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Friday, January 27, 2017

dreamt woz in danger.

last night woke up earlier then dwelling in dreams. first dreamt in
zoo with dearest son, woz. 2 cheap girls recklessly open cage of tiger
and let it at large. we rushed to evade and scattered. when I returned
near zoo and found tiger caught woz and indecisively bited him. in
terror I scream for zoo manager's help. when he in sight and running
closer, I approached the tiger and woke up. I timely noted it on my
mobile. then dreamt an OCR software's advertisement on media. I was
more or less familiar with pirate warez once, so I'm sure I will get a
copy of the tool. I felt glad with it I can turn some Chinese textbook
and its tests digitally for woz's usage. then all dreams about flying,
with a delegation of school teachers likely in vacation tour. I can
fly without any voyage, and use it to challenge barrage around me.
this is a pale morning and eve of lunar new year. my returning train
ticket still pending while brokerage already handed in. woz gained
about ¥2100 pocket money from his hometown relatives. I didn't send
out any gift money, including my newly marriaged nephew. but I told
him my startup and hard economy and promised will help him in future
when my situation better. yesterday is the turning day of our vacation
here, half elapsed. we made nice demonstration to country guyes about
steam online games, chromecast mirror screen, English online videos.
our poor dell notebook almost broke down after heavily load of video
gaming, in frequent freeze now. I sincerely best wishes to my
relatives here, hoping someday I can improve their lives. they already
saw satisfactions in the decade when most nephews built their
families. God dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to my larger family,
for my future offspring. bring me Asoh Yukiko for glory of regal
affair. grant us financial freedom to support my online startup.

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