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Monday, September 25, 2017

wanting for a credit card for domains' renewal

dreamt at an airport with my son, woz. I designed a heading clip for a
competition event, but woz insisted adding his work onto it. I dislike
the idea and warned woz we otherwise will lose the competition. this
salary day full of joyes even there is no surprise in its amount. I
paid usual bills and still arranged 2 dining out with woz and one for
his neighbor pal. debt to bankcomm finally cleared. now I looking
forward a new credit card or credit limit in my current card resumes
to its before late payment, both just for guarantee our adorable
domains never fall into expired due invalid payment method. God, dad,
Bank of China had refute my application last week. help me gain a work
around for the deficit of credit. last week also sees woz monthly
visit his dad's dorm after settled his salary. we ordered meal and ate
them in dorm as woz likes. woz had his favor snack in the night and
watched videos online. next morning we ate KFC breakfast. on Sunday we
haunted a downtown hotel's canteen we recently frequented, and
satisfied by its cuisine again. then we went public spa for shower. I
told my son how I need a credit to avoid dependence upon the QRRS Dorm
canteen operative woman, and how misshaped current business of zhone
in fact possibly saves us from PRC seizure in messy dominating and
lawlessness. woz promised to try to keep ownership over our 21 domains
in his future. when he started homework as his mom arranged, I tried a
new video game on steam platform. after felt boring and sleepy my son
urged me to leave and I followed. I lingered in my dorm till this
morning breakfast. God, dad, this weekend I will gather my son and his
neighbor pal dining out. grant us a enjoyable dinner and happy time in
the event. grant me anxious free PRC national holiday meals, esp
another dining out with grilled mutton with my son. grant us a working
credit for domain renewal ready, and small bills capable esp in USD.
thx dad, in this morning sunshine among trees' branches, and
weightless blogging after weeks halt.

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