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Monday, March 21, 2016

goods' goodness.

dreamt of international cargo. in dawn dream, I prepared my packages
to Sweden where I will study. on half way I found my packages missing.
then found I mispelled and hijacked by malware. on half way where
there is crowd watching soccer world champion, I miserable search all
hijacked packages' label and corrected them with my designated destiny
while maintained hijacked address untouched but move it to lower
propriety and wouldn't executed for trial and test. then in remote
country I possibly waiting for the only missing package uncorrected,
and doubting if its a serial compression in which missing a member
package will ruin all others, or all independent compressed packages
in which missing one will only affect itself content. the dream likely
an echo of what I saw last night I returned from visiting my son. on
the bus stop I noticed railway station setup its cargo handling office
where previously rented to 3rd party business likely small hotel, etc.
its likely now has their business booming and office restored. I saw 2
young couples leaving from the office and likely they fetched their
cargo. I enjoyed online shopping last year so much. now the PRC
government installed higher tariff trying smoother overseas purchases
booming among Chinese middle class. its a whole pack aiming prevent
Chinese better informed shifting from poor Chinese quality to world
including political, life, society, ethic all aspects. dictative PRC
attempting stop losing customers inland by monopolize their poor
official offers like north Korea where people lame generations and
generations of prey. how I cherish overseas purchases last year and
cozy of online shoppings which now almost impossible under my current
hard financial situation. God dad, PRC sinking dictation want harness
domestic consuming boost economy and employment while never afford
losing control on monopoly of supply, the most important role in
industrialized production chain, and through which American people and
world economy help China in past decades so much to allow diligent
Chinese labors engaged full fledged and improved their lives nonstop
in more than 40 years. the ccp is a bitch, grace never sheds light in
its stoned heart, and relentlessly sinking China with it when times
ditching them with their poor quality and means of troublemaking. dad
God, bring me sooner my Royal China and my beloved children, my queens
for peace and pleasure of now. please ease my credit deficit and allow
me shopping online as usual. in the coming salary allow me make use to
alleviate my debt burden more or less.