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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

dream near lunar new year eve.

first dreamt inspecting a girl secretary of Communist Youth league.
she later in charge of a business owned by CCYL, then the business
turns in property of girl her own. then dreamt being an India school
boy. he studied diligently and guessed or cheated to know exam's topic
so scores highest. the topic likely about self-restrain, in Chinese in
dream exactly "纲功伐满". his mom and sister celebrate his performance.
his school dean who usually stern but now also welcomes him warmly.
the boy gladly goes shopping with award, a check. this morning I woke
up by the dream and made memo on my mobile. then I fell asleep again
till my son got up. my elder sister asked us stay for celebrating
lunar new year especially. my nephew came from my hometown village to
invite our visit but I defied it for I felt vengeful against my
brothers, esp my kid brother who made us harder when he had to aid me
meanly. so I decisively evade him and his family, including the
village, Zhudajiu where my 2 elder brothers didn't extend helping hand
during my credit debt crisis last year. among the relatives and rich
meal I abrupt left to my younger elder sister's house to blog. here my
2 nephews also hurry to downtown market. my dearest son, woz, aside me
with his pc games. lunar new year holiday can be boring, for lunar
harvest season doesn't exist nowadays. I just too far from any
celebration in my family affair, nor regal affair. with additional
¥300 in this salary from QRRS, I equipped my family amazon prime
another year, but nowhere to find fund to renew another 12 zhone
domains esp. under woz's title. God, dad, pl allow me finishing last
todo annually in this month. let 2017 anxious free and firm business
as seeds soiled. bring me sooner my Royal China to house my beloved,
my children. bring Asoh Yukiko when we still breed. grant us financial
independence and ability to see through adversity. thx dad.

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