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Monday, December 25, 2017

look into new year day of 2018.

dreamt at my hometown village my passed mother sent me among other new enrolled undergraduates into college. my 2nd elder sister also prepared my package at home. there were near dozen of youth passed the entrance exam & enrolled. my nephew, ie. my 2nd elder brother's first son, also the lucky one. I query the richer family's kid, if he travel by airline. most kid will go to their campus via train, while I already had experience by air with my son recent years which let me proud, but I likely took train for poor economy. most of the village kids carried rice in bag. my family also prepared me rice in bag for dispatching, but I managed to persuade my relatives gave up for campus canteen does offer the food. it's touching moment for my elder brother's children never complete their senior education in reality.
This is a cloudy morning. I at first felt gloomy, for last week I refrained from my son's anticipated joy of new SWAT suit, and a new pair of boots amid our cyber shopping. but my son likely didn't feel it, at least he didn't refute the spitting coward, the grandma's scorn from put on at once the new clothes' arrival, and also his new boots didn't put on right & sluggy for he didn't leave the high ankle standing, likely his mom & grandma refused guiding him. our only meal together in a week, in the downtown hotel restaurant, also disappointing for it cheatingly remove our once ordered dish with rich meat, replaced with poor quality & quantity meat, after some relentless exchange viewpoint upon our insisted tips for the gorgeous dining hall & cuisine in months. that reminded me time to shift away now that our tips left the hotel boss at a loss. but fortunately our salon buzzed in half hour ago, the shop owner settled our missing renewal in July & admit our membership extends nearly 5 months, values ¥200. that affirms my faith in goodness, understandability of hearts. God, dad, even this month salary removed near ¥400 from usual standard, I still believe year end bonus will surprise me. now new year day of 2018 just a week away, and this wonderful christmas, dad God, reinforce us with plentiness and supportive, remove vain in our materialism seasonal heart. grant me treating my son in next weekend KFC or Mcdonald's or Dico's. shelter us from needy & wanting, instead warm us by powerful & functional of our new gears, esp from US & google. thx Dad.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

leaving 2017 with spiritual obligation.

dreamt being friend of an English noble family, or Japanese host, ie
their 2 boys and only daughter. first the boys shown me their real
estate, and traditional kid practices around & in trench of their
castle, which so beautiful, with yard and fence, and field with
peasants nearby. I commented British buildings usually near round
shape while Chinese commodity residential block usually in slice
alike. they also show me their parties. then their only sister
returned. the girl likely an artist, she put on me new shirt &
introduce me to her party. when I prepared to performance and jumping
from 2nd floor to hall ground over crowd awaiting, my alarm woke me
up. its a warm dream, without pressure, esp the daughter cares me
much. this week still in wilder joys aid by alipay virtual credit. I
try to prepare an installment with the credit, so I in urgency to
spend near ¥1500 so as to mount to 2000CNY installment. spending upon
year end gift really a breeze. I equipped dearest son a suite of SWAT
winter uniform, including coat & pants, pricey ¥350. last night I
spend another 120 on family photo book reviewing a decade golden
memories, esp in woz's growth. for our domain registrar, godaddy
defies the credit, I partially shift some deposit from monthly mobile
data plan to spare cash for renew our remnant 16 domains year end. but
mobile fee recharge has limit set by the virtual credit, so I only
allowed 400 CNY to transit. however, after these operations, I more
confident that 2017 will completes without regret. past week also
allows us enjoy benefit of goods, like my kid brother aided me a new
Japanese style bed cushion, quite soft & warm & economic efficient, I
praise it exceeding word. otherwise each morning esp chiller morning
when I get up my bone hurts. our new google home mini first arrived
amid our seasonal gifts online. its so beautifully functional, enrich
my son's spoken English & informative anywhere anytime empowered by
the moral uplifting American corporate. we spend half hour to setup
it, still my son at a loss for he was not left alone to accomplish the
task. he wants now to carry independent workload on his own. that
remind me how hard my situation can be in a tiny world our economy &
social circumstance permits. my kid brother this time generously
extended arms to me, likely last time our elder brother loaned me for
domain renewal even in his hard time shamed him, and his aid grants us
to upgrade our rechargeable batteries stock, which can facilitate
future e-gadgets we may harness. God, dad, reviewing our situation, we
felt so much blessed: our beneficence hinders nobody, our broad laugh
shadows no one. while most renowned billionaires bow to PRC sinful
tyrant otherwise in front of deprivation or death penalty. God dad,
our anxious free growth might reach its ceiling esp of my offspring,
but dearest God dad, is there anything we bewith is not under your
Holy Majesty warranty? grant us usual path, and merry heart forever,
under shine & shrine. bring me sooner my Royal China, my Crown Queen
from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for broader future of our 2 nations. in our
ancestor's forged link, we stand firmer on the eastern Asia now and
then forever.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

seasonal gifts with snow.

these weeks brewing shopping online for quite some times, empowered by
alipay virtual credit. but unfortunately godaddy doesn't support it.
so I ordered woz's new boot, google home mini as planned in this dawn.
later I will buy myself tea whose deficit last months. In dawn dreamt
of a respected elder, likely PRC general Liu Bocheng. he first in my
dream appeared as a painter, who drew golden leaves with Chinese
traditional calligraphic painting. then he linked 3 painted leaves in
a line to forge a brush and drew more in batch likely painting
software, painter which can animate painting procedure. then some
relatives of the elder appeared, claimed the renowned man never query
the elapse of his old acquaintances, for he can grasp the information
in solitude & silence. after woke up I felt he must be old partner of
Deng Xiaoping, General Liu. these days PRC surveillance turns more
rampant, and insane. last weekend it only deterred playing back &
restricted sources available via lagging internet, but last night it
shameless rip audio from online episodes real time stream, and reset
cache building minutes each after 2 or 3 minutes, just aiming upset my
watching experience. hatred in PRC, esp dogs arranged by tyranny let
me sad sometimes recently, by their desperate, cheap and total
equipped to teeth. nevertheless my son rejoiced after my analyses of
adversity we were beset, after he felt insulted by my scorn when he
refused counting money for me when I handover bills to pay our spa
groupon in front the counter. might he thought the ammount, ¥250, too
small for his engagement, but I hoped he recount before shifting to
cashier, for I just roughly fetched from my purse. but he move them
directly to cashier with whom I natively didn't trust. my son got hurt
and in next Saturday when we went cinema & bought Taiwanese sweet
juice he refused to face cashier. I first puzzled by his refusal,
blamed him shy to publicity. then I saw his attitude & reason behind.
so in Sunday luncheon, I explained why I didn't put him as independent
but a kid. we more or less reunited & the downtown hotel restaurant
lunch is delicious. after showered & returned to his mom's house, I
let him watch "Rick & Morty" while I massaged his feet. his sinful mom
tentatively arranged her lesbian friend's son came over for her
english tuition, then my son looked diligently to play steam game with
the docile kid while his mom, also the cheating kid, posed to be too
busy and left my son unfinished amid game playing. its all right God,
dad, just let the bitch does her utmost sins trying tearing my son
apart between beast & holy, hership vs fathership.

God, dad, 2017 ends soon. grant us renew all 21 domains with bonus, my
only source of surplus in bare living year long including boarding &
lodging, monthly cinema, weekly dining out with woz, dearest son.
grant us self-relying sooner my online portal of Royal China. bring me
sooner my Crown Queen, Asoh Yukiko, for future ahead, for tomorrow
reality in eastern Asia. protect zhone 21 domains in our title &
promising in their far-sight & far reaching game changing. grant us
merry Christmas & lunar new year!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

sad reality and moral inspiring.

dreamt editing video as my old career in QRRS cable TV. a piece of
video abnormal & frequently freezed. I reported to leader that its
likely encrypted. my once departmental leader, likely framed me and
side watched for my clueless while playing Mahjong with his pals in
the studio. but I checked carefully to assure its not damaged but
encrypted, then gradually decrypted the video. after that I posted my
resignation notice for the unfriend environment in which the boss
conjected with departmental leader setup me in. last night I felt sad
for our new registrar, dynadot, so irresponsible to fix its
problematic dns setting rule. it domain root record defies matched
field, say title and value, but just arbitrary single value. while
zoho mail hosting SPF and let's encrypt ssl dns verification both need
title "@" matching txt value field, otherwise the only txt value
wouldn't be recognized, and verification halt to proceed. such a
simple malfunction defied many users' operational inc mine, and caused
many complains in its user community. but after near 3 months after my
transferation from godaddy, I yet saw fix at all. the boss of the
company shows his leisure time with his pet dog in his pool on social
media. this reminds me their less concerns with their product on which
I deeply hope I can firmly cling to, after departed from godaddy which
more intelligent and powerful esp dns setting, just in one
shortcoming, too expensive & bargain needed in renewal. I hope our new
registrar, dynadot, responsible, steady, but new found let the
assumption shakeable. God dad, why domain registry so thin in scale of
intellectual property, why is it so easy to be a domain registrar with
such a problematic product while remains open service? its shakes my
faith in American corporate moral, and traditional Chinese, esp from
Taiwan, as dynadot founder is a Taiwanese, more equipped with merit of
hard working and emotional smarter.
On Tuesday our ordered ssd from taobao arrived. but last mile express,
contractor Yuantong express failed to deliver. I buzzed the agent
according sms noticement and the man claimed he no longer in the job
for days. so I visited local office of the contractor. the small
office jammed with parcels. 2 women there helped me find my package
after a quarter's scrutiny. Yuantong once had a wonderful service,
speedy & well organized, but now seemingly in deconstruction. for its
too earlier to fetch my son from his school, I lingered awhile in KFC
local franchise. there I found my alipay virtual credit, Huabei,
resumes my limit from freeze. I paid a KFC groupon with the payment
tool in a blink. that's so exciting even before I went to bed hours
later, I still felt shocking satisfaction. I need credit so badly. in
next days I wondered what credit is and how it can facilitate my life,
I took granted that it only encourages installment. so this month I
will equip my son & my own 3 items, woz's new boot, google home mini,
and my tea, all in one installment and hopeful year end bonus will pay
the bill eventually. God, dad, enlive qualified service in American
Chinese startup, esp established corporations like dynadot. bring me
fruitful usage of credit. bring me my Royal China, my Crown Queen Asoh
Yukiko for better management of monetary. grant me constructive credit
adoption, and booming business my online portal empowers.

Monday, November 27, 2017

for a step firmer than novel

retrospect last week, it elipsed so peaceful. but in fact I burning
for the coming salary which turned out extraordinarily surprising.
previously I thought the year end most financially demanding tasks
completed with 2 loans from my old hometown relatives, ie my sisters &
brother. but suddenly my vpn service informed me renewal due in couple
days, exactly Nov 22. while recently my salary released usually on
19th monthly. so I took it easily. from 19th, Sunday, I looked out
hopefully descending of salary till 22rd, Wednesday. everyday I prayed
for solution. it was a sunny noon on 22rd Nov, 2017, I gave up canteen
lunch and hope my last salvage. but it didn't. then I sought out with
blessing resolution for dorm canteen's loan. they didn't refuse my
appeal, offer ¥1000 at once. with it I immediately deposited in my
icbc credit account. CCP surveillance blocked my trading attempts for
a quarter, then went smoothly. my paypal strangely refused my payment,
claiming verification failure. so I ditched it and paid via alipay, a
mainstream electronic financial tool in PRC. my vpn vendor listed
under its transaction list. might be that's what PRC surveillance
demands in defying of my paypal which done last year perfectly. then
most wanted salary release notification sms arrived: with year end
bonus, I got 4420CNY. I had previously reconed many times my budget &
salary's supportive distance, and thought I will save my purchase from
returning less to bank credit, which already warned me insufficient
pay back & possible sue over me. the main coming bill is my son's
desktop os, ubuntu on a ssd usb drive, and gift sending to my nephew
whose first child, a daughter just born. I had already refrained from
gifting his wedding ceremony nearly year ago. so this time my
congratulation really due to manifest. they both costs ¥300. with the
powerful salary, I maintained last month pay back standard, 500CNY
each for ccb & psbc credit debt, while clear all my due liability
among bills active in life, except debt to canteen loan adds more
hundreds. but in the afternoon, when I handed over ¥1700 including 200
to pay a woman staff there for my laundry, the canteen operative woman
and her husband accepted without complains. God, dad, what a wonderful
moment after so many neck breaking anticipation! in the night I
informed my son online the clearance of bills and claimed only left
unfinished is donation annually to poor kids in China mountainous area,
and bbn bible radio. but now, I want more: equipping my son woz a pair
of new winter shoes to replace his wrecked one, and my tea deficit for
months. my son's programming lesson arranged by his mom stepping in,
my preparing his desktop environment is portable os on ssd udisk
hopefully running on hardware of his old dell notebook and intel nuc
in his lounge. dad God, let my son adopt my suggestion, first step
to master typing via training tools from chrome store on his
chromebook. grant me helpful and his prompt execution for aid via
powerful google & online courseware. I have no more debt in his
education, also no more in my online business, our portal for Royal
China and democracy of China progressive. God dad, grant me another
surge of spacious budget for renew our domains year end, nearly 15
domains left. grant us happier lunar new year, and Christmas 2017. thx
for this clueless post in firm hint of publish in rest of recent

Thursday, November 9, 2017

fortitude woz.fm 2 more years renewal

dreamt of a podcasting event. the host likely recent hot leaker, Guo
wengui(@KwokMiles), who revealed lots of dark secret of CCP high
ranks. the first version was cancelled and the Guo decided to remake.
a new van pulled in, likely as an award for publishing, but its tire
is half empty. I among other volunteers push the van to podcasting
stage. I also handle the microphone, wire connection, recording etc.
yesterday really over elated. a planned event aid by my elder brother
realized: renew woz's dearest domain, woz.fm for 2 more years now that
migration to new registrar who support 4 years ahead to prescript. our
first registrar, godaddy forbidden more than a year to renew the
domain, so every year I was anxious about it, and last year I really
paid more for the domain after it enter recovery mode strangely before
expire date. also, the domain under icann's administrative increases
price $25 since next month. so I badly want to save the ¥500 before
new renewal charge complies. I never thought I would raise money from
my hometown relatives who mostly live average wealth. but God know its
OK. my kid brother who has a small mill & bought 2 large houses,
dishonored me heavily each time I ask for loan, did same lest my more
aid requests. but my 2nd elder brother, my childhood main enemy and in
recent years whose contribution to our old family, esp his favorite
fishing skill brought more colorful meals in our old family times,
warmed my heart and turned me into gratitude, and started to
appreciate his loneliness. this time he touched by my cause & urged my
kid brother leased the loan from him own proxy, even his family was
not so capable to loan me. God dad, now I gained loans from both my
sisters and brothers, each ¥1200. 2017 designated to be blessing, like
yesterday's shallow snow here. God dad, grant me grow our fortitude
against harsher siege PRC surveillance setup us. let my ancestor's
gift and needed support reach us in time. let copycat tyrant missing
in frustration. bring holy glories on shinny earth. bring me Royal
China and my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko to broaden my life
entrenched so far here from limelight.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

a promising morning out of still water.

this post designated to be brief: I just want to report my satisfaction yesterday and today. yesterday I blogged without dream's escort and narration went smooth. this dawn I dreamt my temporary inhabitant in a remote place, say northwestern China. I managed a lot and barely got to aboard, on train or airline, to Harbin. near last stop then I found my hometown far from Harbin where almost half China apart from central China, my hometown. so intensive triumph turned half completed, I didn't regret but knew new journey ahead homecoming. then I woke up after vivid dream. yesterday I posted among boring, pale reality without nutritious dream. I contented with my work and avoid lunch. dining time I felt rewarding, and all female people I concern shown in daily jog outside around QRRS square. they leave me complete in complacent. after settled in dorm and TV time began, my kodi heavily surveillanced. search result of my favorite episode appeared but playing back abrupt quit before rolling up. still I harvested via youtube which much readier accessible. I learned current world affairs, some situation in China first hand there. I also enabled gzip on my web server for speedier page load, after google reports test result on my site performance via gmail promotion. that's really nice to boost my site for greater audience. I have no other means to improve our voice, Royal China's emerging gospel, for world and our people beside this tiny technology. God dad, I really enchanted by podcasts' companion all day long during deadly siege of PRC tyranny, thx for the commodity, grant us freedom of voice & informative stream on base of poverty prevails mainland China. bring me sooner my Royal China to broaden national. bring our Christmas day gift on time and cure our need of support of our living as well as investment in cyberspace. bring me sooner my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to extend my life folded so many years alone. dad God, let me resilient as usual.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

zhone site now have seamless ssl.

Its a sunny golden summer morning. in the week I hardly in detailed dream, but still I felt so blessed. internet in PRC tightened much since the ccp congress. ai powered surveillance periodically disabled my internet upon triggered key word or something other incurred self-posed punishment. it can be dozen times in an hour. quite boring and spiteful. in the beginning of last week I almost thought I will be idle totally, but then on Wednesday I saw tasks: reinforce zhone dynamic sites with ssl from let's encrypt, a website promotes ssl worldwide with its free certificates issued more than thousands hundred copies. dabbog.com backend webapp also need update after near 2 weeks delay since its official update. I contacted godaddy hosting but the support crew made it clear that as a main upgrade godaddy will free itself responsibility but let my alone to do the update lest failure of lost. I loathed to join security tasks for I lack hacker experience and IT security training. after a day scrutinized the operational I launched near dinner time to upgrade my site, and smoothly done in an hour. it really cheers me up with new confidence in server management. next day I prepare ssl upgrade. I previously thought cert installation is the core problem, but soon I was detained by domain ownership verification hours. for one of my registrar's dns strangely didn't support root level text record, I have to single out a domain under the registrar for single certificate. then I got my first let's encrypt cert installed for 3 domains verified by dns txt record. cost some more time google web server's .htaccess hacking not to block file upload to server for verification, the another ownership of verification method adopted smoothly and 2nd let's encrypt cert installed. both likely least cost while my option one is server extension installation which has more impacts on linux os. its really marvelous to see zhone sites' ssl green & formally. since my first website on google cloud my ssl which is self-signed, never independent without malware's precaution and more click through before homepage load out. I also spend little more time to rip off http source of header & footer images to ensure full site ssl. in the weekend, ie Sunday, I demonstrated my work narrowly done in Saturday to my son, woz. my site traffic also booming recently, thanks God and faith we beholding. now its another Wednesday aimlessly, God dad, bless us with some engagements. bring me sooner my Royal China, and my Crown Queen Asoh Yukiko, for family & homage. grant us year end bonus to sustain my small investment online, and our business never so prominent in China history.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Chinese psyche failing in organizational crime.

dreamt enter university again. the day is opening school day. I with
other enrolled youth led to our school and dorm. through scenery
natural hill, we passed through crowd parents to get seat in our
campus. lately I carried my son explained to crowd what's philosophy
in my view and why I study in university gain. my anxiety of dorm wet
and over jammed disappeared and I won friendship from alumni, includes
alumna. my explanation turned likes public speech, which even myself
moved. yesterday is salary day. I got ¥3020, 200 less than last month.
even so, I arranged my monthly reunite my son in my dorm after cinema.
transfering 4 domains from godaddy to dynadot almost done. dynadot
home website online chat did wonderful support work. after 4 or 5
contacts including with godaddy support via land phone, I informed by
dynadot crew that .io since 2017 July refuse in its whois database
stores registrant information. so my long time dissatisfaction with
godaddy for its covering my registrant info with .io sponsor
organization is not their fault but limitation. in review my smooth
transfer I left comment on godaddy facebook page praising their
gracious service. the comment arose comments at once. some of them
question if I was godaddy's post bot. last night I read an article how
insane Chinese parents flattered their kids' teacher mischief in their
teacher and parent social circle via wechat, a PRC mainstream social
app, and despise other parents' lawful requests for their kid's
privilege like mobile not be seizure by school authority. most poor
Chinese just too feeble & coerced confronting organization. that's why
when I contact service providers in cyberspace I prone to be thankful
even they are within my privilege: I am afraid to be punished for
dispute with legal person. that reminds me long time in PRC society
legal person crashes on nature person in lawless reality, and why PRC
Chinese made their society a hell of organizational crime hell:
indifferent bureaucracy, warded gangster groups behaviors, shameless
prey & hate transparency esp free media of voices. these characters
all led to tyrant, like most mid-east countries where poorest & most
violent civilian leads only option, to exile. most PRC Chinese want to
be a leader in an organization, just try to manipulate a puppet. and
most forceful puppet is national army, largest dog or monster the
tyrant invent to have, at cost of national taxes. that's the
reasonable consequences of a society discriminates nature person to
superman/trojan horse, ie legal person. I at first thought I got the
hidden truth about Chinese failure, but then I saw more insane is
extinguish of free speech/express, freedom of media. that also led me
to review President Trump's efforts to blame American media. I first
time felt dubious upon Trump's intention, esp my hero, former
President G.W Bush recently criticize Trump, too.
God dad, PRC stepping into new Empire. but tyrant lacks qualification
to put him up for throne, like what happens in Russian shows, even the
small bitch trying getting his new turn of Presidency, relentlessly.
nobody except holy chosen leads to Crown. that's China future
political landscape. thx dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China, with
my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, with new territory we vested.

Friday, October 13, 2017

bliss overwhelming: domains secured with aid domestic & overseas.

dreamt at hometown saw my kid brother had affair with a new bride whose husband's name same as mine in the village. he is an adopted son of a couple lately had their own younger son. in half nap I heard water heat system just water pumped in this season first time against chill and made sound inside channel. then I dream my kid brother bathed with the girl together in our old family's natural earth heat spring tube. the adulterous bride is granddaughter of the only woman whose most life is introducing half wizard religion with her tool of fate-telling in the village. my passed mother first attracted by the far neighbor then introduced to my dad, who since then more closer to faith and treated the old woman friendly in his late life till elapse. the old woman's surname is Mao, the same as PRC legendary leader. she never had a child and a life time smoker which quite strange among villager women. the bride father is also adopted by the old woman whose shrank husband also in surname Zhu as the founder of the village Zhudajiu, once prince of Founder & Emperor of Ming Dynasty. my kid brother introduced I had 2 other options to bath in the village. one is my aunt's homemade, another far from village near the village's dam & fountain. I hardly settled in man-powered bath tube in my aunt house. my youngest elder sister helped me to heat the water and chat with me. I just put off most of my lower part clothes but remained my chest covered in the scenario, squatted in bath tube before the water warmed up when later my cousins, ie my aunt's children, returned & gossiped around. I just felt awfully inconvenient with rural water heat system esp bath tube in dream likes old time rural toilet, maokeng or shit pit. in the last week I almost settled transferring out 4 domains from godaddy to dynadot. at first my son's domain, woz.fm, refuse display transfer authentication code. contacted godaddy then it fixed. then zho.io stuck in missing whois information and new platform can't find my email to send me initiating verification email to start transferring. I phone called godaddy 3 times barely explained my problem by my poor English. next day the hard initiative procedure rolling into track. that's all wonders I experienced after empowered by my hometown relatives' aid, and wonderful American gift of discount of my web presence cost, near ¥1200. the whole week in unease and relief of awesome of resolving. dad God, last to settle domain will arrive next Tuesday. help us clinch it unshakably. the whole week I felt unreal with the gain. now launch me in new land of adventure lest outpaced. God dad, in long run, let my investment on domain & our web presence weightless financially, burden free while rampant accessory as civilian in western democratic market nations. let us harvest in content and purposefully resourceful. in the week I review lots of my passed life, what my life means to others, including my son and my people in PRC. I hope my free of routine job while remains productive and self-rely. Dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China to carry mission longer. bring me sooner my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for better homing. thx for this golden autumn morning, dad.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

woz.fm got renewal on new platform

dreamt with my son woz hangout computer market which located in narrow deep lanes. just after we find a set of converter for video or something, came 2 vendors bragged their new product which has a larger capacity than ours. but we didn't give up, and gradually retreated from the place. last night a drizzle turned clear with rhythm in my dream where I at first thought the sound of dripping is ants' eating dry wood, a scenario frequents my children hometown memories. today is my birthday and I will visit my son weekly after PRC boring national day & lunar mid-autumn day holiday, in which my once and long term workplace, QRRS, left me empty hand of usual bonus. I badly need the highly anticipated bonus to renew my domains but... But that penniless didn't failed us, with aid from my sisters at hometown instead. my sinful kid brother, who been a small workshop owner in southern China and acclaimed millionaire, turned off my request of cash in for efficiency & currency with my sisters' promised loan, so did my niece in Wuhan, central China. both cold shoulders with liars superficially polite. my nephew, who operates retail shop on taobao.com, the largest e-commercial portal in PRC, and a promising young man, 1st son of my 3rd elder sister, at first also delayed handing over the loan. but I fatally need the loan at once for something active in boring holiday I can engaged. so I burst in air with my sister and her husband who casually gathering for his son's new house settled in eastern China. in minutes the loan arrives after my nephew avoid family shame and trouble possible from PRC secret surveillance over me & trenchs me in short & misery. with it I successfully launched transferring some of our most dearest domains to a new registrar who charges less. the saving is obvious: once ¥1200 only afford to renew a single domain, woz.fm, now covers our 4 domains among most priced. God, dad, in shrinking PRC doomed economy, and daunting insane starvation casted upon my life on my vested land of China and eastern Asia by CCP PRC, I will support my domains ownership from my food savings, & life support together. we will fight for survival with our domains wholly, never broke. last night I adjust my budget on buxfer.com to forecast my monthly bill in resolution. Dad God, domain renewal crisis seemingly short time passed, but we looking for once and all solution to be independent with the intelligent property, like average civilian's normal possess in a middle wellbeing nation. Dad God, in this blessing drizzle morning, I look forward more clearance of debt in year end 2017, and fresh starter of 2018 in new meaningful agenda. bring me sooner my Royal China with my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, with starting finance. bring solider China domestic affair upon glooming world war 3rd.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

endangered investment by PRC shrinking economy.

dreamt at hometown in lunar Spring festival. my eldest cousin's 1st son and my 2nd elder brother's 1st son sit on my shoulders each, and soon my passed mother or other relatives, say my niece found my ears full of dirt, esp peanuts and dusts. they help pull huge long chain of this kind of sticky things inc peanuts, shells etc. I didn't blamed the 2 kids but I don't know why them fooled me. these 2 kids long time been used by their parents trying to challenge me, esp my growth via state education system. in the end, I noticed a half finished new house at outer of the village, on western part near the mountain. I was told it's my aunt, ie the jammed my ear kid's grandma, and her only daughter who already had 2 or 3 children but under strict influence of her always cursing mother. I felt misery but they doomed in hatred of my grand dad's family. It's a sunny morning. but I still felt chill indoor. dad God, I need ¥1200 to renew my son woz.fm domain, which is due and only accepts annually renewal, no more several years' preorder like other usual domain. its a pain for me not only for its the dearest domain we have but also most tending demands. Dad God, in recent years there was seemingly less and less year end bonus which my main source of income to support my domains' renewal. now my 21 domain annual renewal prices near ¥5000, while the bonus seemingly shrinking. I previously thought the society as well as per capita income will increase decade by decade, but now I saw sterner scenario in which monetary surplus drained gradually. the people and society turning poorer every year. dad God, I still believe development of society, civilian's consumable income increasing, and consumable commodities including domain and websites with richer options as social welfare. but now, God dad, I felt harsher burden to afford our 21 adorable domains. grant us booming business and my biz self-relying. guarantee our domains' ownership over period when it matters to us. God dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to put things right up. bring my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for better management of financial affair. in this PRC holiday put joys in my solitary in dorm. last night the wall near window of my dorm again cracked and dripped some ashes & blocks, it turning a dangerous house. save me from the dumping, shift me into comfortable & gracious shelter, even my new family in new settlement. dad God, put faith in me for brighter future, and my promised Empire never hurries.

Monday, September 25, 2017

wanting for a credit card for domains' renewal

dreamt at an airport with my son, woz. I designed a heading clip for a
competition event, but woz insisted adding his work onto it. I dislike
the idea and warned woz we otherwise will lose the competition. this
salary day full of joyes even there is no surprise in its amount. I
paid usual bills and still arranged 2 dining out with woz and one for
his neighbor pal. debt to bankcomm finally cleared. now I looking
forward a new credit card or credit limit in my current card resumes
to its before late payment, both just for guarantee our adorable
domains never fall into expired due invalid payment method. God, dad,
Bank of China had refute my application last week. help me gain a work
around for the deficit of credit. last week also sees woz monthly
visit his dad's dorm after settled his salary. we ordered meal and ate
them in dorm as woz likes. woz had his favor snack in the night and
watched videos online. next morning we ate KFC breakfast. on Sunday we
haunted a downtown hotel's canteen we recently frequented, and
satisfied by its cuisine again. then we went public spa for shower. I
told my son how I need a credit to avoid dependence upon the QRRS Dorm
canteen operative woman, and how misshaped current business of zhone
in fact possibly saves us from PRC seizure in messy dominating and
lawlessness. woz promised to try to keep ownership over our 21 domains
in his future. when he started homework as his mom arranged, I tried a
new video game on steam platform. after felt boring and sleepy my son
urged me to leave and I followed. I lingered in my dorm till this
morning breakfast. God, dad, this weekend I will gather my son and his
neighbor pal dining out. grant us a enjoyable dinner and happy time in
the event. grant me anxious free PRC national holiday meals, esp
another dining out with grilled mutton with my son. grant us a working
credit for domain renewal ready, and small bills capable esp in USD.
thx dad, in this morning sunshine among trees' branches, and
weightless blogging after weeks halt.

Monday, September 11, 2017

fast exercise in looming economy.

dreamt my aunt held party of our relatives at her house with my mom.
most relatives chose cards to play but I reluctant to join. then some
boys went fishing nearby. I still wandering. then they got some
fishes. yesterday I dreamt funeral worker secret skill to search
corpses for valuable items like gold or jewellery. on sea I with my
son discussed with those kind of craftsman, trying retrieve properties
my ancestor left us. then dreamt my ancestor, Emperor and founder of
Ming dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, who busy with writing his empire civil
law on his own. he treated me peacefully, and his looking was not so
ugly as some history book claimed. last week I first time practiced
meal limit: I starved 2 lunches in 2 series days. the reason first
likely for canteen operator woman not welcomes me. then I felt ate too
much next meal after the teeth cleanse operation. so I adopted fast
and intended skip a meal every week now on, including 2 meals in 2
weekends executed months. yesterday alos first day I felt so painful
after executed new scheme visiting my son: once a week. in Saturday
otherwise I will reunite my son, but I lonely stayed in my dorm,
tasteless online. my dorm internet warded again all the week. and my
son's chromecast strangely malfunctional. in God bliss I reset it and
setup it working again. I urged my son makes well usa of ward free
web, esp spoken English and left him alone with his android games just
after drizzle. the formosa franchise restore service last Sunday, but
hardly any changes after near 1 month "refurnish". I guess its in its
wade now. a nearby hotel's kitchen where we haunted during the
refurnish let us missing its pure Chinese cuisine dishes. and we
didn't visit Islamic noodle restaurants for half year, nor Islamic
pies. God, this breakfast in canteen I ate more than usual, for last
night I felt hungry. the background music and the adorable woman, the
operative of the canteen, let me regret, for they both out of my reach
and none enjoyable. God dad, save me from temptation and useless
emotional elation. put me in sole praying for my future family. help
those longing get them. bring me sooner my Royal China, my Japanese
Crown Queen Asoh Yukiko, to my new reality. grant us independent
business online and offline prosperous in hundred decades. bring my
son more chance of meaningful and joyful.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

thick weeds of hatred around.

dreamt of bring my son traveling to my hometown. in suburb of our current town, passing a hotel we met many witches and wizards. some ambushed us. some cursed us. some stealed us. some transfered our appearance. in first attack, my son lost his outdoor baggage in a blink. second attack turned my son a disabled kid with damaged arms, lost his 2 mobiles I prepared 2 years ago. my son later told me he hide them in a place intact. we were heading to a bus stop where we will travel to Tianjin, north China where I graduated and broke my heart for a girl collegian. in Tianjin we will switch a bus then reach its railway station and head to our hometown in central China. in homeless and changing fake idol, we held each other firm against misleading exerted by those dark power. sometimes I want blamed my son according his performance but I later gave up, for they were forged and fake. some witch attempted to trade or threat, and attacked after our refusal. its a frightening dream. my neck turns more stiff and painful after nap. last night I ate too much, esp snack from street vendor near dorm gate and got sore water in throat midnight after woke up abrupt. I so gave up breakfast in canteen, and just napped. there were so many hatred in area of QRRS that I really felt. for example, the day before yesterday, a pile of dog shit or feces laid exactly front entrance of the dorm gate which using fence to narrow route. I after dinner and routine dusk jog started and in a blink stepped onto it through the limited gate. the night a middle size rain cleanse the dirty road. then in last dusk another small plastic bag in which likely bloods and dirts held laid there, pits the road block. a stubborn goat in his 60 or 70 constantly challenges me on my way jogging in dusk. twice the sin copied and according my changed route around the QRRS square just to facing me and deface my innocence. God grants my killing over the rubbish, the enemies of zhone Royal China. its a sunny noon now. I sunburn after lunch in the dorm minigarden, till nearby Senior middle school students came canteen for lunch. its very brilliant during recent clouds and rains. God dad, you guide me so far I didn't make any change around me. you tells me my security intact so far for future more widespread slaughter. yes dad God, I remember and trying remember the betray and profanation of my Royal China. grant me lighter heart for enjoying my daily bread and social times. bring me my Japanese Crown Queen, Asoh Yukiko, for better future of felling PRC, failing Chinese on mainland. guarantee our spiritual uprising on Christian way. thx dad God.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

first time clean teeth in clinic.

dreamt with a Russian scholar visited bill gates' futuristic house.
bill at first introduce his encyclopedia. then his wife treated us
dinner. his daughter also appeared. while lingering I studied my
subjects. yesterday I in my life first time received dentistry health
care: teeth cleaning. it's a small local clinic, which charged me ¥80,
dearer than most web q/a. but the girl likely a deputy doctor worked
diligently and careful. the second half operative did by another woman
likely a doctor and a bit harsher. uncomfortable in the procedure
ignorable but time spent matters. I spent near 1 hour, even when I
left I felt relived. its my 1st step adopting western lifestyle in
grace and managed. last Sunday afternoon I arranged woz monthly
cinema. I waited him from his music class half hour in Qiqihar
supermarket. the nearby guard of the market even doubting my task
while I using my mobile to read there. after my son gloriously
appeared, I presented him ice drink, movie "Dunkirk", and hotpot
before taxied home. its wonderfully planned and executed. but the
night I slept so deep that next morning I felt clueless and unclear
when I visited my son for shower in public spa. his computer locked
him out after too many logon failure due to the problematic mouse. so
I spent another half day to reinstall windows. his mom, the small
bitch, tentatively brought him out and lingered somewhere lately after
7pm when I left the house after settle all issues fixed. I wanted to
report to my son my achievement and confidential but unable. my son
also forgot brought his mobile in usual hurry with his domineer mom.
returned to dorm, I doubt if I cared frustration and tasteless after
my son under expectation so many times. but I decided to care my son
full heart. so I buzzed him online and introduce my finished work and
blamed him for dispensable mobile, which blocked my access instant and
let me felt inferior to his mom hijacked him with superficial
educational purpose. PRC government like a cheap teacher monopolies
education and all time pretending orthodox. God dad, break through the
fake idol, free my Chinese society from lifeless stagnant. bring me my
Royal China, and my Crown Queen Asoh Yukiko from Japan, for humanizing
social flesh and architecture. grant me sustaining my adorable domains
with meaningful future world targeting.

Friday, September 1, 2017

PRC here darkened by mafia

first dreamt a veteran politician intended to make me a mayor. I then
follows a group municipal bureaucracy to a mine field in city hall. we
each hunted for diamond, golds, etc. then dreamt I was an
entrepreneur. our product is astronomical components. then dreamt a
group tourists visiting my elder brother's house. they likely helped
my brother for his celebration of event: performance show. after they
all left I left to blog in dream but delayed and unable settle. my
youngest elder sister and my 3nd nephew accompanied me at home. when
the guests came back, we and friends of my elder brother grouped into
2 delegations to compete with dart or shooting. my son attracted many
visitors attention with his adorable when the party went hot. its a
sunny morning while I napped most of mornings in the week. last night
is strange: I recklessly tried to protect the dorm canteen after
noticed likely mafia threatened and extracted custody fee. recently in
at least 3 occasions I saw hooligans lingering in dorm canteen,
superficially peacefully occupied seats with fewer orders but just
wasted time unusually late. that's threat of troubles. last dusk I
brought the canteen another water melon from street vendor and let
canteen workers prepared some for me to eat. there were only another
guy in the dorm there for dinner, and a 3 middle aged men group there
detaining with few orders. I felt glad with my melon and soon left. in
my room I reviewed the scenario and perceived the canteen operating
family's under bully. so I re-visit there and saw only their kid and
their father left them accompanied the lingering pests. I loudly
talked with the old father and angers left me left abrupt. in half
hour I visited the canteen 3rd time. the 3 hooligans left in dark dusk
with heavy bags each. I urged the father if they had problem they
should contact QRRS authority but he shown skepticism. in the night I
review my situation with rotten PRC society under shadow of world
largest mafia, CCP, dogs tyranny. God, sooner or later your faith
holder will be attested against sins and swan song of warlord, world
communism esp inflated PRC. instil us with strength of faithful. shift
us from dangers of brutal accusation. bring me sooner my Royal China,
and Asoh Yukiko, my Crown Queen from Japan, to enhance my life span.
bring me stable investment reward for constant growth in business. thx
dad, for the peace and hope.

Friday, August 25, 2017

woz's Junior middle school lunches in camp.

napped since morning and dropped lunch. dreamt in earlier era with my
elder brother and his pals trading & discussing startup a company. I
with my son interested in accounting and attempted to work for them in
its early phrase and brought some innovative ideas. then dreamt in
marching army. when the army at rest during raining, we tried to cross
some units for shower. in a jammed barrack girl and boy Scouts trade
their items. I offered a sd card to trade, likely with my son's
companion, at least 5 for more items from different traders gathered
in front for exchange, including cards and other gadgets. most of them
so friendly that we glad there for a drifting living. I woke up at
noon when sunny outside. last night my son told me his Junior school
life started with army training camp as prewarm. that explained why
the night before yesterday he slept before 8 pm when I buzzed in. his
face and some appears some hard thorns on his arm, that aroused my
notice during our video chat online. he might frustrated. I also soon
to search web for that it is. God, dad, we trust your mercy. then I
regretted my unease would cause my son's overreaction. I watched some
embarrassing human bodies videos on youtube, and fragile of healthy
body taught me lessons. I long time afraid of virus and that worsened
when I napped. I unease with my pillow, one of them cheap quality and
some dirty spot appeared even disgusting. I felt my hair itching but I
know mostly it's fake response. dad God, in siege of zhone's enemies,
we naturally alert upon poisons, insanities. God, last dusk I saw
separating us from common wealth of Zhong society attempts, threaten
me of baseless includes my current comparable stable life with
economic income. God dad, my ancestor left me resourceful and basic
supportive standard allowing my innovative upgrade. that's my mission
in this era. grant us freedom of starvation, brutal labor, and
shoulder me on giant of Zhong in relations. dad God, promise me the
value of my workload.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

dream before breakfast.

This morning napped on chair before breakfast and delayed and avoided breakfast in dorm canteen. I dreamt long time secret chaser of my dad's voiceless life coach: the husband of my mom's close friend, also her niece under surname, Hu. the man over decades been cadre of his village and executed CCP planned parenting decades but he bred more than 6 children, contrary to planned parenting policy, just attempted to copy and overwrite my dad's glories. I have sibling of 6, that's long time the source of relentless hatred of the chaser of my dad as moral director. he sent his first son to CCP army in western China and always boasted bribery army leader with local feather food, via long distance parcel express. when my dad passed, the village cadre first hand attended my dad's funeral and on air joined my phone call, told me I needn't return to see my dad's bury, after my mom's dubious mourning voice in the phone some twenty hours after my dad left us. he chased my dad hard and attracted most of my old family, sometimes includes me, by his cordiality. he must uncomfort in front of my dad, his shinny hero, or mirror of his sinful, his life's meaning. yesterday long time waited salary released. no more and no less ¥3227. within half hour I dispatched and solved it. I managed paid credit debt less to spare to pay more local debtee, dorm canteen operator who claimed in urgent expenditure. I didn't know if they satisfied for when I went to return money, they absent and his helping dad there accepted. God dad, I tending asking my kid brother to loan me to buy this month medicines. he long time attracted by the cadre relative, and envied my dad's glories. he even hated me under God's shine. in my first call back after my dad's passed by, he talked to me and seemingly hardly hide his relief. now he cover my boarding, ¥700 *13 yearly and hated cost even a dime more for my hard credit debt crisis. he took over my all credit cards and then told me he lost all of them. dad God, copycat or hidden enemies, graceless cheap souls, why it hurt us, dad, for they humiliate us? manifest me more on creativeness and sin of stealth. God, dad, my startup, zhone publication online bundled with 21 adorable domains, likely starts its life from my self-prove against my asylum trap. I never expected that, mental disorder after broken heart, or sleepless nights. my world ruined after the record of humiliating. I told my son's mom when I left the asylum 3rd time and claimed my only job since then would be my blog, my murmur of my meaningful universe. now it all brought about. and enemies of zhone feared. dad God, let justice and revenge in time to wash me, cleanse my glory of dents and dusts. dad, even I don't promise killings, I do promise righteous weightless baptism.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

out of rainy and climax of summer 2017.

this is a sunny morning. I put my quilt outside for sunburn, while
since workload I preparing for coming salary. this month I borrowed
near ¥800 from dorm canteen. and the operative woman urged me to
return my debt more for they are in urgency to make use of it. I tried
once to contact my elder sister for aid but so far didn't connect
successfully. last Wednesday after I made full backup of zhone
publication online, I walked to visit my son midnight, in pains of not
attend him so long in my solitary, against risk of unhealthy tendency
the dark world trying assert on him. my son calm heard my fear and
soundly chose maintain our current life unchanged, except my purposed
new weekend reunion once a week, from 2 visits weekly. its the first
new routine in place and now I still penniless. in the week the dorm
lan administrative attempted to bring down my vpn and in 2 days I
barely surfing freedom web. so I prepared for harshed surveillance,
installing windows client which more robust and workable as new hub of
connectivities. God, dad, I'm in such a pitiful situation that I
totally under your mercy. help us and ensure our ward free web. this
week passed smoothly, lest my bothering of looking out for my son's
presence, except now when I waiting for financial support to fetch him
for monthly reunion in my dorm. dad God, sinking PRC step by step
tighten rein over overseas purchase, among which my domain investment
endangered for our registrar chosen godaddy against PRC's lawless
tyrant seizure. now they put alipay and tenpay, Chinese most domineer
online payment tools, under its account, not only for monetary profit
but also for its political advantage. my 21 domain renewal also
heavier burden in shrinking civilian income nowadays PRC. dad,
whatever is its fate with my namespace accompanies me decade, I choose
abide with your putting me on the holy road of commitment and joys.
dad God, 2017 summer now turns drier and crisp, golden moment in
northeastern China under siberia. God dad, my job and agenda fulfilled
so well that I linger here with thankfulness. guide me with larger
target and brighter goal in time for achievement brought out by our
endeavors already, esp by my son, woz's. in weeks he will step into
his junior middle school. in less promising PRC education system, what
I can expect him out of rat race among cheap young Chinese? dad God,
cater to him, Hope of China, to expertise of academy and physical
skills. his video game skill quite considerable adequate, while his
eyesight suffers. protect him from aimless and tasteless. thx, Father.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

in proceeding informative web.

dreamt among my old family in my hometown gathering. my youngest elder
sister told me my nephew, ie. my eldest sister's first son, also
improving English by learning from his clients, aside my eldest
brother's son who almost mastered English in his self-employed work in
southern China. my nephew previously almost a hooligan in local
factory. now he owned a small business and totally self-taught English
and MBA. In dream I felt urgency to boost my son's English skill
sooner. today is my 2nd day employing new routine agenda which seeking
avoid sleepiness in morning by offering free napping in morning.
previously I usually arranged reading news in morning but mostly very
sleepy and miserable. now I shift rss reading to noon after lunch.
after breakfast I just turning on radio and napped as will. my job now
mostly concerning reading, watching, ie. informative process. quality
of sober time matters more than quantity of time available, so I
afford more napping and rest before jumping into workspace. God,
recent kodi brings so many qualified source of video and audio online,
I felt so rich on our stock of information. promise us the viable of
our ward free web, shift our focus from method of acquiring to quality
of intelligence of what we enjoyed and work with in hours and months.
dad God, coming weekend my purse is empty while I try hard to prepare
my son, woz, monthly cinema experience monthly. aid us toward the
goal. bring our hard time in sinking PRC economy to new phrase of
enjoyable staying alive. bring my investment rewardful. bring me my
Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for better management of my Royal
China. thank you, God.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

dreamt with relatives.

first dreamt likely before graduation we visit a temple. I got vision
that wisdom like underground water resource, connected among different
lakes and pools. I talked with a female monk and saw complicated
vision. then we packaging for leave the campus after graduation. Xiao
Weidong, my lower berth schoolmate committed suicide in his 30s' for
poor and jobless after graduate, intended to sent his package via
railway and his own travel among common travelers. I like travel with
my schoolmates and trying persuade Xiao join us for companions. after
nearly a week drizzles, it now left cloudy. yesterday my kid brother
buzzed in after near a month after I scorned him for his means to me,
refusing loan me ¥200 for raspberry pi, he affirm that I still
boarding and pay due to my dorm canteen after months delay. I guessed
there must be some good news there in his life, otherwise he wouldn't
be so generous. for penniless I again begged canteen woman for loan to
support my dining out my son weekends. she in surprise and asked me to
turn in on Saturday when I asked her in Friday lunch. last Wednesday
godaddy hosting support team buzzed me for my site infected by
malware, I called back and talked twice with them. a man then a female
staff received my call on air. we talked about half hour, roughly made
my claim that I was helpless and trust them to deal with possible
intrusion and challenge fixation with my poor English. next day my
infected web app, forum at http://bbs.zhuson.com , updated with newest
version while its due according the app's official blog a month ago. I
doubt why godaddy delayed update so long but still I trusted them till
this outbreak led them to fix. now with sounder update, I felt much
after returned to bed, dream still in family gathering. I persuade
some pals to loan me, telling them about my investment, esp 21

Thursday, August 3, 2017

dreamt of poverty of no show.

dreamt in army or in army training camp. in break my schoolmates asked me to write them a song for talent show but I really in brewing. a quick shooter schoolmate already wrote a song which exaggerate those propagated emotions. when schoolmates trusted my comments, I went straight and dislike promoting normal feelings to sanity. but without show to entertainment those who admire you, can be really embarrassing. this week drizzled a lot. my quilt turns wet indoor. I continued to make well usage of my new raspberry pi. but buggy rtandroid made a hell experience with lagging and frequent exit and halts. I spent half day to realize its cheap toy and shouldn't put more load onto it. isn't its independent running os satisfying? isn't it hardware essentially for handy computing a real alternative? I found the fact in huge relief and started to enjoy our dear kodi in the night. then I can't help innovative re-config via command lines rather than GUI to spare nvram on my router for better performance. when all done and went to bed, I doubt how much it worthies while a dearer product will have much ample nvram not to considerate again and again. is my job cheap or funny? or I just educated? this morning when I launched to spare nvram on my router via escaping GUI saving settings, I even mistaken network down. I had to visit dorm lan administrator for help. the woman in charge of surveillance cold shoulders to me and I finally found my fault in setting. near 11 pm my target archived and I called it a day with bliss. while I busy with my todo, some of my environment turned hostile to me. the dorm canteen woman tentatively shown her despise. woman in dusk jog also reserved for my appreciation. I'm getting old and they shame of my humble and empty promise. many secret plots against me among hooligans around. God dad, I didn't saw my farewell show and nobody deserves to probe. dad God, I was contented with my life here with hopes and distresses. bring me sooner my Royal China with my prosperous offspring. bring Asoh Yukiko, my Crown Queen from Japan, for our better life and enjoyable harmony in daily arrangement. without Japan, without China in future world of economic and sustainable.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

settled zhone 2 raspberry pi.

dreamt invited my son, woz and his mom to go cinema. his mom in anger and after movie abrupt brought my son with her horse left. I had to endure the reckless woman's rage, find my horse and in dusk search for boarding. in my aunt's village I find a villager in his house offering help. he accompanied us find my aunt's house. we talked about my family, esp my passed eldest sister's 2 children, her son and her daughter and my obligation and concerns. then I decided to visit possible home my son and his mom might settled. on way my niece passed us and offer some sweet famous local feature snack to us, likely with my son with who I felt so warm in heart. I recall and chat my son how I liked the feature food and each time never enough in my childhood. its a late sleep till near noon. I'm now penniless while hours late I will visit my son and bring him dining out. last Wednesday I again worked overnight, to settle 2 raspberry pi 3 before my additional case ordered on taobao arrives, and backup before put into usage. the week spent into understanding raspberry os availability before making our choice to adopt ubuntu, libreelec, and android. in the process I learn more and sharpened my linux skill, esp after 2 failures accidentally deleted home folder with hidden mounted external disks and ruined plugged usb devices most. I had to rebuild ubuntu and multi-bootable disks in the devastation. rebuilding rewards: new os ran smoothly installing gapps on my raspberry pi android, against disk space shortage previously frequent me and failed my efforts!. after almost thoroughly perceived the situation of the raspberry pi world and community, I closed my resolution and brought it to see my son on Friday afternoon, after felt boring and sleepy in enjoying online stream our lovable kodi brings. in the vengeful small woman, son's mom's bully and scorn I arranged my son familiar with his new toy, including new os on it, and setup lunar calendar on his 2 android phones for informative lunar weather. my son immersed in new experience of kodi os, linux terminal mode. in the exciting meeting, my sleepiness disappeared totally. as to my raspberry pi's android, I likely left some remnant bugs to fix, but I will cop with it with conquered reign and leisure. God dad, this morning dream really strange and surreal. bring me sooner my new family when I enliven with it. bring my crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for our vested territory on eastern Asia, for our people and homeland. dad God, grant us affordable cinema experience this month and next around woz's new school term, which his start year in Junior middle school. grant us to visit Walmart local market with adequate purse capacity. we enjoyed the sale giant so much!
 Regalbum China

Friday, July 21, 2017

salary day addresses right.

dreamt in my hometown in a camp. first our village under huge
refurnish for tourism. my dearest passed dad, mom, both appeared in
dream. there was a town hall just under my dad's old house and in a
row of houses there was performance and performers from nearby
villagers. there were herd of visitors. then found I was in a travel
delegation, in which quite some photographers members, inc girls. we
managed to lift ourselves via a lever to higher level. in our team
there was a girl film fun closely collaborated with me and we almost
led to friend. my sinful elder cousin of my uncle's family, who worked
for government long time, again in his separation and kept aside from
our villager's ongoing emerging new business. its a sleepy morning. I
felt sad why I recently so sleepy in the morning, which so
irresistible, arbitrarily and concludes without delay. that reminds me
my 2nd elder brother's habit in which he can sleep anytime and any
occasions in minutes when spared. I long time wondering why he behaves
so, and now the same symptom likely happens on me. and I more and more
saw boring's power overwhelmingly stops a working mind. Just now a cop
called in for my PSBC credit debt. he urged me to call him back but I
wouldn't. God dad, they don't wait another 2 month when I will clear
bankcomm's debt and starts to return ccb and psbc's. as to recent
works, its quite fruitful. my ordering woz a raspberry pi 3 leads me
to research other oses like ubuntu, libreelec, rt-android, etc. the
linux based home media center, libreelec at once attracted me, as I
was in process equipping my son a better living experience including
TV and other entertainment. sooner after found it working to provide
reliable source of online stream, I deployed it onto my desktop
wintel, chromebox, and raspberry pi. with knowledge of online
community and powerful google, I soon turned my chromebox into dual
booting chromeos and libreelec, cheap but viable. my nephew, ie elder
son of my youngest elder sister, loaned me ¥230 to buy raspberry pi
for my son, but refused me another order 2 days later to update air
drier powders against wet dorm near toilet I laid on taobao.com. so I
turned appeal to my niece, ie first child of my eldest brother, his
daughter, for loan to buy myself another raspberry pi. it succeeded
with some trifle exchange of view over credibility of PRC's software
mostly shamelessly preying its user base. and this month salary barely
satisfying, near ¥3300. I mistakenly paid back ccb instead of bankcomm
to whom there is a debt under ¥2500 and can be cleared at max 2 months
within. last dusk jog I review my lingering naps and saw my wondering
dream of a new family, a real family of my own in which I authorized,
catered to my relatives. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to
support my new family. bring my girls into new reality shapes new
eastern Asia. grant me free of debt and joy of living.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

a week long elation.

summer 2017 turns much milder after many small rains. and my room
window again gathers lots of bugs. yesterday I delivered our first
raspberry pi 3 to my son, woz for his study. we managed install it.
after 2 failures due to file system format misconfiguration, we boot
it up with noobs 4 on tf card formatted by my chromebook. in the harsh
process debug, we armateur damaged a 16GB tfcard and had to use his
32GB tfcard for his portable boombox instead. such a elation after saw
raspberry pi interface! after let it downloading Rispbian I left it to
my son and arranged he sit in front of TV and returned to my dorm. a
thunderstorm just left and air outside freshly crisp. last week
boosted by improved salary, we ordered several inspiring goods online,
inc 2 seat cover made of cooler materials for summer, a backup vpn
router, and raspberry pi 3. my own have an order for replacing used
air drier powder made in Japan in my QRRS dorm, 3rd time replacement
order with the same vendor on taobao.com. my credit debt near
clearance to bankcomm.com after this month, and my total credit debt
to other 2 banks mounts below ¥40000, a great relief for me. in this
regard, I more and more thinking my long term ownership over zhone 21
domains I cherished so much and indispensable. I also saw decades
hereafter my life and investment and intelligent property registered.
God dad, put me anxious free upon stealthy CCP and robbing vicious
human population competition pressure. promise me my vested Royal
garden and shadow of trees and plants, song of birds and bees. this
dawn dreamt a lot about prominent global topics, which now in
evaporation. last night I in deep content after watched episode on
amazon, for faith and pride. God dad, I'm in no one's enemy when I in
holy bliss. target me in your future mission all world gathering
bravery. if cheap souls can't discipline themselves, the chosen does.
let America acts and makes adjustment at will, like Trump did for US,
graciously and arbitrarily as whole family as vocation. dad God,
people nation and shrine of Holy lending its way. grant me the
breakthrough toward new land and territory that renew our old oath and
blood bond in eastern Asia. God, bring me sooner my Royal China and
Asoh Yukiko, my crown Queen from Japan. lives me another child and a
family here.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

stealthy ternination of my parcel.

dreamt of training of Royal member, ie. royal court and Prince
himself. how his attitude toward his servants, esp 3 closest
secretaries, can affect the quality of leadership. saw philosophy in
social interactive. then dreamt with my wife treated in a banquet,
with social skill just learned in train. last week's shopping online,
a backup router of Asus RT-N66u, finally ruined by PRC surveillance.
the express, STO.com, totally denied the parcel it serving, just as
taobao's logistics. the poor vendor kindly promised me to check why
the parcel missing or without ending, but after 1 day he refused to
talk to me and prompt refund me instead, likely unspoken shame of PRC
secret cop's hassle intimates him, seals his mouth. with the money
returned, I at once ordered another from different vendor now that the
market is full of the product. within the day, around 4pm, the vendor
sms informed me parcel dispatched. God, dad, how I glad to hear that!
yesterday after read news that squareup.com offer in account credit
service, I decided to give it a try. but when I trying signup the
wonderful website, my internet worsen and inaccessible for 3 hours. I
finally gave up and shut down computer. PRC dog likely warns me that
even with most powerful network hardware, they still interceptive in
my internet traffic, or blocks my financial connection with American
service. however, after dinner and a thunderstorm, I smoothly claimed
2 zhone accounts with squareup.com and its affilate, cash.me . without
US ID mostly service out of my reach, esp high expected in account
virtual credit, but still the wonderful service from the same founder
of twitter.com, generously offers us 2 vanity url,
https://cash.me/$faezrland and https://cash.me/$zuocenter . I can't be
more proud of the operation out of distress of surveillance. in the
week I also modified 2 online resource of google sites' widgets, both
of google photo's, to fit my online brand, and deployed onto my
portal. visit them on http://www.be21zh.org/regalbum . hope the author
grants my reusing his code in xml file that show my google albums' rss
source. and I honestly pray google sites, now confronted with google
new sites, don't elapse into disappear. zhone assets based on the
service remarkable hugely maintained. God, dad, this month I merely
left ¥100, grant us a happy weekends with my son, woz, Hope of China.
bring sooner my crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for better
management of my vested Empire of China. bring me my second child as
namespace billingzhu.com prepares. with adequate financial support,
dad, God, I live anxious free in this eccentric city for future open
and welcoming eastern Asia.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PRC surveillance's sieges turn monsterous.

dreamt near lunar spring festival at my hometown. saw changes in the
village: newly build dam control gate and road. the road near dam gate
left with deep and steep wheel dent for poor budget for concret. I saw
our village field, flowers and leisure villagers among it. In dream I
married my niece, ie. second daughter of my mom's niece in a village
around. but we were divorced newly in dream and our son left me sad
for the changing life. last week full of joyes with improved salary.
my urgent bills wrote off with it. now with ¥200 loaned by dorm
canteen I will visit asylum for medicine today. my backup cellphone, a
moto, hacked and ill behaved, so I deleted critical database on it. it
usually disabled both wifi and bluetooth. so likely hacker with direct
control on it. I wondering if the facing door, a secret cop
surveillance me since weeks ago, stealth into my room and injected it
malware. my parcel from ordering used router for vpn on taobao.com,
delayed a week still it only left one logistic information: dispatched
by vendor, and nothing else happened in other 6 days so far. another
item, a usb card reader, its logistic information also hijacked
several days till it reached locally before updated on time. PRC close
surveillance sometimes made me sad. the facing door dog, with all its
energy when just settled, half open his door all day and night,
immediately fixed my door which is tight and sometimes my son even
can't push open on his own, likely in weekends when I went to visit my
son 3 bus stops away, just under corridor webcams. now that its now
even can't hold tight upon wind, I intended directly shut close it
when I entered. the facing cop also in recent days gave up letting its
door half open to peek and eavesdrop, my cold shoulders toward
surveillance likely conveys strong dislike and ruin his fool's joys
and presumable poise. he also likely partially completed his mission:
stolen my password keeper's database, infected my portable devices
with trojans and keyloggers. the long compete for a clean os really
drains me, let me felt boring and labored. what's laughable is that,
the neighbor tall dog, once pretending cough every day and spitted
everywhere in excuse of his illness, these days silently stay
unnoticed aside, quit both surveillance and condemn the environment.
the authority has its power just upon those cheap souls and zombies
which labeled price for been controlled. dad God, save me from fatigue
of faith in long run. bring me sooner my Royal China to discipline
China and Chinese under holy. remove trifle divided by forcible
authority and in glory of united one. God dad, bring me sooner my
crown Queen, Asoh Yukiko, from Japan, for coming age. bring me more
offspring to sustain the 1109 years life of my Empire of China under
title Zhu's. bring me lighter credit debt in coming months.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

huge improvement in salary June.

gradually people around me turns better treating me. my gaze when I
jogging in dusk turns some women and girls friendly to me but also
gathers hatred. reviewing women in my life so far, I sometimes touched
by kindness and tenderness of QRRS Dorm canteen woman who operating
the small business with her diligent husband. his husband is a tall
pal, his kindness to his wife is enviable. these days I likely overdo
my kindness to them, and easier led to misunderstanding. I always
remember first time I met the spouse when their business just open,
how the woman confident and contented. I then felt I can help her with
her target, wellness & independence. now about 7 years passed I didn't
miss it. sometimes love recalls my campus life, esp master degree
seeking period when I met Asoh Yukiko. God blesses me with brave
heart, whole vision and all those memories so timeless cherished. I
don't want to hurt anyone but the canteen woman's husband likely
receiving, for his less gifted, for his property appreciated. God, fix
my poised with due humility. yesterday I gained a bonus from QRRS, my
once and long time employer, just after a day my salary released,
which increases near ¥500. the bonus addes another ¥500. with it I
renew my godaddy hosting plan for another half year immediately. also
renew billingzhu.com a year. with improved salary I ordered backup
router from taobao.com, as incredible satisfying and enzymes me in
super confident mood. 2 days passed I still felt the content.
yesterday I also retouch my homemade gadget on google sites, which now
tending to ban such hosting function and my in time usage likely saves
me extra cost from google's wonderful and generous free service. see
them on most of our zhone portals homepage, in section of blog rss
feeds and tweets, youtube, groups, donation links. its nice feeling,
for even I never master scripting skill still I probing those scripts
and tailored them into my buildups. I gain so much from my education,
my ability to self-taught. dad, God, bring me sooner my Crowned Queen,
Asoh Yukiko, and my Empire of China for larger comfort in my life, for
fulfilling the proud creator life experience. grant us a happy montly
reunion 2 days later, and monthly cinema and walmart shopping in a
pack with dearest son, woz.

Monday, June 19, 2017

living meaningfully with world videos.

Its a sunny morning, I felt obliged to get up and do something. Recent
testing tomato router script put me in a worker's mindset, absolutely
nothing else beyond of task memories. I dived so hard that I merely
recognize other things than occupied by inch in inch progress I strode
outward chaos. My son last Saturday lost his desktop logon
confidential, So I taught him to reinstall windows 10 and roughly
customizing before backup to image. He reluctant but worked with me,
while his sinful mom, a cheap junior school teacher, close watching my
tutorial on computer. She occupied her house every free hours out of
work, grasps dirty money from tuitions she ought to offered on job.
After 3 years and graduated, now she every more than 12 hours in a day
earning from the educational bits even it's shabby in quality in her
campus. I more and more felt its insane. My son due entertainment
ruined for his mom's house forever a workshop for his mom and her
cheap pupils. In this view, I recently relentlessly equip my son with
lounge TV and English programs, on which he enjoys and absorbs when
his visits monthly my dorm and on my seat. I hope the moment he enjoys
staying with me and my workspace forever prolonged. So last month I
equipped him a touchpad k/m combo for convenience of remote input on
pc and android TV. The Chinese product works smart even we anxious
about keylogger and other spy wares lawless PRC breeds, in favor of
dog CCP and state surveillance. My son more or less accepted my
arrangement, promoting him from mobile games he excels now and
adopting more language and expressive method as his new skill to
master. I times and times urged him makes fair use of our borderless
web. I hope he enjoys meanings in American culture stocked in amazon
prime video and youtube, vimeo sites. My trustworthy video education,
defied me in youth decades, pacifies me more than 2 hours daily,
broaden my world view and wishfulness so much that I have to put on
forth for my son, for his beneficial social experience and nutritional
source of moral and spiritual. God, dad, my life so rich that I'm
constantly complacent. Bring my son meaningful in his scope of
activities. Bring me sooner my Royal China to protect her from poverty
grilling the land and souls CCP and PRC only left with. Bring
producing capacity our fatherland sustains before the burning out in
cheap dealer like communism. Bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from
Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for unfinished mission we beset, among a never
seen silver proud heaven on eastern Asia. Thx you, dad God.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

in dream lingering art college once more.

a relaxing dream in which I visited my artist friends in Tianjin art
college. at first I dreamt with BianQiong, my Tibet painter friend,
and his friend. they live in dorm like a family. then shifted to a
house near door and some of those students there working and chatting.
I using English with a friend from my hometown neighbor county, who is
humble and treated me well even I visited BianQiong in vacation but
then the moment didn't paid him enough attentions but kindness felt.
he sometimes mixed with my impression on another guy in the art
college who also attracted me with his abled attitude. we chatted in
English but my English seemingly not fluent enough and sometimes the
students there in the house perceived it. its a peaceful dream and I
without any pressure but enjoy staying. last 2 weeks I too busy to
blog. my son's nexus 6 lost due to forgot to fetch after sport, likely
accompanied by his sinful intrusive mom, a really small woman and poor
gifted junior teacher. but next day she registered the lost on local
stadium administrative and it even returned intact. I even
disappointed by my son's loose management and bad memories, but ready
to accept the misfortune. my son really glad to regain his nexus, he
hummed upstairs when I waiting him in Sunday visit. last week I under
heavy government sponsored hacking, detained my downloading windows 10
creator edition iso. I also tried to rebuild router os after
disastrous intrusion. I failed times and times to make configurations
backup. later I gave up backup now that if I left most of router
profile default then will be less shortage of ram and lagging
response. we also elated with new auto-connecting script and localized
vpn server script, a byproduct huge finding during googling our
problems. it fix our pains on ass of vpn connection which frequented
by PRC surveillance and problematic. its really a great achievement
saves. even most of the weeks busy and fruitful, PRC surveillance
turns freakier now. my facing dorm moved in some young beast with
stylish pig tail on his head, staying all day indoor babbled. most
night when I went to toilet and back, their door left opener and room
in dark, just remind me their capable of surveillance, poisoning, and
stealth. that sometimes made me unease, but I know who is more
unbalanced and revengeful. I put my fate in holy bliss. let thieves
trying rob me in day time and in shadows. CCP and PRC literally makes
everyone poorer day by day, minute by minute. its a burning fire heap
that destroys any surplus in Chinese society. God, bring me sooner my
Royal China. bring me my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for
better management of my life, of my Empire of China from my heroic
ancestor. bring us surprise in this month salary day.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

thick hatred surround me.

dreamt in a journey and next day we will return. I designed a
multimedia and have to change some text in it. I tried many ways then
found have to install then hack text string, one for title, one for
calculation result. then in a class there are some guests. on black
child played with my son and slammed my son's face. I angry with my
son and urged him to slam back. then the black dad join the war and
forced me to pay more attention and compensation. that's likely
concerns about my son's English tutorial his sinful mom arranged under
a black man's lecture in her college, Qiqihar Univ, where she still
felt romantic or fantasy. yesterday google alphago beat all human
Chinese go players. back to bed, dream continue about the lost. I saw
some collegians lived around, like my dorm crowded by young workers. I
tried asking if they saw my suitcase. no one listened in their games.
one of them likely my once QRRS colleague in tech department, Chen
Ziming, later told me alone that I too risky to put my baggage outside
of door and packed valued items. I should pay for my careless. its a
long morning and my late dream echos turbulent wind outside of window.
last night my stomach painful midnight and I had to get up to shit
twice to relieve the uncomfort. the dorm canteen's operator, the
husband of the woman, turned hostile to me. the marching team in dusk
around QRRS square also hated me, just like I didn't appreciate their
noisy boombox and coarse taste of music. young workers in the dorm
long time grudged with me, trying all means to upset me, to hurt me.
the dangers in mop sometimes put me in chill. but I have nothing but
mission. coming lunar dragon boat holiday let me so lonely, like the
Chinese girl Yang shuping lectured in her graduation ceremony in US
aroused so many blind hates in sinking PRC young dogs. dog PRC hated
anything out of its humility. they turning China more and more mirror
of bankrupted MidEast, purest poverty, now that they don't enjoy
anything in the world out of their mouths, or their teeths' tearing
and grinding. God, dad, bring me sooner my vested Empire from my grand
ancestor, for harmony Chinese family and life. bring me soone my
Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for sanity of nowadays Chinese
society. bring me more offspring for future 1109 years my new Empire
of China reset for span timespace. grant us a merry holiday, esp woz's
last children holiday coming less than a week.

Monday, May 22, 2017

dreamt of new born.

dreamt at my hometown with my old family who all catering a new baby
whose centered likely my son. lots of relatives jammed in the bedroom
once my old parents prepared for their first next generation's
wedding, my 2nd brother's. I held the infant and sending him sleep but
in a blink I only holding blanket while the baby missing. then on the
edge of bed and edge of the entrance of the room, on uneven stone or
plastic teeth of a plate the infant sleeping. his head left on bare
rugged without clothes cushion but thank God its OK. we carefully
shift him to new infant bed. my 2nd elder brother's wife, their first
son, my 3nd elder sister esp helpful in caring relatives crowd. the
infant under so many attentions that I felt he must be my newly born
son. in second view during a break I thought he might be also my
brother's 2nd son's first son. the nephew married a neighbor village
girl then soon divorced. he now rumored dislike woman and kept single,
that's his mother claimed about her own son in front of me. I think he
more likes his grandpa than his elder brother, who had 3 children now,
and merits belongs to be our family members but not a clue in his mom
who bold and shameless feminism, like generous, honest, integrity,
kind, etc, with which I told him in once QQ chat session years ago
before his marriage. today is Monday morning. I again in chill felt
boring and napped. yesterday I bought my son small fishes and shrimps
from an elder who is single and hopeless aside the road when I went
alone to buy fruits. I intended to do him a favor but he refused aid.
so I bought his all he charged ¥15, a small heap small fishes and a
small heap of shrimps. I left him a preach and 2 CNY extra and fled to
evade the elder's defying. I told my son how small fishes with small
hot pepper can be delicious for in my teenage my 2nd elder brother
quite sometimes bring home the food material after his school, ie. he
caught fishes in pond or fields. it left me life long appetite. I
really hope my son find the delicacy but so far I unable to contact
him about the dish the grandma loathed to prepare with before I left
in Sunday dusk. I also bought my son extra fruits, including litchi
and mango, preach, for my son loathed to let me buy fruits after
showered in public bathroom. I feed him with litchi and mango before
left him alone in his android games. we really enjoyed the fruits. on
Wednesday I will fetch his birthday cake ordered online, and celebrate
his 13 birthday together. God dad, I recently felt more solider to
accept de facto that my offspring limits to one son. I trust Holy
arrangement and humble of my son's mother family, her insanity. God
dad, grant me more children in my prime time. bring me sooner my
Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. link our nations, our blood
bond on new land that shared among us. bring more laugh and companions
in my life in family forever bright.