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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PRC surveillance's sieges turn monsterous.

dreamt near lunar spring festival at my hometown. saw changes in the
village: newly build dam control gate and road. the road near dam gate
left with deep and steep wheel dent for poor budget for concret. I saw
our village field, flowers and leisure villagers among it. In dream I
married my niece, ie. second daughter of my mom's niece in a village
around. but we were divorced newly in dream and our son left me sad
for the changing life. last week full of joyes with improved salary.
my urgent bills wrote off with it. now with ¥200 loaned by dorm
canteen I will visit asylum for medicine today. my backup cellphone, a
moto, hacked and ill behaved, so I deleted critical database on it. it
usually disabled both wifi and bluetooth. so likely hacker with direct
control on it. I wondering if the facing door, a secret cop
surveillance me since weeks ago, stealth into my room and injected it
malware. my parcel from ordering used router for vpn on taobao.com,
delayed a week still it only left one logistic information: dispatched
by vendor, and nothing else happened in other 6 days so far. another
item, a usb card reader, its logistic information also hijacked
several days till it reached locally before updated on time. PRC close
surveillance sometimes made me sad. the facing door dog, with all its
energy when just settled, half open his door all day and night,
immediately fixed my door which is tight and sometimes my son even
can't push open on his own, likely in weekends when I went to visit my
son 3 bus stops away, just under corridor webcams. now that its now
even can't hold tight upon wind, I intended directly shut close it
when I entered. the facing cop also in recent days gave up letting its
door half open to peek and eavesdrop, my cold shoulders toward
surveillance likely conveys strong dislike and ruin his fool's joys
and presumable poise. he also likely partially completed his mission:
stolen my password keeper's database, infected my portable devices
with trojans and keyloggers. the long compete for a clean os really
drains me, let me felt boring and labored. what's laughable is that,
the neighbor tall dog, once pretending cough every day and spitted
everywhere in excuse of his illness, these days silently stay
unnoticed aside, quit both surveillance and condemn the environment.
the authority has its power just upon those cheap souls and zombies
which labeled price for been controlled. dad God, save me from fatigue
of faith in long run. bring me sooner my Royal China to discipline
China and Chinese under holy. remove trifle divided by forcible
authority and in glory of united one. God dad, bring me sooner my
crown Queen, Asoh Yukiko, from Japan, for coming age. bring me more
offspring to sustain the 1109 years life of my Empire of China under
title Zhu's. bring me lighter credit debt in coming months.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

huge improvement in salary June.

gradually people around me turns better treating me. my gaze when I
jogging in dusk turns some women and girls friendly to me but also
gathers hatred. reviewing women in my life so far, I sometimes touched
by kindness and tenderness of QRRS Dorm canteen woman who operating
the small business with her diligent husband. his husband is a tall
pal, his kindness to his wife is enviable. these days I likely overdo
my kindness to them, and easier led to misunderstanding. I always
remember first time I met the spouse when their business just open,
how the woman confident and contented. I then felt I can help her with
her target, wellness & independence. now about 7 years passed I didn't
miss it. sometimes love recalls my campus life, esp master degree
seeking period when I met Asoh Yukiko. God blesses me with brave
heart, whole vision and all those memories so timeless cherished. I
don't want to hurt anyone but the canteen woman's husband likely
receiving, for his less gifted, for his property appreciated. God, fix
my poised with due humility. yesterday I gained a bonus from QRRS, my
once and long time employer, just after a day my salary released,
which increases near ¥500. the bonus addes another ¥500. with it I
renew my godaddy hosting plan for another half year immediately. also
renew billingzhu.com a year. with improved salary I ordered backup
router from taobao.com, as incredible satisfying and enzymes me in
super confident mood. 2 days passed I still felt the content.
yesterday I also retouch my homemade gadget on google sites, which now
tending to ban such hosting function and my in time usage likely saves
me extra cost from google's wonderful and generous free service. see
them on most of our zhone portals homepage, in section of blog rss
feeds and tweets, youtube, groups, donation links. its nice feeling,
for even I never master scripting skill still I probing those scripts
and tailored them into my buildups. I gain so much from my education,
my ability to self-taught. dad, God, bring me sooner my Crowned Queen,
Asoh Yukiko, and my Empire of China for larger comfort in my life, for
fulfilling the proud creator life experience. grant us a happy montly
reunion 2 days later, and monthly cinema and walmart shopping in a
pack with dearest son, woz.

Monday, June 19, 2017

living meaningfully with world videos.

Its a sunny morning, I felt obliged to get up and do something. Recent
testing tomato router script put me in a worker's mindset, absolutely
nothing else beyond of task memories. I dived so hard that I merely
recognize other things than occupied by inch in inch progress I strode
outward chaos. My son last Saturday lost his desktop logon
confidential, So I taught him to reinstall windows 10 and roughly
customizing before backup to image. He reluctant but worked with me,
while his sinful mom, a cheap junior school teacher, close watching my
tutorial on computer. She occupied her house every free hours out of
work, grasps dirty money from tuitions she ought to offered on job.
After 3 years and graduated, now she every more than 12 hours in a day
earning from the educational bits even it's shabby in quality in her
campus. I more and more felt its insane. My son due entertainment
ruined for his mom's house forever a workshop for his mom and her
cheap pupils. In this view, I recently relentlessly equip my son with
lounge TV and English programs, on which he enjoys and absorbs when
his visits monthly my dorm and on my seat. I hope the moment he enjoys
staying with me and my workspace forever prolonged. So last month I
equipped him a touchpad k/m combo for convenience of remote input on
pc and android TV. The Chinese product works smart even we anxious
about keylogger and other spy wares lawless PRC breeds, in favor of
dog CCP and state surveillance. My son more or less accepted my
arrangement, promoting him from mobile games he excels now and
adopting more language and expressive method as his new skill to
master. I times and times urged him makes fair use of our borderless
web. I hope he enjoys meanings in American culture stocked in amazon
prime video and youtube, vimeo sites. My trustworthy video education,
defied me in youth decades, pacifies me more than 2 hours daily,
broaden my world view and wishfulness so much that I have to put on
forth for my son, for his beneficial social experience and nutritional
source of moral and spiritual. God, dad, my life so rich that I'm
constantly complacent. Bring my son meaningful in his scope of
activities. Bring me sooner my Royal China to protect her from poverty
grilling the land and souls CCP and PRC only left with. Bring
producing capacity our fatherland sustains before the burning out in
cheap dealer like communism. Bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from
Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for unfinished mission we beset, among a never
seen silver proud heaven on eastern Asia. Thx you, dad God.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

in dream lingering art college once more.

a relaxing dream in which I visited my artist friends in Tianjin art
college. at first I dreamt with BianQiong, my Tibet painter friend,
and his friend. they live in dorm like a family. then shifted to a
house near door and some of those students there working and chatting.
I using English with a friend from my hometown neighbor county, who is
humble and treated me well even I visited BianQiong in vacation but
then the moment didn't paid him enough attentions but kindness felt.
he sometimes mixed with my impression on another guy in the art
college who also attracted me with his abled attitude. we chatted in
English but my English seemingly not fluent enough and sometimes the
students there in the house perceived it. its a peaceful dream and I
without any pressure but enjoy staying. last 2 weeks I too busy to
blog. my son's nexus 6 lost due to forgot to fetch after sport, likely
accompanied by his sinful intrusive mom, a really small woman and poor
gifted junior teacher. but next day she registered the lost on local
stadium administrative and it even returned intact. I even
disappointed by my son's loose management and bad memories, but ready
to accept the misfortune. my son really glad to regain his nexus, he
hummed upstairs when I waiting him in Sunday visit. last week I under
heavy government sponsored hacking, detained my downloading windows 10
creator edition iso. I also tried to rebuild router os after
disastrous intrusion. I failed times and times to make configurations
backup. later I gave up backup now that if I left most of router
profile default then will be less shortage of ram and lagging
response. we also elated with new auto-connecting script and localized
vpn server script, a byproduct huge finding during googling our
problems. it fix our pains on ass of vpn connection which frequented
by PRC surveillance and problematic. its really a great achievement
saves. even most of the weeks busy and fruitful, PRC surveillance
turns freakier now. my facing dorm moved in some young beast with
stylish pig tail on his head, staying all day indoor babbled. most
night when I went to toilet and back, their door left opener and room
in dark, just remind me their capable of surveillance, poisoning, and
stealth. that sometimes made me unease, but I know who is more
unbalanced and revengeful. I put my fate in holy bliss. let thieves
trying rob me in day time and in shadows. CCP and PRC literally makes
everyone poorer day by day, minute by minute. its a burning fire heap
that destroys any surplus in Chinese society. God, bring me sooner my
Royal China. bring me my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for
better management of my life, of my Empire of China from my heroic
ancestor. bring us surprise in this month salary day.