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Thursday, May 4, 2017

glad in dream met young PRC actress.

first dreamt my passed mother brought me, a kid, to a training center.
its a bit unreal, for my childhood never had out class tutorials in
rural central China. but my son, woz, he was arranged quite some by
his teacher mom. in the center an elder woman teacher whose student
includes Dilraba, the hot Uygur actress in PRC now, exchanged words
with my mom while I was impressed by the famous girl student. then on
a train, Dilraba just aboard and seated feet apart me. she is alone
and a bit unease in my gaze. I watched her and her natural beauty
likes neighbor door girl. when a foreigner or small English talk out
heard in the carriage, she complained in murmur her English not good
enough to caught it, with which I echo in common sense. in the dream I
likely feeling collegian youth. its a brown morning. the overnight
sandstorm left the air dirty and colorized. but in air dusts didn't
felt. my breakfast in dorm canteen still satisfying, even in 2 series
days the menu less choices on it. this early summer quite chill in
Qiqihar, northeastern China. I usually have to put on winter coat
against coldness in dorm. last morning I napped after breakfast in
boring chill and idle. amazon video, esp old time real people movies
inspired me a lot with righteous moral, standard of life and loyalty.
recently quite some movies on elders' life caught me in my mindless
picks. I was so enchanted that I pray God to keep me the secret of the
hidden treasure of meanings and gospel. my life enriched by review of
my campus loves movies aroused. I saw timeless love and purity of
sanity stems out independently we were young. I saw flourishing lives
in my life then and now fautless brilliant. God, dad, my son, woz,
Hope of China, his birthday near in May, I promised him each birthday
offer him ¥150 for lottery experience. and cake for celebration. we
also have cinema agenda next weekend. and our spa groupon should
renewed. dad, God, free me of trap of financial problem. with my dear
sister's son's aid, I got webcam as longing after a month, I greatly
satisfied. now I want to replace my frequently ill working bluetooth
mouse with a new innovative gear, ring mouse. aid me ¥100 for it, dad
God, liberate me in this month's salary. bring me sooner my Royal
China, esp my Crowned Queen, Asoh Yukiko, from Japan, to cater to our
family and living. bring my children in time in our life before lapse
of my prime time. thx for the life we enjoy so far and so frontmost.

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