt of my relocation. last night the rain rhythm was one of the most beautiful moment in my life. this morning I felt sleepy and dreamt of in my hometown with my teenage friend, Fang, a professor now in my crisis of jobless. I saw myself rode a bike on mountainous road to visit Fang's village, where he suggested I trying to find a job in City Huangshi, means yellow stone, where he once worked there. I said I would be a driver then sought promotion to office work, refuted his suggestion of straightly more elegant job he will help. my son and his mom arrived before my departure. my son is very smart and touchingly attached to me. we tried our best to farewell with hope of survive and larger grace. its unclear why there was no bitterness in dream with son's mom. the rain lasted for more than 2 days, longest ever in my impression in Qiqihar where 25 years spent for holy commitment and glory before sticking out. this week I saw how beautiful a sound system can be. the new bluetooth speaker works independent with its own os, battery. I can rely it to entertain myself out of computer and online. harness my listening I will be less boring with too much reading online. in this aim, I bought a google chromecast audio yesterday for audio ebook and podcast in Chinese websites, during credit debt crisis which weighted my heart. I even envision I will listen some online university courses like accounting, economics, statistics, etc. God, dad, I never regret for what I spent in last 2 years by my credit card, every hardware substantially improve my living standard. grant us new gears updates current times and meaningful for future we share with the world. bring me sooner my Royal China to update the broken infrastructure under evil communism administrative abusing absent Lordship in my ancestor's title. bring me sooner my new family with my Queens and offspring. thx for the sunshine upon my visit my son 2 hours later.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

a day celebrating sound system.

a laughable dream. in dawn dream in my hometown while I busy with my stuff, my nephews, a dear and a far relative, watching TV quiz program. then they won prize of ¥70,000. that's great but I'm not moved and continue my work. then the TV program woman from Shanghai visited with my passed mother's companion. soon I got known their plan, they want reward me for my higher education background for promoting their program's popularity, instead of the 2 kids. before I reply I woke up. last night I busy lately 0pm till music library all settled for my new bluetooth speaker. I previously backup quite some music library but till got some new albums from domestic online shared space I felt satisfied. yesterday PRC broke down my vpn just before I setup the new gadget for google music. I contacted support crew of vpn but yet figured out what's the problem. that proves my doubt that GFW still have control upon my vpn as well as internet which among every level from root to endpoint in their manipulation. last week my son brought by his mom who hated and challenged me quite long, to tourism to far northeastern seashore now under Russian control. the small woman tentatively denied informing me their destiny, and let down my son's mobile as usual. in the 7 days esp lately around Saturday, now that dorm canteen operator held their sister's wedding ceremony and out of service, and I had only ¥30 in pocket, I missed my son very much and unable to reach him in air. I felt the gap son's mom tentative torn up between me and my son under her custody. I felt the despise my son shown influenced by his sinful mom. in the night I thought through if I live without my son's visit and fight for new family on my own from scratch again, and felt quite ready. but next day after I buzzed my son as holy lets, after we reunited and known their tour in neighbor city across border, I forgive their bigot. I brought my son to cinema and dined out after that. God arranges a bonus from QRRS, my once and long time employer, ¥500. I returned remnant of debt for buying woz sony sw2, recharge restaurant subscription of Formosa pie. the rest I shifted to son's mom or the grandma for laundry for me, first time in half year since the credit crisis and unable to pay my support for son's living cost. its as glad as usual weekend reunion except on Monday. returned to dorm I waiting for my dear sound entertainment gadget so hard. setup like a breeze, then amazing workable arrives. while google music unavailable in PRC at the moment, I listened music archives all day. isn't it a wonderful world of innovative tools?
God dad, I'm so satisfied by your dome. bring me sooner my Royal China to deserve the ever fresh new world. rid me off debt and embrace the brave new world. grant me new family with my girls and steers my vested kingdom to new millennium to be more prosperous and peaceful.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

dreamt of graduation alone.

dreamt of just graduated. in dawn dream I gathered with schoolmates
before leaving for society. I commented after philosophy major we do
understand better abstract noun and use it better. I again didn't
attend graduate exam and gave up applying my certificate of bachelor.
after almost all other schoolmates left I stayed with my beloved girl
to farewell the dean office. I holding my girl who will stay in
Tianjin, where her hometown and work in petroleum industry, deeply and
she accepted with tendering. I will make living with what I have
except scholar proof. when the office administrator woman saw our way
off, she told me anytime when I need my certificate, I can return to
her and she will help. in dream my university schoolmates mingled with
senior middle schoolmates. for example, Zhang Chongfu, my Nankai
alumni who loaned me ¥2000 back to about 2008 appears, but the girl
accepts me as my girlfriend, likely my senoir middle schoolmate Luo
Hui. its really touching for after so long we didn't express love each
other in campus but still she accepts me at once after I carees her,
and we mean sincere in our first social occupation for living together
and support each other. and our schoolmates, the faculties so kind.
its a bright morning now. my son again brought by his relentless
mother into tourism. the woman copy my way of life and to my son,
enjoys current life without spares. previously she just deposit and
grab any changes into her wallet. but now she desperate to spend off
before our son's future expenditure in growth. is it her conspircy or
suicide in hatred, I don't know, but she lost base of trust and
stability. my son visited my dorm last Friday. with borrowed ¥300 we
well treated. we tried order our dine out as planned long and ate in
dorm first time. my son played video game and watched video online
while I busy with sorting my corporate email accounts and sharing them
among zhone google apps users. next morning I continued the remnant of
the task, for the night VPN unstable and I couldn't synchronize my
work online. before we left for KFC breakfast my son still played
awhile video game and we enjoy his success through a checkpoint after
hard battles against PLA. Sunday we did haircut, where I talked
political VIPs among surprised other customers there. in his mom's
house I accompanied him till his mom returned near 6pm. we gamed,
jogged outside in sunset and buy ice cream for his refrigerator.
returned to dorm the developer of our bought app, reply messenger for
sw2, replied us on twitter. so nice! dad God, this month my salary
improves to ¥2500, pl maintain the increasing and alleviate my credit
debt step by step. bring me sooner my Royal China to cater to our land
harvest. bring me closer to girls I longing so long. engage me with my
cyber startup and my tender love with my girls.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Asoh Yukiko and my TW girl appears in dream.

dreamt in a tour returning home. met my Tibet artist friend Benba
Chungdak. he collects painting job on street. then with him to campus
where his dorm hided his paintings. then I saw my 2 wives, a Taiwan
girl already with my son, and Asoh Yukiko who gracious as usual. they
trifled a small bit upon my love among them, and I blamed my son's
mom's improper grudge with Asoh. I'm so glad to see Asoh, who is so
beautiful and cordial forever. they likely disputed with persimmon
cakes and I brought the gift more for them. they waited for me too
long together in the campus. my once mentor in Nankai Univ, a woman in
family name Young, led me to where I saw my family. its such a proud
and relief, esp my Queens still so beautiful, I caress Asoh and calmed
down my son's mom, so pleasant that I woke up at once. napped again
found I carried 2 stone stamps to evaluate. the woman auditor
identified my own product and another inherited. she priced the old
one as ¥10,000 and encouraged me practize more on sculpture for true
value. its so nice dreams that I would rather not to talk any other
topics now. dad, God, I had lived without woman for nearly 10 years.
grant me my beloved girls, esp Asoh Yukiko, girl TW, to complete my
life long desire of beauty. bring me sooner my Royal China to maintain
Majesty, Mighty for beauty. grant me finance independence and
offspring prosperous.