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Sunday, May 28, 2017

thick hatred surround me.

dreamt in a journey and next day we will return. I designed a
multimedia and have to change some text in it. I tried many ways then
found have to install then hack text string, one for title, one for
calculation result. then in a class there are some guests. on black
child played with my son and slammed my son's face. I angry with my
son and urged him to slam back. then the black dad join the war and
forced me to pay more attention and compensation. that's likely
concerns about my son's English tutorial his sinful mom arranged under
a black man's lecture in her college, Qiqihar Univ, where she still
felt romantic or fantasy. yesterday google alphago beat all human
Chinese go players. back to bed, dream continue about the lost. I saw
some collegians lived around, like my dorm crowded by young workers. I
tried asking if they saw my suitcase. no one listened in their games.
one of them likely my once QRRS colleague in tech department, Chen
Ziming, later told me alone that I too risky to put my baggage outside
of door and packed valued items. I should pay for my careless. its a
long morning and my late dream echos turbulent wind outside of window.
last night my stomach painful midnight and I had to get up to shit
twice to relieve the uncomfort. the dorm canteen's operator, the
husband of the woman, turned hostile to me. the marching team in dusk
around QRRS square also hated me, just like I didn't appreciate their
noisy boombox and coarse taste of music. young workers in the dorm
long time grudged with me, trying all means to upset me, to hurt me.
the dangers in mop sometimes put me in chill. but I have nothing but
mission. coming lunar dragon boat holiday let me so lonely, like the
Chinese girl Yang shuping lectured in her graduation ceremony in US
aroused so many blind hates in sinking PRC young dogs. dog PRC hated
anything out of its humility. they turning China more and more mirror
of bankrupted MidEast, purest poverty, now that they don't enjoy
anything in the world out of their mouths, or their teeths' tearing
and grinding. God, dad, bring me sooner my vested Empire from my grand
ancestor, for harmony Chinese family and life. bring me soone my
Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for sanity of nowadays Chinese
society. bring me more offspring for future 1109 years my new Empire
of China reset for span timespace. grant us a merry holiday, esp woz's
last children holiday coming less than a week.

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