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Sunday, May 15, 2016

dwell with hardness on my nation.

dreamt of summit. yesterday is exhausting for me after reunited with
my son, woz, my most concerned. I told him my new source of
confidence, new strategy to cope with current hard finance. I brought
him dine out with Islamic noodle cuisine with which I again groupon
and paid by my credit digitally, our favorite mean of dining out but
forgiven this year for credit crisis and slump economy. my son less
surprised but maintained acknowledged. I also tried to prepare his
smart TV with more functions the android os powered. in dorm in the
dawn I dreamt assigned to write speech for boss who will lecture on
the summit. I managed separate headline and body of the speech, embed
my family domains' site each part, for more appearance of zhone
cyberspace existence. when the summit gathered, the keynote didn't
take place, I only saw the labor union chairman of QRRS, a guy almost
same period enrolled by the SOE and more or less acquaintance. I
watched far from the hot circle of audience among the party and some
QRRS staff playful with me nearby. we gradually retreated and I woke
up lately. I don't know why I felt so sleepy, but I now have more time
to sleep while my whole business stable and in early stage which means
more patience. I likely wouldn't find myself another job to make a
living, for I resolved to sit and dwelt with hardest situation in
sinking PRC, my vested kingdom. I needn't another option to flee from
my people, my land which so fertile and sustaining. I have vocation
and proud of it, which is not weak one nor demands protection from
peer stable source of feed. I don't need a second occupation for
sacrifice for my main concern, my kingdom and cyberspace startup.
that's my rebirth of confidence from void in wane of hardness these
weeks. God, dad, save my nation from broken, save us from starving and
scatter of exile. grant me regal life with my son, my girls I
entreated so far online. bring me life style we enjoy so far, remove
my debt burden step by step when beholding my enterprise online. dad,
God, help me live healthy and resilient in my mid-age.

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