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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

dreamt of graduation alone.

dreamt of just graduated. in dawn dream I gathered with schoolmates
before leaving for society. I commented after philosophy major we do
understand better abstract noun and use it better. I again didn't
attend graduate exam and gave up applying my certificate of bachelor.
after almost all other schoolmates left I stayed with my beloved girl
to farewell the dean office. I holding my girl who will stay in
Tianjin, where her hometown and work in petroleum industry, deeply and
she accepted with tendering. I will make living with what I have
except scholar proof. when the office administrator woman saw our way
off, she told me anytime when I need my certificate, I can return to
her and she will help. in dream my university schoolmates mingled with
senior middle schoolmates. for example, Zhang Chongfu, my Nankai
alumni who loaned me ¥2000 back to about 2008 appears, but the girl
accepts me as my girlfriend, likely my senoir middle schoolmate Luo
Hui. its really touching for after so long we didn't express love each
other in campus but still she accepts me at once after I carees her,
and we mean sincere in our first social occupation for living together
and support each other. and our schoolmates, the faculties so kind.
its a bright morning now. my son again brought by his relentless
mother into tourism. the woman copy my way of life and to my son,
enjoys current life without spares. previously she just deposit and
grab any changes into her wallet. but now she desperate to spend off
before our son's future expenditure in growth. is it her conspircy or
suicide in hatred, I don't know, but she lost base of trust and
stability. my son visited my dorm last Friday. with borrowed ¥300 we
well treated. we tried order our dine out as planned long and ate in
dorm first time. my son played video game and watched video online
while I busy with sorting my corporate email accounts and sharing them
among zhone google apps users. next morning I continued the remnant of
the task, for the night VPN unstable and I couldn't synchronize my
work online. before we left for KFC breakfast my son still played
awhile video game and we enjoy his success through a checkpoint after
hard battles against PLA. Sunday we did haircut, where I talked
political VIPs among surprised other customers there. in his mom's
house I accompanied him till his mom returned near 6pm. we gamed,
jogged outside in sunset and buy ice cream for his refrigerator.
returned to dorm the developer of our bought app, reply messenger for
sw2, replied us on twitter. so nice! dad God, this month my salary
improves to ¥2500, pl maintain the increasing and alleviate my credit
debt step by step. bring me sooner my Royal China to cater to our land
harvest. bring me closer to girls I longing so long. engage me with my
cyber startup and my tender love with my girls.

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