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Monday, October 10, 2016

preparing passport in dawn dream.

dreamt of preparing my passport. this 2 weeks a bit astray: I too glad
to enjoy our new gadgets and their functional. also reunited my son in
celebration of PRC holiday. we went to movie, visited my dorm. before
his tour with his revengeful mom, I warned him about dangers in travel
and hope he less with his mom's desperate tour. the day before
yesterday on way returning to my dorm, there was almost an accident: a
motorist hit me and crashed my phablet in my notebook bag. thanks God,
I was intact. then I ordered a replacement from taobao.com. this dawn
I dreamt a lot about applying Unite State's passport. there likely
linked to my elder sister's recent call in which she let me know my
nephew's wedding near lunar new year and invited us to flight to join
them. at first I gladly admitted, then found my dearest sister, 3rd
elder sister, didn't really invite us. what's more, my younger brother
likely covertly plotted framing us in humiliation for we are currently
too poor. so I told my son we might rebuff it. then holy spirit
affirmed me the hometown journey, our 3rd flight tour. in dream I
first don't know how to compose application, only puzzled in wording
of causes. then gradually I see the categories of travel intention,
like business information, visiting friend, tourism, etc. then saw in
dream I chose BIX or something stands for business information
exchange, and lots of uncertainty of the audit outcome. I pee once
then dreamt again the applying process. in the end my senior middle
school alumnus, Chao Lixin, who aided me get my first domain,
be21zh.org, and a scholar in US since his Phd, and Wujiang, my Nankai
Univ alumnus, dropped me a visit. the former kindly check my
application and offer some tips, while the latter look through my
form. I finally got insight the meaning of categories of travel
causes, and saw large flow Chinese in PRC moving cross border. I saw
what happening in American embassy in China and handling of passport
application. God, my life can be limited to mainland of PRC, but grant
my son and my other offspring free migration among Christian united
one world. bring woz to peaceful nation before PRC war bubble burst
out. bring me sooner my Royal China to bring peace on the eastern
Asia. grant me financial independence and complete annual renewal of
all my domain and hosting plan. grant woz his 4th flight to his
grandpa's hometown and merry union with his cousins there. thx, dad,
in God's mercy.

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