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Friday, September 30, 2016

a holiday ruined by idiot.

dreamt relocated within QRRS. in dawn dream I was assigned by my once
and long time employer, QRRS, again and work for its labor union. I
was called by the director, who told me my routine before read his
newspaper. I then interviewed by some other leaders in the department.
most of my job is dispatching newspaper, and at first I missed and the
director asking my sending his desk. then I discussed him about
digitalization of those subscribed newspaper for available for all
staff at same time in additional searchable feature. later dreamt
detailedly gaming, in which we drive and fly through all scenes of
urgent flee before destroy all enemies blocking. coming PRC national
day holiday I previously arranged my son going cinema with me, then
shopping Walmart and finally ported a night in my dorm. but his mom,
the cheap small woman, again will bring my son in tourism. the
relentless bitch desperately compete with me by offering my son evil
and destructive gift like travel. she never shared her tuition
earnings while occupied the house all time and does no chores when we
lived together. she didn't earn much from her jobs so cheap but she
never stop attempting won my son from me with her poisonous offer.
Dad, God, my son in many cases stupidly trying annoying me after
received his mom's stupid gift like tourism by ignoring my message via
digital gadgets I equipped him in last years. Dad God, free him from
his mom's stupid and stubborn like beast. he and his mom both do no
hurt me by that mean behavior substantially but just make me sad. in
my life blessed, I saw so many poor quality persons including my
siblings, women around me. God dad, I just need a considerate partner
so long, without cheating, without silent war, without psycho problem.
why I so hard to win world in my wise and faith unbeatable? God, dad,
bring me sooner my Royal China to family me. bring my girls, Asoh
Yukiko, girl TW, girl LYU, to soothe my pains among embarrassing
qualified poor people. grant me financial independence, warm me and
embed me with firmer holy commitment. thx dad!

Monday, September 19, 2016

dreams in Taipei.

I was likely in tourism to Taipei. when we lined up in front of
parliament hall, I bored and scratched pocket, then finger nails drag
out a toll of large amount old era bills hidden. my neighbor
schoolmates found at once and yelled. I evaded chase and made sure the
amount is large. I or schoolmates commented: in communism anything you
found will be confiscated, or seized by larger organization and only
in lawful nation your findings belongs to u. then in the monitor and a
girl schoolmate's house in Taipei they invited me. her mother
preparing meal for us. the monitor persuaded me honestly to check the
ancient bill again and try to save in bank. when I heading to bank
accordingly, the monitor and the girl trying to accompany me. its
about 5am, after noted the dream I returned to bed. dreamt jogging on
road near qrrs, my once and long time employer. met many foxes running
around, they didn't attack even fearsome. then more flying mouse,
flying crane or flying pig or goose, with their baby under their belly
in air. then in the girl schoolmate's house I busy writing down my
dream. her mother blamed me not helping her clean house. I told her
blogging and shift away to write on a paper pens holder. this 2 weeks
mostly fought GFW for my son's access English web. his internet via
vpn insanely blocked. I sometimes a full morning tried all means to
penetrate the iron curtain, just aiming bring my son amazon prime
video, among which lots of qualified kid English TV programs. I also
prepared myself an alternative os for secure operation, android-x86.
like in cold war I frequently felt insecure against government backed
hacking in sinking PRC, world largest and last hooligan. this weeks
mostly raining. the rain drop is the most in my 25 years in
northeastern China. I enjoy the rhythm so much! also in the rain I
picked my son to dine out while his mom arranged a boy schoolmate of
my son visited their house. my son accompanied the boy schoolmate till
saw him off. our shoes both sucked by water but fortunately its no
cold. we ate fish but woz ate less. returned to dorm, I sensed my
son's lose in my unable to prepare him friendship, career, payment or
reward like I prepared him tablet, cellphone or smart watch. I sensed
his loneliness and uncertainty ahead, while I demanding upon his
focus. next morning I resumed more or less courage, known that I can't
cover my son his life but God does. I sang in my workload to reinstall
his dell notebook os. in dining out I told him I will do my best and
likest as usual. he admitted. last day of lunar Mid-Autumn holiday he
asked to dine in dicos, after near half year absence since our debt
crisis. God dad, grant us financial independence. bring me sooner my
Royal China to support my life and family. bring me my Empire peaceful
for glory of the Son. free me from prison and notorious of debt trap.
in the rainy Autumn shed more sunshine to warm my bed. thx, dad God.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

meanings in rain rhythm.

dreamt of my relocation. last night the rain rhythm was one of the most beautiful moment in my life. this morning I felt sleepy and dreamt of in my hometown with my teenage friend, Fang, a professor now in my crisis of jobless. I saw myself rode a bike on mountainous road to visit Fang's village, where he suggested I trying to find a job in City Huangshi, means yellow stone, where he once worked there. I said I would be a driver then sought promotion to office work, refuted his suggestion of straightly more elegant job he will help. my son and his mom arrived before my departure. my son is very smart and touchingly attached to me. we tried our best to farewell with hope of survive and larger grace. its unclear why there was no bitterness in dream with son's mom. the rain lasted for more than 2 days, longest ever in my impression in Qiqihar where 25 years spent for holy commitment and glory before sticking out. this week I saw how beautiful a sound system can be. the new bluetooth speaker works independent with its own os, battery. I can rely it to entertain myself out of computer and online. harness my listening I will be less boring with too much reading online. in this aim, I bought a google chromecast audio yesterday for audio ebook and podcast in Chinese websites, during credit debt crisis which weighted my heart. I even envision I will listen some online university courses like accounting, economics, statistics, etc. God, dad, I never regret for what I spent in last 2 years by my credit card, every hardware substantially improve my living standard. grant us new gears updates current times and meaningful for future we share with the world. bring me sooner my Royal China to update the broken infrastructure under evil communism administrative abusing absent Lordship in my ancestor's title. bring me sooner my new family with my Queens and offspring. thx for the sunshine upon my visit my son 2 hours later.