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Friday, September 1, 2017

PRC here darkened by mafia

first dreamt a veteran politician intended to make me a mayor. I then
follows a group municipal bureaucracy to a mine field in city hall. we
each hunted for diamond, golds, etc. then dreamt I was an
entrepreneur. our product is astronomical components. then dreamt a
group tourists visiting my elder brother's house. they likely helped
my brother for his celebration of event: performance show. after they
all left I left to blog in dream but delayed and unable settle. my
youngest elder sister and my 3nd nephew accompanied me at home. when
the guests came back, we and friends of my elder brother grouped into
2 delegations to compete with dart or shooting. my son attracted many
visitors attention with his adorable when the party went hot. its a
sunny morning while I napped most of mornings in the week. last night
is strange: I recklessly tried to protect the dorm canteen after
noticed likely mafia threatened and extracted custody fee. recently in
at least 3 occasions I saw hooligans lingering in dorm canteen,
superficially peacefully occupied seats with fewer orders but just
wasted time unusually late. that's threat of troubles. last dusk I
brought the canteen another water melon from street vendor and let
canteen workers prepared some for me to eat. there were only another
guy in the dorm there for dinner, and a 3 middle aged men group there
detaining with few orders. I felt glad with my melon and soon left. in
my room I reviewed the scenario and perceived the canteen operating
family's under bully. so I re-visit there and saw only their kid and
their father left them accompanied the lingering pests. I loudly
talked with the old father and angers left me left abrupt. in half
hour I visited the canteen 3rd time. the 3 hooligans left in dark dusk
with heavy bags each. I urged the father if they had problem they
should contact QRRS authority but he shown skepticism. in the night I
review my situation with rotten PRC society under shadow of world
largest mafia, CCP, dogs tyranny. God, sooner or later your faith
holder will be attested against sins and swan song of warlord, world
communism esp inflated PRC. instil us with strength of faithful. shift
us from dangers of brutal accusation. bring me sooner my Royal China,
and Asoh Yukiko, my Crown Queen from Japan, to enhance my life span.
bring me stable investment reward for constant growth in business. thx
dad, for the peace and hope.

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