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Friday, September 30, 2016

a holiday ruined by idiot.

dreamt relocated within QRRS. in dawn dream I was assigned by my once
and long time employer, QRRS, again and work for its labor union. I
was called by the director, who told me my routine before read his
newspaper. I then interviewed by some other leaders in the department.
most of my job is dispatching newspaper, and at first I missed and the
director asking my sending his desk. then I discussed him about
digitalization of those subscribed newspaper for available for all
staff at same time in additional searchable feature. later dreamt
detailedly gaming, in which we drive and fly through all scenes of
urgent flee before destroy all enemies blocking. coming PRC national
day holiday I previously arranged my son going cinema with me, then
shopping Walmart and finally ported a night in my dorm. but his mom,
the cheap small woman, again will bring my son in tourism. the
relentless bitch desperately compete with me by offering my son evil
and destructive gift like travel. she never shared her tuition
earnings while occupied the house all time and does no chores when we
lived together. she didn't earn much from her jobs so cheap but she
never stop attempting won my son from me with her poisonous offer.
Dad, God, my son in many cases stupidly trying annoying me after
received his mom's stupid gift like tourism by ignoring my message via
digital gadgets I equipped him in last years. Dad God, free him from
his mom's stupid and stubborn like beast. he and his mom both do no
hurt me by that mean behavior substantially but just make me sad. in
my life blessed, I saw so many poor quality persons including my
siblings, women around me. God dad, I just need a considerate partner
so long, without cheating, without silent war, without psycho problem.
why I so hard to win world in my wise and faith unbeatable? God, dad,
bring me sooner my Royal China to family me. bring my girls, Asoh
Yukiko, girl TW, girl LYU, to soothe my pains among embarrassing
qualified poor people. grant me financial independence, warm me and
embed me with firmer holy commitment. thx dad!

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