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Monday, July 18, 2016

dream of religion leader.

dreamt I as a heir of catholic in latin American, raised by 2nd grand
bishop. the 1st bishop, or pope, more or less jealous and put me into
test. on way to my hometown, my girlfriend and me try the best to
respect the 1st bishop and cared him individually, also trying settle
my heir status. then in my hometown village zhudajiu, my 2nd brother
summons his pals to assign tasks. before the outcome of competition I
woke up. then dreamt install entertainment system for my son woz. his
aunt gossips about show business of Chinese politicians, saying the
old ruling elite is official acting band, while recent politburo is
secondary, for the old one literally does acting and practise more.
Yesterday we first time recharged our Formosa, a Taiwan restaurant
franchise, membership with aid from my kid brother's loan, since
credit crisis. we ate a richer meal there before weekly shower. we
also bought extra fruits. my son was soon brought by his mom to his
music lesson, and I waited for more than 3 hours, updating his windows
update, tried video games, till found the sinful small woman
tentatively delayed my son and detained him in downtown dining out,
prevented us reunite. the bitch revengeful even in path of decease or
dissolve. returned to dorm, near dusk, bankcomm clerk buzzed again,
trying to launch a surveillance chat. the gay alike communication soon
put aside by me and cut off after several minutes not listening but
found still on air. PRC surveillance tried hard to profaned me with
lame ducks, that's well perceived tactics. they these days frequently
evalue brutal violence against me as last resort to cohere me into
silent dead landscape the dictator sickly addictive to. God, dad,
baptize me before physic abuse, free me from trap of prison. bring me
sooner my Royal China to sustain the national pride since my ancestor.
bring my new family in new millennium ahead. boost my startup to

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