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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

dreamt Japan preparing war.

dreamt helping Japan in war. it's a lengthy dream. at first Japan just
in war and everywhere Japanese motivated and celebrated to join army.
I happened to be in Japan and take part in their parties, from rooms
to streets, learning their culture in ritual. then I applied to join
their army and likely accepted. but it's all in prewar, I just saw
group of soldiers busy with their operations. later in a room for war
donation, I gave all my money, ¥335. the staff recognized me and
teased me on my donation, but I made him registered my share. the
dream delayed me from breakfast, but it's such a strange dream.
yesterday I busied more than half day trying install google apps suite
on my cheap Chinese smartphone yet failed. its bit boring to hack the
gear. and I saw Chinese government blocked google service in one hand
while buying from world wide to develop most hacking tool on the other
hand to break through wall with malware, just aiming compromising its
citizen's security and private. I wouldn't take the bait. the world is
sad for the poor, even google itself increase their smartphone's
price, while its gapps suite so hard to install on Chinese product in
conflict of their service. and dictation in PRC day by day risk common
Chinese life and future to build war reservoir against mostly its
civilian, then the US which responsible for world democracy and peace.
in no way the tyrant in PRC will stop playing fire before forced to
quit dangerous suicide, like spoiled son of bitch in north Korea in
cult of wicked worship and dead totalitarian. God, dad, we suffered so
much in welcome the world democracy, in Christian united world of just
and independent. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain progress
China maintains since Ming Dynasty under my ancestor's title, Zhu.
bring me new family and offspring with my beloved girls, Asoh Yukiko,
Lyu, TW. grant my son and me new flight journey, finace independent,
and booming cyberspace startup, our portal online.

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