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Monday, June 27, 2016

prelude of bank's clearance.

Dreamt of 2nd son of my 2nd brother sick, his brain grows out of
skull. Then dreamt bank clearance clerk and cops visited my house,
scan my documents, tool box, all stuff about my entrepreneur. My once
workplace, QRRS cable TV branch, its most crews gathered likely with
subpoena. Some of them suggested me handover my most recent and
cherished tool box. I admit and suggested the searching clerk about
the toolbox but found the toolbox missing. Then I out of rage and
burst in angers. Its raining and likely in my hometown village,
Zhudajiu. I also during the investigation doubting add a TOS, Term of
Service onto my websites from template my site's dynamic backend web
app offers. My nephew appears again trying to calm me, with his
illness. Last weekend bankcomm.com clearance clerk informed me 3 times
before shift my case to its law enforcement department after I admit
unable to pay after 3 months. They tired best to prevent it by
persuading me to gather the amount, about ¥3000, to hand in in time.
But I really sick to beg my alumni, my relatives again after these 3
months my finance fell in trouble and lots of survival fights bank
suggested. The bankcomm soon buzzed my relatives, including my kid
brother, a foolish and mean man with his startup, my son woz. I got
the phone to my son on the bus to dine out after shower. I debated my
situation with the clerk woman and still felt innocent. My son dislike
my trouble and urged me leave him alone soon after we returned to his
mom's house, where we ate melon with newly handover subscription
barely from my kid brother's just arrived loan, ¥300. In dorm the
possible encountering cops and law enforcement staff from bank haunted
my mind while I started reading. Later I jogged as usual. This morning
I napped all the morning, for last night my son, woz ported a night in
my dorm and too small bed let me lack of sleep. Dad God, we have faith
in your salvage after all. Grant me independent finance and focus in
my cyberspace startup. Bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain the
bright future of young Chinese, as well as due respect of adults in
sinking PRC. Thx for the holy affirmative and sunny summer sky since
#God #AsohYikiko #dream #life #love

Saturday, June 25, 2016

live with salary frozen.

dreamt of uncle passed in my teenage. Its a sunny morning, but in dawn
dream I first time dreamt my dad's youngest brother who deceased in
his 40 or 50s'. my dad's eldest brother, a long time admirer of my
dad's marriage and family together even we were poorer, also appeared
in the village, ie outside of uncle's house. they entrusted me to find
their workplace, a factory. I tried to digitalize manually drawn map,
and also google map and searched both for location of their work unit
and their concerned persons. its a bit weird for I never dreamt my
uncle before. but God, dad, I in holy didn't believe in ghost. this
morning my salary officially freezed. I have to live with bare hands.
the canteen didn't show refusal but reserved. I will have to borrow to
pay mobile fee. my weekends reunion with my son will only support one
meal in 2 days, and the only meal on Sunday will also endangered.
meanwhile my world web access turns stable after 3 or more showily
hackings from PRC dictative curtain. dad God, the credit crisis really
draining me, buffet my mood of living happy. I took challenge, took
investment, took entrepreneur in recent years, but I now eagerer to
land safely and home. dad, God, bring me sooner my Royal China to
guard my family and offspring, guarant Chinese to independent and
China from totally collapse, like Mideastern Arab's wasteland. grant
me freedom of financial independence, grant my Empire glory of plenty
to be creative and magnitude social factors coexist and supportive.
#God #AsohYikiko #dream #life #love

Monday, June 20, 2016

in pre-warmth of summer 2016.

dreamt in our family's cabin. we had a party, inc my niece and guest
girls. then a guy spied us and joined our shuttercock game. we
together beat the guy till he confessed his role. its late night, then
we found in another room of the cabin, my niece lonely slept and fears
darkness. then we sorry and visited her as companions. we competed
with poems, including my nephews, for the peaceful night. yesterday I
had good time with my son. since last week I warned him pedophobia he
now loathed to hear my babbles, for my warn likely put his mightiness
in constrain. but he is so selfless and soon accepted my companion
again. I fed him with his favorite Chinese franchise restaurant,
Seejoys dunplings, where I only have less than ¥50 in purse and
constantly afraid of can't pay our bill there. next day, Sunday we
dined Japanese cuisine whose bill paid by our subscription digitally.
after shower I escorted him all the afternoon now that his mom not at
home, till the grandma prepared supper. I complained boring after we
tried video games and waiting for downloading. then I massaged woz,
whose neck and back under heavy usage in his frequent android gaming
and my concern to keep its resilient. my son more or less enjoys it.
after that I tried ice bag we recently ordered online for cooling our
legacy game notebook and works perfect, we applied it on woz's neck,
head. later he wrote awhile his homework and I continued trying to
sell the ice treatment. after returned to dorm, I busy restored my os
which damaged by China surveillance, first time it tentatively
disabled my vpn and forced me rebuilding it. the iron curtain
previously constantly broke in but maintained my world web accessible.
but they never gave up blocking my son browsing western video
websites. God, dad, grant my son richer entertainment, esp overseas
movies and TVs. forever win us broader access of world democracy and
its media, esp google and twitter, etc, to ensure our source of sound
news and judgement. help me cope my credit crisis with triumph, help
my cyberspace startup succeeds.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

Saturday, June 18, 2016

stuck in dream danger.

yesterday dreamt snakes everywhere around me. this dawn dreamt borrow
books from my 2nd elder brother and sister. then found in a month I
will graduate and without job. so I go to Lhasa to work. but there my
nephew, ie. first son of my 2nd elder sister and his son and other
relatives electronic sucked and lots of panic, including some of
evilous students I found from those paid my son's mom to receive her
tuition at her house when I visited son. at last I tried to rescue my
relatives and entered the electrified room, consulted nearby kids
about safe spots, jumped and trying to reach lever to cut down
electricity then woke up. this week a bit busy, upgrading my son's
intel nuc with new and larger ssd bought by my supportive credit card
from PSBC even in credit crisis. China surveillance heavily attacked
me when I prepare clean OS and backup on it. they desperate broke the
minipc and blocked my son from enjoy American movies and videos
through VPN I prepared. each time within a week after my clean built
they ruin the encrypted tunnel, make youtube and amazon video
inaccessible. and this month my once and long time employer, QRRS,
likely busier with orders. my purse almost empty but now new salary
would improve it and better. credit card issuer bank buzzed but now we
are more polite, except PSBC didn't call in so far, on air. and some
of them threatened shift me to its law enforcement department but yet
happened. but the dorm canteen operator who lent me boarding before my
promised pay, turns complainful. last night a heavy rain loudly sang
when I bought dine out groupon by PSBC credit online. its just so
blessing, so I dropped my son a phone even I doubt if its too late
around 9pm. but he is agile to pick the phone, as holy affirmed. this
noon I will reunite him in champion of new availability of
entertainment. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to host my
family. bring lifestyle we enjoyed so far. help me alleviate credit
crisis in this month salary. grant us happy weekends every week.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Friday, June 10, 2016

dream in rain.

dreamt in campus with my Nankai Univ alumni again in practice lesson.
I lost track when team launched. on half way I met some kids, I
rewarded some coins to a smart boy. when I caught up with the team,
they were leaving. I confused why these physics lessons so hard to
learn and discussed my problem with others, like ballistic track,
pounding force, etc. some of my alumni told me and I gradually grasped
it, for human have right to know what's going on in their life. so
science sometimes knows as curious as fun, doesn't always mean to
change courses, to fix something, but it tells truth even boring
truth. I met lots of classmates including girls when I arrived the
camp. on farewell party I suggested a toast and lots of biddings echo
from my classmates then I woke up. a rain in dawn turns clear even in
my dream. its a mid size rain, raindrops make happy rhythm like my
hometown central China summer rains. last night I first intended to
suffer starvation with the only noodle meal, for my only have 30rmb in
purse. near 9pm, hunger let me blue, I tried to shift focus from it
but failed. then I gave in and intended to watch and dine out my son
today, for according PRC calendar the Sunday will be a workday. I will
have to shower on Saturday rather than usual Sunday lest my son has no
vacation to do it for schooling. then I relieved and ate a candy I
prepared for my son's visit. later hunger even urgent and I had to
cost ¥5 for a street vendor snack nearby in the night. God, dad, when
is we in no want? when our enjoyed lifestyle makes us heartedly
settled? bring me sooner my Royal China to host my guests and under
Holy glory of plenty we cheer up. grant me my cyber startup booming
and credit as safe and likes a breeze.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

Thursday, June 9, 2016

dream in dragon boat day.

lunar dragon boat day holiday slides in before my notice. this morning
missed canteen breakfast among dreams and naps in early wakeup, or the
canteen already closed service in holiday likely its usual. in boring
morning I felt all world paled out in others' celebration, left me
alone and lonely. I felt cold and napped in quilt for warmth. near
noon I ate noodles in nearby restaurant after found canteen out of
service. the sunshine is faultlessly bright, but it a bit too stinging
for sunbath. I missed my son very much but decided follow Christian
calendar to reunite him in weekends, ie day after yesterday, and for
the sake of my poor wallet. which left no more than ¥30. this week my
credit card issuer bank buzzed several times, and I promised CCB whose
clearance clerk woman quite abled that I will pay it first with my
salary. bankcomm affirmed my unable to pay more than 3 times, likely
will adopt next phrase operation to secure its property. PSBC still
helping me with its credit to buy what I need, like SSD harddisk and
other item online, but its clearance clerk man too coarse to handle,
just cursed me times and times. in the afternoon I napped again to
avoid boringness, I dreamt my shared workplace visited by 2 pals of my
colleague, likely one of my Nankai Univ alumnus now lives in Canada,
or the youngest son of my uncle, which both tall and bigger build.
they invited me to name their company and trying using office computer
to find solution. I was a bit afraid them using my computer, so I
tried in mess and harsh to logout my computer but can't find keyboard
in piles of paperworks prompt. then I suddenly shout out my answer,
Tian'an in Chinese, totally safe or heavenly safe. my alumnus
approached me to cheer up before I woke up. its sunny now outside,
with classic music rather than podcast recently I listened more on
google play I felt right mood under bliss. God, dad, my income
shortage now weights me down. I saw in decades my earnings from my
blog and websites hardly supports our lifestyle we enjoyed so far with
my son since credit card power. dad, God, only ur Mightiness covers
our incomplete of life support. grant us freedom of financial
independence. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain the brilliant
way ahead. boast my web presence and traffic that means. empower my
cyberspace startup to success. dad, I'm so complacent with my web
assets. secure them and let it deserves our effort to bring it out.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

Friday, June 3, 2016

hometown concern.

in dawn dream reviewed my passed mother helped my aunt's last child
with her 2nd husband preparing his wedding ceremony. I regarded the
2nd husband humiliated my dad and hostile toward my dad and our
family's success. but my mother always tried her best shown her
hospitality to the man and my uncle who admired her. my mother likely
hurt my dad much with her charm unselective and spare no expense. I
was asked to join the wedding ceremony in my summer vacation and
according customs carried bride's gift to fiance's family with other
young relatives in our old family. on way a steep wet slope a heavy
truck almost can't brake itself and dangerously slip downward and
almost brought me down. I narrowly escaped the truck with load of
gifts and many years after I thought its a holy salvage. the marriage
didn't last 3 years and the wife left. my mother just can't trust her
husband and fought with all her resources in her interest. then dreamt
I made 3 portable devices for data mobility. the design so effective
that I intended to shift to my son. this week began with idling then
gradually engaged. yahoo informed me to logon to keep account active.
when logon it require verification from backup mailbox, ie. google
account. in the process quite some of zhone google accounts suspended
for suspicious activities, likely PRC backed hacking. I tried several
means to report to google, which likely doesn't support human
individual handling, but machinary rules. but 3 days later, last night
my accounts unlocked and I rearranged them as planned. its such
champion like a breeze, I sang for the giant enterprise. this week my
credit card issuer bank buzzed 3 or more occasions, we agreed to shift
my unable to pay back to next phrase, even I don't know what will be.
my younger sister offered me ¥500 and I used it for weekend reuniting
my son, ie. dining out, and my medicine. I also tried to reach out to
my teenage friend, now works in college, but in vain. the teacher felt
guilty upon his empty hand and tried to arrange me in schedule to hide
his redemption. God, dad, life here runs deeper now. let's enjoy peace
of everyday. bring me sooner my Royal China to host my guests. bring
me glory of Son. grant me independent finance in my startup. thx for
the descending summer heat.

#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love