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Monday, July 25, 2016

return to site after busy monetization.

dreamt communist cadres' secret entertainment. in my kid brother's
last visit, I led him visited QRRS stadium where once open now
furnished lavishly and close to communist cadres, who mostly enjoy
sports, party, so on at cost of state budget. I dreamt in a villa 2
mistress, young, beautiful, beast alike entertain their customers,
cadres of state owned enterprise. then dreamt in the villa one of
founders of PRC, Mao Zedong, enjoying talk with media. I asked after
all condemns, triumphs after hard time against ruling party of China,
nationalist party, if their is any thanks or obligation to the land
and people himself belongs to in his rages of nothing. He likely prone to refute it before I wake up. these weeks especially busy with monetize my website, adding
more amazon ads after max google ads display on my portal sites. I
also tried to gain a virtual American debit card through payoneer, an
international payment tool. I previously hope I can use it to collect
my google adsense earnings and pay my web site cost without need
google remits to domestic bank, which charged dearly and delayed
heavily by lots of customs procedures. but unfortunately it support
Amazon association ad system but incompatible with google's. what a
pity! this month I also inspired by my son, woz's affection on his
watch his mom bought him, cheap one and of poor quality. I felt time
for my equipping him a smart watch. so I searched online store like
amazon, taobao, and chose a Japanese product, Sony smartwatch 2. for
my e-payment domestic as well as digital social web locked down in my
credit crisis, I borrowed ¥500 from my acquaintance, a glasses vendor
migrate from neighbor province of my hometown, Jiangxi Prov, central
China. God, dad, grant us a durable and elegant product we bought
discount. cheer up my son and myself with new purchase. this week I
felt tired of monetizing my web publish, bless me normal altitude to
build up my sites steadily. grant these sites web traffic ever
increasing. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain people's
enthusiasm once appeared in PRC revolution, which faked by sinful
Atheism. renew eastern Asia with old dream of unity and glory.
Photo Description: a big spider among QRRS Dorm's bushes when benzrad
lingered outside after dinner jog.
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