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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a night of peace and turbulence.

its a cozy day, first, i enjoyed western music, esp. sarah Brightman's song so immersely. they r from service of google China. second, i got another bonus since the day before yesterday from my long time employer, QRRS, its a box of milk mixture drink, which i hope can let my baby son, warren zhu, the God of the universe, more happier. the other stuff also not bad, i enjoyed reading 2 longthy article about a game, and embeded system programming. the latter related to the secret of universe, which attacted me so much, that all system embeded in a larger hosting system, and so on forever, until God, i should added. and the embedded system always left something unknow itself to be used by hosting system. that's really a nice article, since my subscribed the blog, i first time settled to scan into its deepth.
today also a looming day for me. at noon when i remit to support my mother in my hometown her living expense, a cop stood close aside me. on the way home, a car from the crossing way challenged me and followed me after i pushed my way home before it. on the corridor of ema's house, i saw lots of notice likely from police that recently some strange persons frequent the residential building, on the wall of each floor. in the night baby asked to play a lot shooting and wars. he also complained a teacher under family name of lan, in English means blue, which i always hated, upset him and let him loathed to join the kindergarten. he lately left the pc and now i reported to u, God, u sees the conspire and cut the sticky necks without mercy.
its a auspicious night, esp. the snow last night. God, u don't see blood, u see the clear of sky and clean of earth in ur kingdom ur son to reclaim. that's nothing surer than it.
benzyrnill, set to fly - do it, make it.
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v3 ,edit last night. this post edited on Tuesday, Dec 30th, 2008.
its a minor change, laid the .org vertically. i also added the new logo for

my forum, rainform, at http://app21zh.appspot.com/ , or

http://forum.be21zh.org/ ,to the footer of the forum, to let it clearer.

now trying to add google friend connect to my forum and other appspot sites

of mine.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

fruitful Monday morning

  1. retouched logo of be21zh.org
  2. adding logo of forum onto the fourm's footer
  3. post about my problem with blog export with blogger.com, likely due to China surveillance blocking; 
  4. post my problem with adding google friend connect to my GAE
  5. post errs of exporting my feedburner feeds on its google group, which likely due to China surveillance; 
  6. started to burn feeds from my GAE( google app engine), subscribed them within my google reader.
  7. post 2 blog entries, including this one, which just after lunch.

all of all, it finished within the Monday morning. isn't it a nice morning? 
it starts to snow now. so auspicious. no better can it be. last night i read a site from google ads under my adsense account,  http://www.lifesgreatestquestion.com , and refreshed. i know its kind of new birth. i know God's biz on earth has the largest followers or team. yes, i ready for pals and followers, on the way home to God.

Friday, December 26, 2008

a logo for my forum newly setup, including google ads.

today likely really finished final retouch into the 2 web app for my google app engine, a forum (at http://app21zh.appspot.com or http://forum.be21zh.org ) and a guestbook (at http://bq21zh.appspot.com or http://guestbook.be21zh.org ). the layout tested throughly and don't find err. added google ads under my adsense account this afternoon, by the way i designed a logo for my forum, rainform, which existed first time when i worked for my long time employer, qrrs, about 6 or 7 years ago. then i setup server on my pc and let it served colleagues within the corporate lan. now it finally open for the world, so nice !
the morning since monday, i didn't catch up all my awaiting reading feeds in my google reader. hope i don't miss anything important.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

a busy day with my google app engine.

its a nice day, after all dust down. i finished fine touch and customization of 2 python web apps i selected from google app engine code base, or apps gallery. after two days restlessly wanting to  see the fruits of google engine, i this afternoon first see its beautiful face, which really not bad. the day i almost all time sat in front of the legend pc, till satisfied near work time over. then i busy with uploading them to my google app engine accounts, after the office member all left. i also made a simple redirecting page to redirect quite some of my app engines page to my homepage, avoid the absence of ready python app to fit in these app engines to enrich my site.
ok, that's it. i don't regret so many times i obsessed with my site's building, tried all means to let it more meaningful. that's my devotion for my vested kingdom coming from my ancestor.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a busy day with google app engine&python web apps.

today is a busy day. i continued to claim new google app engine accounts under title of warren&his mom, ema, after found app engine's favorable namespace can be scarce. now i have 40 app engines applications shared among family members. after settled domain mapping and bookmarking, i launched to research python web app the google app engine supports. i search within google code base and selected 3, from note synchronically and site building to forum. testing locally went smoothly, esp. with forum, while upload to google server failed, likely for i was behind lan's proxy. after work time i did it on home pc and the experience of operate on server locally really exciting, just like a breeze. now some of them at service, like forum at http://app21zh.appspot.com/forum or under my domain at http://forum.be21zh.org/forum .
its so nice to build site with full control of ur own. i liked script even i uncapable of mastering the full scope of programming speciality. i sure my site with the aid of google day by day grows.
that's my day and life so far.

benzyrnill, set to fly - do it, make it.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bookmarks daily 12/23/2008

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

close contact with google app engine first time

last afternoon i tried google new feature, contacts in google apps, then i found i can also add app engine to my google apps. so i launched, and that cost me an hour to settle. i claimed a google app engine and banded with my custom domain, be21zh.org. in the night i in high mood after i returned home, and bragged to ema and our baby son, warren. 
this morning i felt thirsty for more app engines, for last night in the process of applying, most of my frequent namespace all occupied. so i launched again for more app engines' id. after one or two hours, now u can see the fruits of my work.

Google servicetitle under appspottitle under custom domain, be21zh.org
Google App Enginewarrenzhus | appspothttp://warrenzhus.be21zh.org
Google App Enginewzinus | appspot
Google App Enginewezhus | appspot
Google App Enginezhweus | appspot
Google App Enginezhweone | appspot
Google App Enginezhusone | appspotzhusone | be21zh.org
Google App Enginezhueus | appspotzhueus | be21zh.org
Google App Enginezhieus | appspot
Google App Enginezhdajiu | appspotzhus | be21zh.org
Google App Enginewarzeu | appspot
Google App Enginewarrzh | appspot
Google App Enginewarizeu | appspotwarizeu | be21zh.org
Google App Enginewarozh | appspot
Google App Engineapp21zh | appspot
Google App Enginebli21zh | appspot
Google App Engineblief21zh | appspotbelief | be21zh.org
Google App Engineblis21zh | appspotbliss | be21zh.org
Google App Enginebq21zh | appspot
Google App Enginebr21zh | appspot
Google App Engineby21zh | appspot
Google App Enginelife21zh | appspotlife | be21zh.org
Google App Enginelive21zh | appspot
Google App Enginein21zh | appspotin21zh | be21zh.org

Monday, December 22, 2008

a busy weekends with lots of gaming and playing.

past weeking with too much joy. in the weekends baby played lots of pc games. i catered to him and let baby with lots of funs. yesterday his mother brought him to join a baby play yard in a supermarktet. the facility is quite new&innovative, so attracted lots of parents with their babies. baby lingered there for more than 3 hours, till he bumped onto a hard object and cried. we lunched with feature snacks from northwestern China, served within the supermarket. then baby&me slept for 2 hours, while ema tutored at home. baby soon watched baby dvds after woke up, and the night was peaceful and harmonious. 
this morning i felt frustrated with a nightmare. i dreamed i missing my beauties and refused compromise, then i seemingly lost all my support and left isolated, i later had to sleep on a bed with a dwarf. just at the moment i really left my pillar my baby son, warren zhu, gradually took and slept on bare bed, and returned to dream. the feeling of unfavorable with God let me unease, and felt frustrated. in the morning i felt very sleepy, while ema again got up early and chatter with her mom arrived. baby almost in dream told his mom he dislike to join kindergarten today.
that's my poor dawn. now the sunshine likely bright outside of the window, even the curtain in office heavily blocked it. i hope i didn't miss anything i need care. i forever line up with God.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

dad, u left us exactly two years today

these days i busy with site building as usual. last night i felt a bit sleeplessly for i too anxious about coming google adsense account. this morning i continued to fine touch my homepage on google page creator, adding google friend connect and modifying layout, correcting forms' errs. dog in China surveillance blocked my domain since yesterday, for they hate and terrified by our sight over the world. i determined to get my adsense account, expanding our means to penetrating the world of our sight and message for the bright and in Chinese, Ming Dynasty. i had waited for the messaging method for months. 
this noon, after our grandson's mother left at her house, i checked my cellphone and found its ur memorial day. grand Dad, i didn't attend ur funeral ceremony, but God let me pick ur land, and ur kingdom from outside of 2 thousand miles, in this northeastern corner of China. i do enjoy the task u left me, and engaged with it all my life. dad, where can i find u again? those golder years when u attending my growth? dad, i cared my baby like attending u, i took the world onto him just like u attending me aside forever, rid the need of phisically. dad, my God, i forever attending u, forever listen to u, that's my vow in front of God last year when i in crisis. God, u know, and u forever know.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

warren&me now have artistic avatar, with link&logo on it.

i prepared the photo sketching warez the night before yesterday. yesterday in the beginning of the morning i launched to edit our avatars. with the aid of powerful softwares it very easy to got a artistic avatar design. i included our name and website on it, which quite satisfied me. but the process uploaded to my websites uneasy. dog in China surveillance heavily blocked me.last afternoon before the end of work time i almost spent 2 hours vainly trying to upload to qq alumni or my gmail. in the night after i forcifully moved baby who watched dvds for 2 hours away from pc and continuted to upload avatars to qq alumni. uploading finished quite smooth, but when i attempted to set it as my avatar in my profile there, dog again jammed my surfing and forced me gaveup. and they deleted the icq blog of my babywarren zhu, the hope of Chinathis 4rd time of deletation.
this morning i uploaded avatars to my picasaweb. but when i backup my files to my gmail, they blocked it again and cut off t he Internet access in lan. they peeking on the lan, and stealen almost all my confidentials. they then broke into my accounts and messed up and blacken/distorted my message under my compromised confidentials. God sees and laughes for the shaddow in the dark of China.
benzrad's avatars:

warren's avatars:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

sunny day after snow


last night very cold and the sky was dark brown. i told ema next day likely would snow. after lately woke up i found the quite bright sunny day outside of the window. it really snowed last night. its the biggest snow ever in this winter. baby soon occupied the pc with his cousions here been tutored by ema. i felt boring and sleepy. so i took camera to shot.

last week is really busy. i extended my ownership over my domain, be21zh.org, relogon my old account after 9 years on icq, and claimed warren one. adding all our frequent groups on it. post site update announcement among my google apps sites. successful gain 2 alumni on qq xiaoyou, a China im community, after its stern censorship. all these under China surveillance, who remind me everywhere. in last step, i synchronized my family new claimed sites' bookmarks with my family personal and groups diigo's bookmarks accounts, for example, http://groups.diigo.com/…benzyrnill , its just so cool being online.

this afternoon i busy with uploading new shot photos and a movie to picasaweb and youtube. picasa soon accept all my uploading. but youtube and later other sites, likely under surveillance, very slow in speed. i know again the hacking backgroup itching for messing and blocking.

that's my good time today. i never more felt tomorrow belong to me, and the final say forever from God.

bye. i love u, my beauty still in anonymous. i longing in being with u aside me every moment in my life.
update: in the night baby bathed after 2 weeks for cold. he didn't shower for more than 2 weeks, for he got cold recently. he sometimes hate water mixing into his eyes when baby, but more time glad to shower. tonight he surely had a good time.
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