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Monday, August 1, 2016

pocket Sony SmartWatch 2.

first dreamt my passed parents. then dreamt as secretary of chief
scriptwriter of CCTV, PRC's official TV station. we slept on a giant
bed, like scene of Kanye West's "Famous" MTV, reviewed lots of grand
history, taiga drama, masterpiece episode, all kind of popular TV
programs created from nothing, including the most important, annual
lunar new year eve party. we help or direct lots of famous theme
commentary or documentary series, for we not only scholar but all
familiared each other to team up. we can check in without ticket
anytime. then my boss shitted some on bed and blamed me as scapegoat.
all people on bed laughed and didn't probe real trouble maker. last
week we settled woz's new Sony smart watch 2. he installed most on his
own, but while he too busy to logon facebook, twitter, gmail account,
I did instead when he is away for his lesson in my Wednesday visit
with inform of his ongoing in setup. that's more or less regret for I
promised him he handle the new gadget himself, for the sake of
technological savvy. the celebration ends with Japanese cuisine lunch
he preferred, but he didn't eat much, in fact quite few. and after
shower later, he felt exhausted and ate less fruits, too. I also felt
sorry mingling his new gear, so I picked video games in 2 weekends. my
son joined me sooner, fought through soon in "Bioshock: infinite" till
complete, and proud progress in "L.A Noir". he needs more pals to play
with, while I babbled too much for maintain Royal linkage. in the week
bankcomm clearance crew, I mean male dog, lost patience and trying
abuse me with my asylum record. the dog even buzzed my kid brother
claiming my mental status unstable, but in fact it totally clueless
and just aiming provoking my frustration or anger. God dad, release my
son's potential to self-rely, guide him meanings in normal life. bring
me sooner my Royal China to integrate Chinese youth's future
commitment with Empire of China in 1109 years ahead. straighten holy
road toward sanity and strength. grant us finance independence, my
startup's success as voice of Royal China and merit of democratic
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

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