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Thursday, June 9, 2016

dream in dragon boat day.

lunar dragon boat day holiday slides in before my notice. this morning
missed canteen breakfast among dreams and naps in early wakeup, or the
canteen already closed service in holiday likely its usual. in boring
morning I felt all world paled out in others' celebration, left me
alone and lonely. I felt cold and napped in quilt for warmth. near
noon I ate noodles in nearby restaurant after found canteen out of
service. the sunshine is faultlessly bright, but it a bit too stinging
for sunbath. I missed my son very much but decided follow Christian
calendar to reunite him in weekends, ie day after yesterday, and for
the sake of my poor wallet. which left no more than ¥30. this week my
credit card issuer bank buzzed several times, and I promised CCB whose
clearance clerk woman quite abled that I will pay it first with my
salary. bankcomm affirmed my unable to pay more than 3 times, likely
will adopt next phrase operation to secure its property. PSBC still
helping me with its credit to buy what I need, like SSD harddisk and
other item online, but its clearance clerk man too coarse to handle,
just cursed me times and times. in the afternoon I napped again to
avoid boringness, I dreamt my shared workplace visited by 2 pals of my
colleague, likely one of my Nankai Univ alumnus now lives in Canada,
or the youngest son of my uncle, which both tall and bigger build.
they invited me to name their company and trying using office computer
to find solution. I was a bit afraid them using my computer, so I
tried in mess and harsh to logout my computer but can't find keyboard
in piles of paperworks prompt. then I suddenly shout out my answer,
Tian'an in Chinese, totally safe or heavenly safe. my alumnus
approached me to cheer up before I woke up. its sunny now outside,
with classic music rather than podcast recently I listened more on
google play I felt right mood under bliss. God, dad, my income
shortage now weights me down. I saw in decades my earnings from my
blog and websites hardly supports our lifestyle we enjoyed so far with
my son since credit card power. dad, God, only ur Mightiness covers
our incomplete of life support. grant us freedom of financial
independence. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain the brilliant
way ahead. boast my web presence and traffic that means. empower my
cyberspace startup to success. dad, I'm so complacent with my web
assets. secure them and let it deserves our effort to bring it out.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

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