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Thursday, May 26, 2016

woz 11 years old now.

dreamt of students protest and negotiation. after woz 11 years birthday gathering, last night I slept deep. dreamt likely in Peking Univ I gathered support students and went strike against ruling authority. my passed mother likely there cooked for canteen and listening my appeal for student's right which is vivid in dream but after breakfast untraceable. yesterday I finally told dorm canteen operator that my salary freezed by bank and I penniless. she admitted my loan for boarding. my support son's living cost also cancelled, his mom already informed by me when she inquired how I will handle the loan crisis, but even worse, I unable to hand over son's educational deposit, 200rmb/monthly as promised. she refused joining celebration I prepared for woz's 11 years birthday. locked herself in bedroom with her mother. I let my son waited for his mom return from her workplace is a waste. when kindles in position on cake by my son, we ran out of match, nor lighter. I previously intended asking son's mom to live cast the party via twitter's periscope but in reality I had to using woz's nexus mobile live stream on our own. its aweful clumsy but at least its our first live show. I quickly left my son after the reporting, in the air of contemptuous the evil woman casted upon us. in the night I published our video of the cake party, our monologue. its a chill summer, now its cloudy again in the morning. but its far from clueless. God, dad, bring us lifestyle we enjoy. grant me financial independence, esp supportive for my son's teenage. bring me my Royal China and my new family to save the broken and sinking PRC in its shrink of deterioration. prepare me for greater event in my life.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

salary this month hit historic low.

first dreamt I have extra flesh around edge of my feet. I carefully cut them off and my 2nd brother found worms in it. I watched it and saw 2 worms and my brother claim he saw more much smaller I didn't see. then I thought now that I long time can't gain my master degree I should consider a job for living. I reckon teaching English and perfect my language skill. my niece asked me shift my tool, a picker to her, I admitted but loathed. then the ground floor of the building, an office of editors of a publish house, full with its staff lately returned. when I retreated, I saw a guy on way and though him too poor, so I intended to offer him ¥5 in charity. but the guy shamelessly chased after me and impatiently peek my purse and attempted using his picker tool like thief to take bill from it. I took too long to find ¥5 bill and enough by the harassment of the guy and cancel my offer. by a shallowly underground well, some woman murmured what a pity, seemingly I lost a chance to gain from my last kindness. I though they know something I don't know but too many meanings or conspires led me indecisive and woke up. previously in dawn dream I painted and let my artist friends, esp. Tibet artist Benba Chungdak, check it. he likely respects it. this month my salary reached a historic low at ¥1468, which even can't cover our living expense, ie. my son and myself. I have anticipated it restored to normal, around 3000, so hard. God, dad, what's the hell ahead for falling with sinking PRC, poverty and unprotection of social welfare or civil war's cannon fodder? dad, God, what challenge I was set in? bring me sooner my Royal China for the salvage. bring me painless through adversity currectly emcompasses me. remove the crucifixion the Son reraised from. I with happiness with the Holy in the unprecedented glory.
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Friday, May 20, 2016

dream in prewar.

dreamt of social motivation. in dawn dream I was in team to allocate social resources. I assign reward for every personel enrolled, encode frequent used amount into quantity unit, embed short code replacing frequently used long terms like compression in propaganda slogans, which includes Zhao Benshang’s northeastern Chinese folk ballad, 二人转. civil war’s fog topmost heavy in the dream, we do our best to prepare for it. my old family’s enemy, the second husband of my aunt and his offspring, one of them is our neighbor in hometown village Zhudajiu, tempted me comment on his youngest brother’s performance, I said he is kind and popular. my passed mother in dream then asked me about myself, I said anyone know me would respect me. the enemy agreed. my mother glad upon my reputation. the dream is very clear and I needn’t hurry to blog after I woke up. this week I mostly peacefully enjoy silence before change. I watched more movies online, esp love movies which remind me of my broken love in Nankai Univ, and my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, when she studies abroad with us. I also bathed more in noon sunshine now that summer weather gradually steps in. Qiqihar this summer peculiarly cold among world report of increased temperature most places on the earth. last night I watched a Japanese episode, life in additional time. first episode about a youth values vocation more important than family and died on site and regret for his family he even didn’t know still loving him. second about common family how hard to find a better commodite like a richer meal in routine life. the good wife risk her life to bring a beef meal for her family before her decrease on rush road for discount meat. that reminds me of my burden in my trying best to support my son a better life so far, lends us to credit deficit. but I don’t regret, and only Christian saves China and Japan. only YHWH blesses world of no shortage but plenty in glory. out of him poverty and chaos breeds like rats and murders like norm, esp. in Buddhism and Islamic, in Asia and Africa. God, dad, thanks for the holy sign of rejoice. grant us a peaceful reunion this afternoon when I dine out my son grill mutton. dad, God, grant me more agile growth in my cyberspace existence. bring me my Royal China and its outline from distant view when I moulding Empire of China. fill my heart with love and brave. thx for the summer morning, God.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

dwell with hardness on my nation.

dreamt of summit. yesterday is exhausting for me after reunited with
my son, woz, my most concerned. I told him my new source of
confidence, new strategy to cope with current hard finance. I brought
him dine out with Islamic noodle cuisine with which I again groupon
and paid by my credit digitally, our favorite mean of dining out but
forgiven this year for credit crisis and slump economy. my son less
surprised but maintained acknowledged. I also tried to prepare his
smart TV with more functions the android os powered. in dorm in the
dawn I dreamt assigned to write speech for boss who will lecture on
the summit. I managed separate headline and body of the speech, embed
my family domains' site each part, for more appearance of zhone
cyberspace existence. when the summit gathered, the keynote didn't
take place, I only saw the labor union chairman of QRRS, a guy almost
same period enrolled by the SOE and more or less acquaintance. I
watched far from the hot circle of audience among the party and some
QRRS staff playful with me nearby. we gradually retreated and I woke
up lately. I don't know why I felt so sleepy, but I now have more time
to sleep while my whole business stable and in early stage which means
more patience. I likely wouldn't find myself another job to make a
living, for I resolved to sit and dwelt with hardest situation in
sinking PRC, my vested kingdom. I needn't another option to flee from
my people, my land which so fertile and sustaining. I have vocation
and proud of it, which is not weak one nor demands protection from
peer stable source of feed. I don't need a second occupation for
sacrifice for my main concern, my kingdom and cyberspace startup.
that's my rebirth of confidence from void in wane of hardness these
weeks. God, dad, save my nation from broken, save us from starving and
scatter of exile. grant me regal life with my son, my girls I
entreated so far online. bring me life style we enjoy so far, remove
my debt burden step by step when beholding my enterprise online. dad,
God, help me live healthy and resilient in my mid-age.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

dream of revolution.

dreamt first about resort in farming field to treat insomnia. my once
colleague in QRRS, Chi, a shameless bureaucracy career chaser, also in
the farm resort and likely surveillance me. then dream being a
rebellion, with his 2 comrades, one titled cloud blade, 云锋 in Chinese,
one titled period blade, 节锋 in chinese. the latter likely betrayed to
and murdered by our enemies. I with cloud blade probing the missing of
our comrade, among risky mob of rebellions and counter rebellions. its
a pale morning since last drizzling night. I missed 2 breakfasts and
kept awake earlier not to miss it again. yesterday PSBC local branch
buzzed again that its his last call before possible seizure of my
salary card if I unable return credit deficit in time in last chance.
if so, I would have to make a living alone beside salary offered by my
once and long time employer, QRRS, an old style SOE, whose poor salary
forces me to loan and miserable. I yet configured the ethic aspect of
my financial status, but likely change occurs now, for surviving
myself and my son. finding a job always daunting challenge for me,
used to be casual and common. lower salary or lower skill intensified,
that's likely a balance I will strike. God, its not easy for a man in
his near 50s to be relocated. grant us life we enjoy so far. grant us
balance between personal achievement and social contribution. dad,
God, bring me sooner my Royal China to boast sinking PRC. bring me
affordable entrepreneur for better life and time management.
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

fantasy in western Chinese woman.

dreamt of Islamic woman and fantastic scene. yesterday dinned in a
Islamic restaurant we haunted a lot and where I especially amazed by
the hostess by her exotic beauty. in dawn dream I with the woman on a
giant dam control unit and watching huge flow. I then on guestbook
chose a heroic name as my name. then in a comic movies scene I chatted
with female partner and experienced adventure. I again chose a
historic name as my signature. I tried to blog but its too cold to
open my pc right the moment after woke up. I napped again and in dream
I wording details for blog in dawn time. when I actually started to
blog on my chromebook half put on, most memories gone. last week busy
with reinstall os on woz's 2 pcs which lagging and likely infected.
lots of data, esp. online games, await to restore before we enjoy the
fruit of a cleaner system. one of my credit card issuer, ICBC, warned
of possible lock down my salary card before I fully return its credit
due. I reported danger of the scenario to my hometown relatives, ie.
my elder brothers. they likely mobilized to try to help, but so far
result unknown. I badly need ¥9000 inject to my bad debt to re-enable
currency of my credits quota and living cost, while my relatives
insisted disabled all my credit card forever, for they don't want to
respond with my debt, esp credit anymore. I love my credit card, my
websites online. they engage me with workload and manageable. God dad,
please allow me cultivate on my vested land. allow me grow vegetables
in my backyard. I'm now in my prime light while aging makes daily work
more definitive personally. rid me off anxiousness of living expense,
focus me on building and expanding cyberspace reality under Holy
affirmative. bring me sooner my Royal China for the better China
Empire in 1109 years ahead. bring me my girls and offspring that's
vital for my destiny.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love