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Saturday, June 25, 2016

live with salary frozen.

dreamt of uncle passed in my teenage. Its a sunny morning, but in dawn
dream I first time dreamt my dad's youngest brother who deceased in
his 40 or 50s'. my dad's eldest brother, a long time admirer of my
dad's marriage and family together even we were poorer, also appeared
in the village, ie outside of uncle's house. they entrusted me to find
their workplace, a factory. I tried to digitalize manually drawn map,
and also google map and searched both for location of their work unit
and their concerned persons. its a bit weird for I never dreamt my
uncle before. but God, dad, I in holy didn't believe in ghost. this
morning my salary officially freezed. I have to live with bare hands.
the canteen didn't show refusal but reserved. I will have to borrow to
pay mobile fee. my weekends reunion with my son will only support one
meal in 2 days, and the only meal on Sunday will also endangered.
meanwhile my world web access turns stable after 3 or more showily
hackings from PRC dictative curtain. dad God, the credit crisis really
draining me, buffet my mood of living happy. I took challenge, took
investment, took entrepreneur in recent years, but I now eagerer to
land safely and home. dad, God, bring me sooner my Royal China to
guard my family and offspring, guarant Chinese to independent and
China from totally collapse, like Mideastern Arab's wasteland. grant
me freedom of financial independence, grant my Empire glory of plenty
to be creative and magnitude social factors coexist and supportive.
#God #AsohYikiko #dream #life #love

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