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Monday, April 10, 2017

officially declare zhone 2 new domains.

dreamt of the family of my cousin, ie. husband of my mother's niece. I
once liked his 2nd daughter who is tall and slender. but long time
works in farm worn out her hands which drove me away from her in my
senior middle school summer vacation. I saw her new family in dream.
her dad invented or bought to connect his family with his offspring's
family, and his properties with wire. the wire likely controlled
digitally. I saw just dial "home to farm" and the 2 place linked and
can communicate online. I still felt warm with the girl and her
sisters and her child. then dreamt I made experiment, in which I put
pencil core into a tiny tube and heated to melt it. when I saw it
changed into liquid, just when I ready to fill in something with it,
the power down. at the mean time I urgent to urine. I pee indoor
before others returning to caught me in sight. almost peed and with
caution of fire, I woke up. last week my family acquired another 2
precious domains, zuo.center and woga.me. zuo.center is my first and
likely last unconventional TLD. most of newly added TLDs are
expensive, but .center renewal is $20. the same amount with .me, which
I promoted most to my son woz, hoping he regards woga.me for his video
game hobby as himself invented. I told my son I contented with 21
domains before my business getting bigger, and I didn't regret risks I
taken in the purchase even more or less I felt my greediness in the
making of namespace, claim of meaning and naming. I hope in a market,
its normal to profit from intelligent property. after 3 days intensive
works, I prepared publication sites for the 2 domains, inc google
sites, zoho sites, blogger blogs, tumblrs, etc. I show my son webpage
editing and publishment skill, hoping he enjoy freedom of cyberspace
as I did. yesterday I ate delicacies in gathering woz dining out. he
ordered his favorite sausage in Taiwanese franchise restaurant,
Formosa pies. I also fed him mango I sliced large portions by fork and
fruit knife. sometimes I wonder if my main treat is just eating. but
God's know I barely fed each normal day. God, dad, bring me sooner my
Royal China. bring me my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for
better life and warmth of homage. grant us a spacier salary this month
for our planned expenditure. thx, dad, for coming canteen breakfast.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

hope the violent lesson remembered.

dreamt first shared dorm with an once QRRS colleague who is a
photographer. he is a gay in dream and spying me. anything of him will
convey gay sensation when I touch them. then dream in a TV cuisine
competition. I was a candidate and my dish too slippery to stand
vegetables in decoration. I was in hurry and failed many times. then
once my boss, QRRS cable TV chief editorial who died in mid age,
pointed out the cause impersonally. when I almost gave up my works, I
woke up and in anxious of visiting my son weekend on time. last week
is a strange week testifying relation of my son woz and me, his dad.
on Monday which also in lunar Mourning holiday we booked cinema as
usual together. that had been shifted a day for all PRC people
gathering 3 days holiday and adjust a weekend for workday. the
disgusting convenience chasing hobby humiliates meaning of week from
bible, unlike US holidays. when I went over in time to fetch my son to
cinema, he was absent while his mom tutored some students there as
usual. I waited half hour till time didn't permit waiting. I buzzed
the grandma who is really an old fox, stubborn and canning, evasive
when I ordered her sent my son to cinema directly. my son already told
me he will be totally free when we booked tickets together. so my son
forgot his timetable or his sinful mom or grandma tentatively assigned
my son's occupation with his pointless art class. when I arrived
cinema and buzzed the grandma again, she still trying selling my son
to postpone the movie. my son wanted to talk to me, but my rages out
of control and I yelled him to come over at once. when they arrived, I
at once beat my son while the grandma repeated that I was insane. I
beat my son before the movie and during movie, we didn't exchange
anything while our back seat trying closer to us to tease us, likely
official surveillance. on way to lunch out, I beat my son again for
disappointed, for his unable to administrate his life on his own. I
scorned and beat him during lunch. after returned to his mom's house,
I fetched my missed a day dirty clothes after shower and left without
entering the house. after I settled in dorm, my kid brother who almost
blacklisted my phone, called in. he was informed by my son's mom or
grandma that my violence can bring me into asylum again if I exert it
again on my son. I laughed and told him that they can do anything as
they will, I'm not feared. my brother claim I turning odd, and I
shouldn't push my son so hard to American for here in China I should
abide with its situation. I replied that is two way to learn after
America, one way sending out richer Chinese to US, another way is
bring US to China. in coming most of the week, my son kept muted when
I buzzed him and sms him. I shifted our new Chinese phone from fiber
optic internet bundle to him at the end of lunch and he promised will
keep mobile reachable like an adult. even in the week I urgent to add
backup phone to our 2 godaddy accounts. after 3 days including failed
contacted godaddy support, I got thing done with synced sms log via
ifttt I previously setup on the phone. on Saturday I lingered on bed
lately to avoid boring and hard choice if I visit my son as usual.
then my son sent me sms of verification code his phone received and I
asked to transfer to me but denied times. I replied immediately things
done and asked if shower on Sunday as planned or plan B. my son didn't
response me graciously. I soon decided to visit him. it's noon. I
visited dorm canteen to fetch my washed clothes there, and borrow
another ¥200 for gathering my son in dinning out together. when I
entered the house, my son's mom blocked the door and asked in what
privilege I frequent there. I didn't reply and evade her into visit my
son in his bedroom where he practicing e-piano. after they left for
music class his mom arranged, I sorted my son's nexus in English
podcast's companion. after they returned I tried awhile video game
then my son dined out with me. now I can say storm of separation
dissolved with consent of my son's once under performance. he should
be more independent, out of childish custody. God, dad, Friday night
drizzle blessed us. now shinny morning sunshine covers my concerns
with triumph. bring me sooner my Royal China, my Crowned Queen from
Japan, Asoh Yukiko. bring our better life in reach. grant us financial
independent to broaden our cyberspace investment. allow us buy stylish
pants with mobile pockets, and a camera for my desktop computer. pl
resume my visa card and its credit limit sooner. thx God dad for all
these years' affirmative.