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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

dream of software.

the night before yesterday I gave my son a lesson, for he too open and
vulnerable upon cheap offers. this night I felt blessed when we ready
to sleep. I first dreamt in art college saw many students and
computers running a software likely robohelp or tin?in. its a series
tools including 3d modeling, illustration, and presentation. in dream
I felt glad to fetch my pastime skill and sharpen them. I felt that
would more or less let me more energetic. then in my hometown village,
facing neighbor village there are 2 modern office malls where once
rice field. many small companies rent space there and share
introduction multimedia, project management or progress report online
there. I still dwelling on the robohelp and thought about app as
service, or the functions of presentation. I tried hard to sync our
data or put our running data into the app. the detail of program very
lengthy in dream, even cross the intervene of getting up to pee.2 days
ago I finally got informed that our train ticket booked, after more
than 60000 times bidding online by our travel agency, ctrip.com. so
last unease resolved and we really needn't hurry, just as holy
affirmed. my son once repulsive upon my teasing infant of my nephew's,
a 16 month old boy, after I told him why I glad to help infant with
empowering them with full heart support, he forgave me and I thankful
for his considerate. his willful pal, the grandson of my 2nd elder
sister, also quit hijacking my son with all flattered. I also openly
talked about fault of my 2nd elder sister whose family less attractive
and colder in heart, with her husband and daughter-in-law. the
daughter-in-law is a slim tall woman with adorable configure and I
tried to help her when she loathe to chores. I hope they don't pitfall
like some of my relatives. after all, we are family from my passed
grand father, God in heaven now. this is a sunny morning with clouds.
hopeful it will more shiny later. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal
China to home my offspring, to guest my concerned. bring me financial
independence to liberate some of my relatives trapped in wrong idea
and habit. grant me adequate fund to renew our domains, the last task
unfilled upon new year 2017.

Friday, January 27, 2017

dreamt woz in danger.

last night woke up earlier then dwelling in dreams. first dreamt in
zoo with dearest son, woz. 2 cheap girls recklessly open cage of tiger
and let it at large. we rushed to evade and scattered. when I returned
near zoo and found tiger caught woz and indecisively bited him. in
terror I scream for zoo manager's help. when he in sight and running
closer, I approached the tiger and woke up. I timely noted it on my
mobile. then dreamt an OCR software's advertisement on media. I was
more or less familiar with pirate warez once, so I'm sure I will get a
copy of the tool. I felt glad with it I can turn some Chinese textbook
and its tests digitally for woz's usage. then all dreams about flying,
with a delegation of school teachers likely in vacation tour. I can
fly without any voyage, and use it to challenge barrage around me.
this is a pale morning and eve of lunar new year. my returning train
ticket still pending while brokerage already handed in. woz gained
about ¥2100 pocket money from his hometown relatives. I didn't send
out any gift money, including my newly marriaged nephew. but I told
him my startup and hard economy and promised will help him in future
when my situation better. yesterday is the turning day of our vacation
here, half elapsed. we made nice demonstration to country guyes about
steam online games, chromecast mirror screen, English online videos.
our poor dell notebook almost broke down after heavily load of video
gaming, in frequent freeze now. I sincerely best wishes to my
relatives here, hoping someday I can improve their lives. they already
saw satisfactions in the decade when most nephews built their
families. God dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to my larger family,
for my future offspring. bring me Asoh Yukiko for glory of regal
affair. grant us financial freedom to support my online startup.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

dream near lunar new year eve.

first dreamt inspecting a girl secretary of Communist Youth league.
she later in charge of a business owned by CCYL, then the business
turns in property of girl her own. then dreamt being an India school
boy. he studied diligently and guessed or cheated to know exam's topic
so scores highest. the topic likely about self-restrain, in Chinese in
dream exactly "纲功伐满". his mom and sister celebrate his performance.
his school dean who usually stern but now also welcomes him warmly.
the boy gladly goes shopping with award, a check. this morning I woke
up by the dream and made memo on my mobile. then I fell asleep again
till my son got up. my elder sister asked us stay for celebrating
lunar new year especially. my nephew came from my hometown village to
invite our visit but I defied it for I felt vengeful against my
brothers, esp my kid brother who made us harder when he had to aid me
meanly. so I decisively evade him and his family, including the
village, Zhudajiu where my 2 elder brothers didn't extend helping hand
during my credit debt crisis last year. among the relatives and rich
meal I abrupt left to my younger elder sister's house to blog. here my
2 nephews also hurry to downtown market. my dearest son, woz, aside me
with his pc games. lunar new year holiday can be boring, for lunar
harvest season doesn't exist nowadays. I just too far from any
celebration in my family affair, nor regal affair. with additional
¥300 in this salary from QRRS, I equipped my family amazon prime
another year, but nowhere to find fund to renew another 12 zhone
domains esp. under woz's title. God, dad, pl allow me finishing last
todo annually in this month. let 2017 anxious free and firm business
as seeds soiled. bring me sooner my Royal China to house my beloved,
my children. bring Asoh Yukiko when we still breed. grant us financial
independence and ability to see through adversity. thx dad.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

hometown flight tour 3rd almost half passed.

dreamt siblings competition on economy. mafia tried to control state
owned properties and bidding for merger. I was threatened to bid but
managed to, among my relatives influence. the flight toward hometown
esp. smooth, all my unease evaporated after a night and a day's on
way. its my first time brought a luggage and I had to ask stewardess
where to fetch it back. my son grows more confident in the journey
with flight. our neighbor seat was likely a graduate girl, we made
nice chats. we only had ¥500 budget for on road cost, and it did
cover, including taxi to my sister's house in a town, our destiny.
these days a nephew's wedding in preparing, for the bride's house too
far, in neighbor province, so she will move to hotel in the county's
capital in advance. tomorrow will be the wedding ceremony holds
locally. our returning voyage still pending, for the train ticket too
scarce to buy. we paid Ctrip.com to hunt for us, and it monitored more
than 500000 times and still going. the town's business mostly cement,
whose pollution quite severe. but today is second sunny day since our
settlement and sunniest one so far. the 2 sons of my sister each has a
car. their house newly furnished. I even already looking forward to
return while my son still find funs here. all equipment we brought
with us works well here, allowing woz to demonstrate online games with
gamepads, mobile games chromecast to large LCD. hope he find friends
here. God dad, we still have 12 domains to renew, pl grant us space to
execute it. bring me sooner my Royal China to host our friends and
relatives in glories. bring my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko,
for my family and children. thx, dad.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

ready to leave for hometown tour 3rd.

dreamt of my once campus alumnus, in surname Shi. he was one of 2
schoolmates helped me when I first settled in Qiqihar after
graduation. in dream his house near mountain and open. at first I
thought its scenery. then I anxious about safety. Shi first denied
problem then gradually admitted it. his only elder sister also join
conversation, review gunned robberies, as well as wild mountain
predators and their brutality hurt their family and young memories.
then I review our old house also near mountain and kept so well by my
grant dad, warm and self-relies. in reality when I first settled in
Qiqihar and visited Shi's house, his house is a little slum among
shabby northern China residential area. toilet was near mile away and
backyard least spacey. but after nearly 2 decades, many slums turned
into skyscrapers now and I don't know where is Shi and his old family.
these weeks preparing hometown tour 3rd with woz, dearest son. I
previous severe concerned if my credit debt deprives me of airline,
but narrowly I got our flight ticket in a mid Monday night. my kid
brother tried his best to sell poverty, claiming my sister can't
afford our flights but under my emphasis promised ¥5000 from my sister
arrived in 2 times remission my failing kid brother loathed to
complete. we got a flight toward hometown while return voyage is train
whose ticket paid but still in hunting by ctrip.com, a Chinese
mainstream travel agency, due to PRC cheap policy said to protect the
poor while in fact lots of mid handlers profit from the scare of train
ticket. my alipay also once strangely locked me out of payment, till
called its support crew to fix it. recently I most concerned if my
payment totally freezed but so far attests I at large with my assets.
nevertheless, with stocking Chinese Yuan, I equipped myself another
domain, billingzhu for my future new family member in holy message.
soon after I gained it from godaddy its strangely deleted from my
account. after spent near half day desperately resuming it, I had to
call godaddy support and found unknown deletion likely beyond my
activity. and PRC tighten law against personal domain, restricting ISP
within its sovereign from support. God, reckless dictator in sinking
PRC desperate clinging to my portal online. where is the barked tree
tall enough for voice of holy bliss, voice of hope in destructive
nation like China? bring me sooner my Royal China to extinguish
sickened tyrant in PRC falling day by day. bring me sooner my Crowned
Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and our happy journey to central China,
our hometown, in gathering our relatives in lunar new year 2017. grant
us free web and steady investment on our cyberspace startup. thx, dad