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Friday, August 25, 2017

woz's Junior middle school lunches in camp.

napped since morning and dropped lunch. dreamt in earlier era with my
elder brother and his pals trading & discussing startup a company. I
with my son interested in accounting and attempted to work for them in
its early phrase and brought some innovative ideas. then dreamt in
marching army. when the army at rest during raining, we tried to cross
some units for shower. in a jammed barrack girl and boy Scouts trade
their items. I offered a sd card to trade, likely with my son's
companion, at least 5 for more items from different traders gathered
in front for exchange, including cards and other gadgets. most of them
so friendly that we glad there for a drifting living. I woke up at
noon when sunny outside. last night my son told me his Junior school
life started with army training camp as prewarm. that explained why
the night before yesterday he slept before 8 pm when I buzzed in. his
face and some appears some hard thorns on his arm, that aroused my
notice during our video chat online. he might frustrated. I also soon
to search web for that it is. God, dad, we trust your mercy. then I
regretted my unease would cause my son's overreaction. I watched some
embarrassing human bodies videos on youtube, and fragile of healthy
body taught me lessons. I long time afraid of virus and that worsened
when I napped. I unease with my pillow, one of them cheap quality and
some dirty spot appeared even disgusting. I felt my hair itching but I
know mostly it's fake response. dad God, in siege of zhone's enemies,
we naturally alert upon poisons, insanities. God, last dusk I saw
separating us from common wealth of Zhong society attempts, threaten
me of baseless includes my current comparable stable life with
economic income. God dad, my ancestor left me resourceful and basic
supportive standard allowing my innovative upgrade. that's my mission
in this era. grant us freedom of starvation, brutal labor, and
shoulder me on giant of Zhong in relations. dad God, promise me the
value of my workload.

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