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Sunday, May 28, 2017

thick hatred surround me.

dreamt in a journey and next day we will return. I designed a
multimedia and have to change some text in it. I tried many ways then
found have to install then hack text string, one for title, one for
calculation result. then in a class there are some guests. on black
child played with my son and slammed my son's face. I angry with my
son and urged him to slam back. then the black dad join the war and
forced me to pay more attention and compensation. that's likely
concerns about my son's English tutorial his sinful mom arranged under
a black man's lecture in her college, Qiqihar Univ, where she still
felt romantic or fantasy. yesterday google alphago beat all human
Chinese go players. back to bed, dream continue about the lost. I saw
some collegians lived around, like my dorm crowded by young workers. I
tried asking if they saw my suitcase. no one listened in their games.
one of them likely my once QRRS colleague in tech department, Chen
Ziming, later told me alone that I too risky to put my baggage outside
of door and packed valued items. I should pay for my careless. its a
long morning and my late dream echos turbulent wind outside of window.
last night my stomach painful midnight and I had to get up to shit
twice to relieve the uncomfort. the dorm canteen's operator, the
husband of the woman, turned hostile to me. the marching team in dusk
around QRRS square also hated me, just like I didn't appreciate their
noisy boombox and coarse taste of music. young workers in the dorm
long time grudged with me, trying all means to upset me, to hurt me.
the dangers in mop sometimes put me in chill. but I have nothing but
mission. coming lunar dragon boat holiday let me so lonely, like the
Chinese girl Yang shuping lectured in her graduation ceremony in US
aroused so many blind hates in sinking PRC young dogs. dog PRC hated
anything out of its humility. they turning China more and more mirror
of bankrupted MidEast, purest poverty, now that they don't enjoy
anything in the world out of their mouths, or their teeths' tearing
and grinding. God, dad, bring me sooner my vested Empire from my grand
ancestor, for harmony Chinese family and life. bring me soone my
Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for sanity of nowadays Chinese
society. bring me more offspring for future 1109 years my new Empire
of China reset for span timespace. grant us a merry holiday, esp woz's
last children holiday coming less than a week.

Monday, May 22, 2017

dreamt of new born.

dreamt at my hometown with my old family who all catering a new baby
whose centered likely my son. lots of relatives jammed in the bedroom
once my old parents prepared for their first next generation's
wedding, my 2nd brother's. I held the infant and sending him sleep but
in a blink I only holding blanket while the baby missing. then on the
edge of bed and edge of the entrance of the room, on uneven stone or
plastic teeth of a plate the infant sleeping. his head left on bare
rugged without clothes cushion but thank God its OK. we carefully
shift him to new infant bed. my 2nd elder brother's wife, their first
son, my 3nd elder sister esp helpful in caring relatives crowd. the
infant under so many attentions that I felt he must be my newly born
son. in second view during a break I thought he might be also my
brother's 2nd son's first son. the nephew married a neighbor village
girl then soon divorced. he now rumored dislike woman and kept single,
that's his mother claimed about her own son in front of me. I think he
more likes his grandpa than his elder brother, who had 3 children now,
and merits belongs to be our family members but not a clue in his mom
who bold and shameless feminism, like generous, honest, integrity,
kind, etc, with which I told him in once QQ chat session years ago
before his marriage. today is Monday morning. I again in chill felt
boring and napped. yesterday I bought my son small fishes and shrimps
from an elder who is single and hopeless aside the road when I went
alone to buy fruits. I intended to do him a favor but he refused aid.
so I bought his all he charged ¥15, a small heap small fishes and a
small heap of shrimps. I left him a preach and 2 CNY extra and fled to
evade the elder's defying. I told my son how small fishes with small
hot pepper can be delicious for in my teenage my 2nd elder brother
quite sometimes bring home the food material after his school, ie. he
caught fishes in pond or fields. it left me life long appetite. I
really hope my son find the delicacy but so far I unable to contact
him about the dish the grandma loathed to prepare with before I left
in Sunday dusk. I also bought my son extra fruits, including litchi
and mango, preach, for my son loathed to let me buy fruits after
showered in public bathroom. I feed him with litchi and mango before
left him alone in his android games. we really enjoyed the fruits. on
Wednesday I will fetch his birthday cake ordered online, and celebrate
his 13 birthday together. God dad, I recently felt more solider to
accept de facto that my offspring limits to one son. I trust Holy
arrangement and humble of my son's mother family, her insanity. God
dad, grant me more children in my prime time. bring me sooner my
Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. link our nations, our blood
bond on new land that shared among us. bring more laugh and companions
in my life in family forever bright.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

familiar with google form in Gsuite.

dreamt with ample details migrated into US. an elder Chinese woman
with her spouse contacted me for rent her house or living matters in
America. yesterday I happily dispatched salary and sliced it into
feeding small bills due monthly, ie. laundry, groupon for shower, spa,
dining out. woz's birthday celebration also booked. local debtee
received partial return.God dad, grant me next month reserves for my
hosting plan renewal on godaddy. this week also somewhat busy. I
napped on Monday morning after found jobless and exhausted after joys
of reunited son the day before. Tuesday morning I found I can add
feedback form onto my google sites. then I launched to learn google
form, component of Gsuite, to enrich my website's interactivity. my
long time afraid of form and script in microsoft office cured by
google form's easy to use. in an hour I build up my survey for my
google sites and published, inc checkbox, multi-choice, rate, scale,
dropdown, etc lots of elements of interactive. google form's response
analysis amazingly rich, in pie chart, bar chart, and lots of charts
that's easy understanding while informative. Friday I rebuild my
portable os on ssd, after failed to fix ubuntu's lingering error. this
time I made the bootable images more cleaner and handier. in woz's
monthly visit my dorm, I demonstrated him my websites' new element,
survey. and we enjoyed snack routinely, and hot water washing feet
powered by dorm's heater just recovered from broke down. dorm canteen
loaned me ¥100, but God knows how we satisfied in the companion and
companion of hard times. God dad, my living so far designated to deal
with a salary ¥3000/month, how real hopes and joys in dealing with the
source of income. God dad, how I endear my life with the tiny time
space here and now on the planet and before climate disaster. bring me
sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and my vested Empire
of China, and our future new land of north and water peculiar cold
sweet. grant my cyberspace startup booming in business and influence
of public mind. thx for my new summer pants with mobile pockets my
nephew offered free.

Friday, May 12, 2017

in forging spacier Corp China.

first dreamt likely in airport lounge, I with my son in queue for
aboard. then it broke for awhile to let cargo unload. its likely
railway cargo, emergent quilts and pillows for distressed people in
problematic situation. once the queue restored, the conductor
suggested us buying trees on the way, instead of brought tree from
hometown to destiny, for former mostly better quality. after peed and
returned to bed, I dreamt with my old family, relatives. we criticized
each other, we enjoy chatters, we are family. esp my mean nephew, ie.
only son of my passed eldest sister who committed suicide in her mid
age decades ago, we disappointed by counterpart but still we
expecting. this week was a bit leisure. I picked up my zohosites and
sorted them into precious assets. quite some web services allow early
birds privilege more gracious than its current clients which feed.
google apps and zoho sites are such cases. previously zohosites free
charge of custom domain mapping for its sites users, but now it
charges. in recent years I saw zohosites potential and powerful on web
presenting, and more and more willing making better usage of it. so
this week I enable all free functions zohosites offers for free old
users, like blogs, spam control, custom form, collaborators, etc. I
was so contented by the gains! in final step, I collect/sort them into
my local bookmarks and web linkbook. this week also specially hard for
my financially coping with coming events, weekend gathering my son,
woz into dining out and monthly cinema, his coming birthday, his
lottery experience I promised to support, and my longing for a new
ring mouse to replace my old Microsoft arc touch. in God's bliss, QRRS
dispatched one child policy reward, ¥60, yesterday. then I gathered
courage from it to contact my niece in Wuhan, central China, for aid.
she generously offered ¥400, doubles my entrust. with it I immediately
ordered the innovative mouse on taobao.com. but sinking PRC
surveillance again exploited and delayed near 2 days in logistics: so
far since last morning my order status still maintained paid rather
than dispatched, which quite abnormal but usual in my case in recent
years shopping online. they surveillanced my vpn in accurate in
seconds: most cases under surveillances my critical submission online
result in immediate time out or offline. my conversation with my son,
each time broke amid, esp when I urging him adopting securer
connection. however, my sweet companion of google music, these days
last hours daily and that eases a lot pressure. coming weekend brings
many hope of joys when I gather woz, dearest son. God, dad, I'm so
contented with my life here so far, that almost leaves me more silence
of harmony. bring me sooner my Royal China to be more productive.
bring me Asoh Yukiko for brighter future family, and our offspring
that drives the eastern Asia coming centuries. thx for sunshine
outside, dad God, I know summer is soon under your shine.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

a drizzle after sandstorms.

first dreamt in a party where cult or mythical power shown by a mojo, likely in San Francisco. dark magic of superpower, manipulation of mind and fate. then in my routine space when I shitting I was surveillanced. I got up for pee. then dreamt in my senior school alumni, we saw magic robot through which one's life and properties can be exported. there are several robots all can export and when you delete some information it can be restored by other robot peer. most dream details lost after sleepy got up. its a drizzling morning after 2 or 3 days windy weather, or sandstorm, which tinted sky in brown. rains seemingly due ample but this summer scarce. however most plants turning green. last night I refined zhone sites on zohosites, but PRC surveillance heavily blocked me. I finished near 12am and satisfied. I also blessed in success gaining loan from dorm canteen, ¥300, for new public bathroom groupon and other trifle bills. yesterday bankcommm buzzed in, blamed me didn't return credit debt as ¥2000 as planned rather ¥1500 I paid in 2 series months. I explained my life should put first, esp my with kid. she threatened to sue. I just can't see how ¥500 means so much for a bank. this noon I will visit my son, which I almost can't wait, for the relief loan, for new restaurant we found last labor day holiday, railway hotel which likely a SOE with high standard at least we saw rich fast meals.and for my works review in a week. but financial situation still stern: next weekend movies, 4 gathering meals in weekends before next salary day, woz's birthday celebration, etc. my hosting plan needs renew, ¥60/month. dad God, my life so fit that I envy nobody. let me walk through difficulties like on meadow. prepare us for greater descending. dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China to overcome surreal. bring me my family clean and tidy with Asoh Yukiko, for our children coming heavenly. thx for the moisture last night and now, God, for the baptism in rough of rotten atmosphere ever seen.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

glad in dream met young PRC actress.

first dreamt my passed mother brought me, a kid, to a training center.
its a bit unreal, for my childhood never had out class tutorials in
rural central China. but my son, woz, he was arranged quite some by
his teacher mom. in the center an elder woman teacher whose student
includes Dilraba, the hot Uygur actress in PRC now, exchanged words
with my mom while I was impressed by the famous girl student. then on
a train, Dilraba just aboard and seated feet apart me. she is alone
and a bit unease in my gaze. I watched her and her natural beauty
likes neighbor door girl. when a foreigner or small English talk out
heard in the carriage, she complained in murmur her English not good
enough to caught it, with which I echo in common sense. in the dream I
likely feeling collegian youth. its a brown morning. the overnight
sandstorm left the air dirty and colorized. but in air dusts didn't
felt. my breakfast in dorm canteen still satisfying, even in 2 series
days the menu less choices on it. this early summer quite chill in
Qiqihar, northeastern China. I usually have to put on winter coat
against coldness in dorm. last morning I napped after breakfast in
boring chill and idle. amazon video, esp old time real people movies
inspired me a lot with righteous moral, standard of life and loyalty.
recently quite some movies on elders' life caught me in my mindless
picks. I was so enchanted that I pray God to keep me the secret of the
hidden treasure of meanings and gospel. my life enriched by review of
my campus loves movies aroused. I saw timeless love and purity of
sanity stems out independently we were young. I saw flourishing lives
in my life then and now fautless brilliant. God, dad, my son, woz,
Hope of China, his birthday near in May, I promised him each birthday
offer him ¥150 for lottery experience. and cake for celebration. we
also have cinema agenda next weekend. and our spa groupon should
renewed. dad, God, free me of trap of financial problem. with my dear
sister's son's aid, I got webcam as longing after a month, I greatly
satisfied. now I want to replace my frequently ill working bluetooth
mouse with a new innovative gear, ring mouse. aid me ¥100 for it, dad
God, liberate me in this month's salary. bring me sooner my Royal
China, esp my Crowned Queen, Asoh Yukiko, from Japan, to cater to our
family and living. bring my children in time in our life before lapse
of my prime time. thx for the life we enjoy so far and so frontmost.

Monday, May 1, 2017

no treat holiday.

dreamt in a dorm, Nankai campus or my QRRS dorm, I busy with my
desktop. likely previously I played with water and sands through my
under pants and gathered on my bottom. So I took off underpants and
half naked. but Zhang Chongfu, my Nankai deputy monitor, brought a
girl visitor and she waiting outside of the door. I at the moment
can't find my underpants and later someone thrown me it or I found it
somewhere. with almost put right I woke up. this PRC international
labor day holiday almost again a disaster for me: I hardly support any
treat entitles it. I ate a meal a day and still worring next 3
weekends' gathering dinning out with my son, woz, Hope of China.
however passed weeks proves fruitful in heavy workload. I second time
install Google Apps on woz new zte android without a single error
after many failures missing in wrong files and their directories, as a
false response to previous google play store pending download but
forever zero traffic as penalty to region like PRC where google
denied. I also deleted problemed payment account lest locked out again
for PRC's shame. I also found google doesn't deleted its gsuite
account after our purchase for zho.io 2 email accounts phrased out due
unpaid on time. encouraged by the news, I applied 3 new gsuites for
our new 3 domains, each claimed several GA accounts under trail period
and hoping these account's chrome sync, contact, custom search engines
and other user data maintained out of free trail period. we fatally
love google's web sync service. last Friday I also found time to rip
spam bots, minor errors on my dynamic sites, esp forum and light cms.
after near a year running the web apps, I more or less familiar with
their structure, system, just like I perceived and executed. long time
pains in ass, disorder among articles on dabbog.com, also totally
relinked structurally. my son now seemingly likes to bring new
smartphone with him, after many times I cursed him for unreachable
online. when I can't access him I wondered why it is so painful. I saw
most important thing I needed to share with him is my achievement in
life stream. I need treat, celebration for holy witness and double
joys devil eyes stolen most. but I prepared to live alone my stuff in
my darker and longer journey ahead, in my aging world of coldness,
hatred thick dusty land I stood decades. I don't afraid death nor
rotten time, I only care holy bliss, and my mission here in
northeastern China for future millennium, for Japan, US and my vested
land of China Empire from my glorious ancestor. God, dad, its lunch
time now, grant us an adequate lunch for the leisure time. bring me
sooner my Royal China to outpace the curious eyes upon my legend.
bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for my
children's cosy family space.