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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

in dream lingering art college once more.

a relaxing dream in which I visited my artist friends in Tianjin art
college. at first I dreamt with BianQiong, my Tibet painter friend,
and his friend. they live in dorm like a family. then shifted to a
house near door and some of those students there working and chatting.
I using English with a friend from my hometown neighbor county, who is
humble and treated me well even I visited BianQiong in vacation but
then the moment didn't paid him enough attentions but kindness felt.
he sometimes mixed with my impression on another guy in the art
college who also attracted me with his abled attitude. we chatted in
English but my English seemingly not fluent enough and sometimes the
students there in the house perceived it. its a peaceful dream and I
without any pressure but enjoy staying. last 2 weeks I too busy to
blog. my son's nexus 6 lost due to forgot to fetch after sport, likely
accompanied by his sinful intrusive mom, a really small woman and poor
gifted junior teacher. but next day she registered the lost on local
stadium administrative and it even returned intact. I even
disappointed by my son's loose management and bad memories, but ready
to accept the misfortune. my son really glad to regain his nexus, he
hummed upstairs when I waiting him in Sunday visit. last week I under
heavy government sponsored hacking, detained my downloading windows 10
creator edition iso. I also tried to rebuild router os after
disastrous intrusion. I failed times and times to make configurations
backup. later I gave up backup now that if I left most of router
profile default then will be less shortage of ram and lagging
response. we also elated with new auto-connecting script and localized
vpn server script, a byproduct huge finding during googling our
problems. it fix our pains on ass of vpn connection which frequented
by PRC surveillance and problematic. its really a great achievement
saves. even most of the weeks busy and fruitful, PRC surveillance
turns freakier now. my facing dorm moved in some young beast with
stylish pig tail on his head, staying all day indoor babbled. most
night when I went to toilet and back, their door left opener and room
in dark, just remind me their capable of surveillance, poisoning, and
stealth. that sometimes made me unease, but I know who is more
unbalanced and revengeful. I put my fate in holy bliss. let thieves
trying rob me in day time and in shadows. CCP and PRC literally makes
everyone poorer day by day, minute by minute. its a burning fire heap
that destroys any surplus in Chinese society. God, bring me sooner my
Royal China. bring me my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for
better management of my life, of my Empire of China from my heroic
ancestor. bring us surprise in this month salary day.

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