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Thursday, August 11, 2016

bitter after successful improvement among my life around.

this week very busy with innovate our internet borderless access by
install router app. I visited my son on Monday to settle it against
the bitch, his mom's curse. but she in fact absent. according my son
his mom in a 3 days tour out. we indeed enjoy more broader freedom
online. my son more or less agreed with me the endeavor after we
called it a day and watched Amazon video together with his pad game.
last Saturday I taught him a lesson when I found he didn't respect my
gift, his new Sony SmartWatch, and ditched aside. I blamed him wrong
judge upon quality of people and thing. later we reconciled in cause
of his naive. since left him I busy with fine tune my website template
for 2 days, adding page break into all articles to make homepage more
tidy with summaries, more compelling in versatile layout, esp columns.
last night after fixed chrome missing flash plugin and doesn't play
video, after enjoyed the peace of watching my favorite TV drama, I
deeply missing my son, doubting why he turned off so long, ignored my
instant message. lately around 9:30pm I buzzed him but he likely
slept. this morning I felt sleepy again after breakfast, I tried to
immerse in reading and watching but failed. in nap I dreamt I cooking
some delicacy in a niche with hotpot, the mood likely in my hometown
and my old family, except I am the husband and father. I waited and
waited while my son or my concerned more or less impatient. when I
ready to open beer, I in urgency to poo but can't help shit in my
pant. I intended to replace my under clothes in toilet room by myself
but at once woke up. God, dad, I do my best to improve our living
environment. even it likely not in my son's interest but I inspired to
do it on my own. dad, what's wrong in my son's silence upon my efforts
to equip him? Dad God, what's my futile to bring about improvement in
my son's living standard? or is it just the sinful little woman's
curse and reckless blockage? grant me good stay with my son, in my
means catering to him. bring me sooner my Royal China to fix the
uncertainty in unity my son, Hope of China, God of Universe. bring us
home and voyage with my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. engage
me with my cyberspace startup, and traffic meaningful to our web
presence. thx, Father.

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