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Saturday, November 26, 2016

breakthrough to uphold my portal online.

first dreamt with my youngest elder sister, I saw my prelife and felt
creepy. then my past dad appeared and let me clean my ear. with help
of tool, I managed dug out a ball of earwax. then barely with finger I
dragged 2 large slices of earwax out, each the size of main palm, like
meat slice or vegetable ones. I felt glad and told my son's mom, who
also glad and our relation likely resume to its warm intimacy. I
loathed to that backward and woke up, still felt left ear clearer and
sharper actually. past week a bit messy for my web assets need renewal
while sinking PRC desperate blocked it. thx God, my icbc credit debt
right cleared and the credit card resumed to normal status, after 2
visits the largest bank in PRC to unlock strange freeze which defies
several tries its clerks attempted on routine counter. still the
credit quota is zero. I was suggested to deposit before paying with
it, like a debit card. most needed USD account took another visit to
the HQ to unlock, again with zero quota. I then tried to pay my USD
shopping via paypal which can handle currency conversion
automatically, but this time paypal strangely defied my logon. changed
many times password I still can't logon via vpn. so I buzzed its
Beijing office and cordially resolved it. but again strangely paypal
declined my payment to amazon, google, godaddy even my PRC account
fund enough, and previously never fail. its just freak out. then I
gave up and directly switch to alipay, largest e-payment tool in PRC,
and succeeded. God, dad, unclear my future web portal will survive,
but God, mercy in your fortitude of my publication based on free
service like google blogspot, zoho sites, etc which is abundant. grant
us 3rd flight tour to my hometown with woz, dearest son. bring me
sooner my Royal China to sustain the prosperous of Asia under
discipline. bring me year end bonus to enrich the celebration of new

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ICBC failed me twice.

first dreamt of taming lion. my once leader in QRRS, deputy CCP cadre
Zhou Kaiming, or my once colleague in QRRS cable station, Sun Feng,
demonstrated how to constantly padding lion's body's edge and hummed
short syllable to pacify the large cat. then on my own I started to
interactive with lion, including massage lion's toes, even trying
using Chinese needle to acupuncture to comfort it. it's terrifying to
let lion accept you, at least in dream I even in the end still felt
intimidating. then dreamt with my classmates, which mixing my
university and senior middle school alumni, in a march of experience.
everybody has a role, like monitor, flagger, propagation, etc, while I
was in charge of stamp, ie. official verification. we roamed times on
the same road, for boring orthodox drives anyone away. when finally
experiment lesson started in a classroom, I was chosen by the monitor
to dissect something. I did but disgusted to wake up. this week I
thrilled by coming unfreeze of my 2 icbc card, a debit salary card and
a credit card. it turns out neither succeed. I visited icbc HQ twice
but still in clouds who freezed my salary, now that icbc clerks all
claimed they didn't. its credit first time so said unlocked by the
card department director and let me wait a day to use, which is a fake
claim. after failed to shop online with it, I buzzed icbc hotline and
told unfreeze a locked credit account takes application, so I
immediately entrust him to apply for me. the agent did and asked me
wait for another 3 or 5 days. but next day, Monday this week, icbc
local branch called me to confirm fee of less than ¥100 taken from me
before resume my credit card, I admited at once. next day I tried
again to shop with the credit, but after twice failures sadly found my
credit quota decreased from original ¥10000 to zero. I even didn't
know a credit card with 0 credit is of any usage. so I buzzed the HQ
card department director, he advised to apply to icbc national HQ,
while the latter refutes to its local branch. in the loophole I
decided to visit the clearance center of icbc Qiqihar as the phone
bank receptionist tipped, but the its office location outdated and
removed. returned to local HQ, the card department director suggested
me deposit in its credit before shopping via it, like using it as a
debit, to win the bank over again for credit. I tried to argue with
him my credibility, my cyberspace startup, but seemingly defying me
credit is order from higher official and undebatable. so 2nd visit
icbc Qiqihar HQ fruitless except at last the director let me buzz him
next day for which freezes my salary now that ICBC didn't. I know
larger factor in PRC politburo intervenes my financial renewal of my
web assets. they desperate deprive my source of basic living and
business. God, dad, my throne against no one in its mightiness. grant
us innocence against dirty manipulation against my Royal China's
regime. bring me sooner my girls, my offspring in our new family that
lasts 1109 years ahead when China as an Empire reset. grant me
resource to update my ownership over our web assets. grant us a joyful
flight tour hometown in lunar new year.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

dreamland in Japan again before credit card unlock.

dreamt lingering in Japan and fell in love with a Japanese girl.
mostly dream scene in a room of a Japanese girl friend's house. a
little girl teaches me Japanese characters and gradually loves me. we
also practice martial art. then in a sleep my penis persistently
hardened and our love perceived by other Japanese boys there. they
plotted to challenge me, while the girl and the little girl manage to
avoid the death trap. I also dreamt rooted my smartphone via dirty cow
deploit. this week busy with restore 3 os from backup against dubious
intrusion and succeeded. days out and days in I endured to the day my
icbc cards' unlock. on Wednesday I first time visited icbc office to
manage to unlock them, after found even credit debt cleared and
automatic unlock didn't happen. buzzed the phone bank reception desk,
I was told there was a new transaction led me in debt of another $1.7
due to pay. I borrowed ¥100 from dorm canteen operator and tried to
clear the credit debt but failed on ATM. visited the branch office and
even with help of crew I failed to unlock my salary debit card. I also
was told unlocking credit card needs to be handle in local HQ. I
waited and busy for 2 days. then I visited the headquater on noon
yesterday. on counter debt was cleared but credit card department
director told me unlock needs a day to work. and clerk granted all
normal privilege on my salary card, but still failing transaction for
status abnormal. I thought might be the credit debt still persistently
preventing, so I returned in waiting. yesterday is shopping festival
on taobao.com, Chinese largest online store. I didn't buy anything for
all pay method freezed. but I know shopping heals and makes one
happier. I badly need to buy my son and my own a pair of backup
electric toothbrush. my web asset renewal also due to fill. God dad,
grant us credit to live in modern style. bring me my Royal China to
unlock the dead trap in failing PRC and its dictative CCP. grant us
3rd flight tour in join lunar new year holiday in our hometown. grant
me resource of self-relying in our publication.

Monday, November 7, 2016

in peace 2nd snow of winter 2016.

dreamt first my passed mom help neighbor managing large herd of
gooses. the gooses swept shallow water and ate lots of plants and
bugs. the reward is cheerful, we can ate one or two without lose the
deposit base. then dreamt in open cinema with hometown folks. I
brought camera and saw the possibility of being caught by regulation
not allow to shoot. then before the ending, I dived into water below
to bring somewhat command and my 2nd elder brother in charge of summon
the folks to execute the order. last night 2nd snow in 2016 winter in
Qiqihar cover the ground with thick quilt. I ate rich breakfast and
full with satisfaction. these weeks with online audio ebook, I
learning and time elapses quick, results less blogging. my son showed
me his gaming skill ever improving when he epted made progress in old
game "family guy". he more or less too idle and urges me new training
or tasks for him, while I busy with preparing him live now channel on
youtube as windows of American life. long time waited game, "Lost
planet 3" also downloaded and I tried awhile. his mom mocked me when I
lingered there. but her Le smartTV, equipped less than half year,
wrecked and persuade by support crew to give up normal usage but just
as a monitor. so the messy poor woman consulted me how to connect the
monitor to her notebook, which also mine shift to her a year ago. I
offered her a backup hdmi cable and urged her restore a functional
smartTV, but I knew all my efforts less likely working: the cheap
bitch dare to curse nobody but me, bundled her with our son. I told my
son my analytics in his mom's twist fantasy and sick preference, her
cheap temper and behind frustration in her being uselessness while
desperate need for trade. God, dad, my life so long trapped within
these unholy beasts including my son's mom and her family. grant me
and my son elegent soul mates in our world. bring me sooner my Royal
China for healthy competition and wellbeing of humanity. bring me
sooner the unity of Christian universe. grant us independent finance,
empower me renew our web assets and maintain growing of our cyberspace