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Sunday, May 1, 2016

fantasy in western Chinese woman.

dreamt of Islamic woman and fantastic scene. yesterday dinned in a
Islamic restaurant we haunted a lot and where I especially amazed by
the hostess by her exotic beauty. in dawn dream I with the woman on a
giant dam control unit and watching huge flow. I then on guestbook
chose a heroic name as my name. then in a comic movies scene I chatted
with female partner and experienced adventure. I again chose a
historic name as my signature. I tried to blog but its too cold to
open my pc right the moment after woke up. I napped again and in dream
I wording details for blog in dawn time. when I actually started to
blog on my chromebook half put on, most memories gone. last week busy
with reinstall os on woz's 2 pcs which lagging and likely infected.
lots of data, esp. online games, await to restore before we enjoy the
fruit of a cleaner system. one of my credit card issuer, ICBC, warned
of possible lock down my salary card before I fully return its credit
due. I reported danger of the scenario to my hometown relatives, ie.
my elder brothers. they likely mobilized to try to help, but so far
result unknown. I badly need ¥9000 inject to my bad debt to re-enable
currency of my credits quota and living cost, while my relatives
insisted disabled all my credit card forever, for they don't want to
respond with my debt, esp credit anymore. I love my credit card, my
websites online. they engage me with workload and manageable. God dad,
please allow me cultivate on my vested land. allow me grow vegetables
in my backyard. I'm now in my prime light while aging makes daily work
more definitive personally. rid me off anxiousness of living expense,
focus me on building and expanding cyberspace reality under Holy
affirmative. bring me sooner my Royal China for the better China
Empire in 1109 years ahead. bring me my girls and offspring that's
vital for my destiny.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

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