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Monday, July 25, 2016

return to site after busy monetization.

dreamt communist cadres' secret entertainment. in my kid brother's
last visit, I led him visited QRRS stadium where once open now
furnished lavishly and close to communist cadres, who mostly enjoy
sports, party, so on at cost of state budget. I dreamt in a villa 2
mistress, young, beautiful, beast alike entertain their customers,
cadres of state owned enterprise. then dreamt in the villa one of
founders of PRC, Mao Zedong, enjoying talk with media. I asked after
all condemns, triumphs after hard time against ruling party of China,
nationalist party, if their is any thanks or obligation to the land
and people himself belongs to in his rages of nothing. He likely prone to refute it before I wake up. these weeks especially busy with monetize my website, adding
more amazon ads after max google ads display on my portal sites. I
also tried to gain a virtual American debit card through payoneer, an
international payment tool. I previously hope I can use it to collect
my google adsense earnings and pay my web site cost without need
google remits to domestic bank, which charged dearly and delayed
heavily by lots of customs procedures. but unfortunately it support
Amazon association ad system but incompatible with google's. what a
pity! this month I also inspired by my son, woz's affection on his
watch his mom bought him, cheap one and of poor quality. I felt time
for my equipping him a smart watch. so I searched online store like
amazon, taobao, and chose a Japanese product, Sony smartwatch 2. for
my e-payment domestic as well as digital social web locked down in my
credit crisis, I borrowed ¥500 from my acquaintance, a glasses vendor
migrate from neighbor province of my hometown, Jiangxi Prov, central
China. God, dad, grant us a durable and elegant product we bought
discount. cheer up my son and myself with new purchase. this week I
felt tired of monetizing my web publish, bless me normal altitude to
build up my sites steadily. grant these sites web traffic ever
increasing. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain people's
enthusiasm once appeared in PRC revolution, which faked by sinful
Atheism. renew eastern Asia with old dream of unity and glory.
Photo Description: a big spider among QRRS Dorm's bushes when benzrad
lingered outside after dinner jog.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Monday, July 18, 2016

dream of religion leader.

dreamt I as a heir of catholic in latin American, raised by 2nd grand
bishop. the 1st bishop, or pope, more or less jealous and put me into
test. on way to my hometown, my girlfriend and me try the best to
respect the 1st bishop and cared him individually, also trying settle
my heir status. then in my hometown village zhudajiu, my 2nd brother
summons his pals to assign tasks. before the outcome of competition I
woke up. then dreamt install entertainment system for my son woz. his
aunt gossips about show business of Chinese politicians, saying the
old ruling elite is official acting band, while recent politburo is
secondary, for the old one literally does acting and practise more.
Yesterday we first time recharged our Formosa, a Taiwan restaurant
franchise, membership with aid from my kid brother's loan, since
credit crisis. we ate a richer meal there before weekly shower. we
also bought extra fruits. my son was soon brought by his mom to his
music lesson, and I waited for more than 3 hours, updating his windows
update, tried video games, till found the sinful small woman
tentatively delayed my son and detained him in downtown dining out,
prevented us reunite. the bitch revengeful even in path of decease or
dissolve. returned to dorm, near dusk, bankcomm clerk buzzed again,
trying to launch a surveillance chat. the gay alike communication soon
put aside by me and cut off after several minutes not listening but
found still on air. PRC surveillance tried hard to profaned me with
lame ducks, that's well perceived tactics. they these days frequently
evalue brutal violence against me as last resort to cohere me into
silent dead landscape the dictator sickly addictive to. God, dad,
baptize me before physic abuse, free me from trap of prison. bring me
sooner my Royal China to sustain the national pride since my ancestor.
bring my new family in new millennium ahead. boost my startup to

Friday, July 15, 2016

resume to work after rescue pack from old family.

Dreamt with my artist friend. His work, a fine paintings just awarded,
a scene of shallow space with glitter highlights. I told him my
impression of its success, he listened. Then I followed him walked
through his life space, ie. school, dorm, etc. he searches for
something in different locations, some quite disgustingly messy and
dirty. 2 children of his school faculties played in one scene, on a
large stone cave and adjacent platform. When I tried hard to climb
down from the stone platform to leave with my artist friend, I woke
up. These days mobilizing my website comes to a end, all job done,
even amazon ads quite some cases doesn't show. I tried to reach help
of amazon support but strange errors blocked my posting my problem on
its discuss board. I quit with doubts that China surveillance
interfered. This week can't be better with tension relieved by kid
brother's financial help. In months I can again offer a blind man and
a mid-aged farmer woman some changes for charity. I also renew
subscription of snack on dorm gate vendor. I also renew subscription
in a Taiwanese restaurant, Formosa Pie, for weekend reunion with my
son. Its badly urgent for all groupon of dining out ran out. In a
word, our weekends saved. Bankcomm clearance crew daily buzzed in but
they more and more ran out of respect and patience. They abused their
privilege to contact client and I will more shut off conversation with
the hostile staff. I also tried to reach out on twitter and
kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gotrus/746383975/share
) to celebrities like Warren Buffet, Musk Elone, Jeff bezos for help
surviving my website under sinking PRC's strangle and debt trap. God,
dad, isn't my business booming? Bring my Royal China to family my
girls and offspring, support my new family with base of my website in
coming decades. Dad, God, I see clearly space of development of my
enterprise, or my Empire of China reset for 1109 years ahead.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Friday, July 8, 2016

tightened loophole.

dreamt to marry a minor tribe girl. the girl's family likely lives in
mountainous southwestern China. according to their custom, first
daughter will never marry but as heiress of family and move to second
daughter's marriage as escort. I'm happy with the marriage and in the
eve of wedding ceremony I talked with my brother-in-law near a
campfire while eating. I let him not to allow wind fire licks my
woollen shirt while I sat closely around the fire. then my past dad
passed away, he unhappy my casual but insecure way near fire. he gazed
me with anger then I woke up. my fiance is the second daughter of the
family which has 3 daughters. and she is likely tall, thin and
beautiful. yesterday bankcomm again buzzed in and talked detailedly
about my family, my finance. she got my son's mom's, and my kid
brother's mobile number. the dorm canteen operator also inquired how
is their loan of boarding and urged they in short of cash. in the
night I busy with fix typo among my sites on my wiki page. after
settled it time to bed. I surfed awhile then went to bed. on bed I
deeply frustrated by urged by nearby acquaintance. the operator family
long time has a different tradition or culture I reckon sinful from
mine. they not only hurry me to pay back their loan but also attempted
blocking my boarding there. without them and with my frozen salary by
PRC's credit administration, I will starve. the once workplace, QRRS,
likely adopted a stance not to intervene. my financial crisis roots in
poor salary which below ¥2000 decades. my living expense is the amount
and bank commision now rises to near that amount again. God, dad,
where is the way to survive the adversity the sinking PRC, the theft
of my vested Empire of China, setup? how to fund my startup for China
democracy and Royal of China? dad God, help me in the darkened
nightmare and threatened living. bring me my Royal China, my always
gospel, my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to shine over my
troubled pool of finance. bring me peace in building up my kingdom of
plenty and prosperous.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

there will be resolved.

in dawn dream I with my son, woz, made a huge package under PRC's
surveillance against adversity. woz's even bigger than mine. last
Friday the dorm canteen operator demanded me returning their loan of
boarding for they in short of cash. I have no way but my work place to
seek last help. so I visited my once department leader, now assistant
manager of QRRS, and discussed my unbalanced situation. he asked for
my mobile and promised informed me if QRRS leader has any solution
extends to me. returned to dorm, bankcomm clerk woman buzzed in. I
talked about my mortgage which intact so far. I suggested her to
elaborate with my workplace leader. last Saturday I brought my son
watched "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)" and
we both satisfied. his mom tentatively arranged my son's schedule too
pushy not to allow we dwelling more together. my son's mobile, a
nexus, very specifically targeted hacked, disabled vpn and revealed
messenger. I also lost temper upon my son's loose management of
security. but God dad, isn't they can't afford their losing and barked
loudly now to upset us? the sinking PRC surveillance, the dog system,
from start to end is a failure. they boast their triumph, times and
times targeted my son's computers, they in fact chasing its own tail
like mad dog. God, dad, I was aging and hostile in my circumstance
alerts me for hidden dangers. God, dad, I wouldn't exit with regret.
for glory of Son I will bring about, for Empire of China reset ahead
of 1109 years, I will stride to explore. dad God, grant me freedom of
financial independence. bring me my Royal China to tip turn the
sinking PRC dictation , and freak atheism worship now insaner and
mortaler. let my cyber startup booms.