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Saturday, July 29, 2017

settled zhone 2 raspberry pi.

dreamt invited my son, woz and his mom to go cinema. his mom in anger and after movie abrupt brought my son with her horse left. I had to endure the reckless woman's rage, find my horse and in dusk search for boarding. in my aunt's village I find a villager in his house offering help. he accompanied us find my aunt's house. we talked about my family, esp my passed eldest sister's 2 children, her son and her daughter and my obligation and concerns. then I decided to visit possible home my son and his mom might settled. on way my niece passed us and offer some sweet famous local feature snack to us, likely with my son with who I felt so warm in heart. I recall and chat my son how I liked the feature food and each time never enough in my childhood. its a late sleep till near noon. I'm now penniless while hours late I will visit my son and bring him dining out. last Wednesday I again worked overnight, to settle 2 raspberry pi 3 before my additional case ordered on taobao arrives, and backup before put into usage. the week spent into understanding raspberry os availability before making our choice to adopt ubuntu, libreelec, and android. in the process I learn more and sharpened my linux skill, esp after 2 failures accidentally deleted home folder with hidden mounted external disks and ruined plugged usb devices most. I had to rebuild ubuntu and multi-bootable disks in the devastation. rebuilding rewards: new os ran smoothly installing gapps on my raspberry pi android, against disk space shortage previously frequent me and failed my efforts!. after almost thoroughly perceived the situation of the raspberry pi world and community, I closed my resolution and brought it to see my son on Friday afternoon, after felt boring and sleepy in enjoying online stream our lovable kodi brings. in the vengeful small woman, son's mom's bully and scorn I arranged my son familiar with his new toy, including new os on it, and setup lunar calendar on his 2 android phones for informative lunar weather. my son immersed in new experience of kodi os, linux terminal mode. in the exciting meeting, my sleepiness disappeared totally. as to my raspberry pi's android, I likely left some remnant bugs to fix, but I will cop with it with conquered reign and leisure. God dad, this morning dream really strange and surreal. bring me sooner my new family when I enliven with it. bring my crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for our vested territory on eastern Asia, for our people and homeland. dad God, grant us affordable cinema experience this month and next around woz's new school term, which his start year in Junior middle school. grant us to visit Walmart local market with adequate purse capacity. we enjoyed the sale giant so much!
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Friday, July 21, 2017

salary day addresses right.

dreamt in my hometown in a camp. first our village under huge
refurnish for tourism. my dearest passed dad, mom, both appeared in
dream. there was a town hall just under my dad's old house and in a
row of houses there was performance and performers from nearby
villagers. there were herd of visitors. then found I was in a travel
delegation, in which quite some photographers members, inc girls. we
managed to lift ourselves via a lever to higher level. in our team
there was a girl film fun closely collaborated with me and we almost
led to friend. my sinful elder cousin of my uncle's family, who worked
for government long time, again in his separation and kept aside from
our villager's ongoing emerging new business. its a sleepy morning. I
felt sad why I recently so sleepy in the morning, which so
irresistible, arbitrarily and concludes without delay. that reminds me
my 2nd elder brother's habit in which he can sleep anytime and any
occasions in minutes when spared. I long time wondering why he behaves
so, and now the same symptom likely happens on me. and I more and more
saw boring's power overwhelmingly stops a working mind. Just now a cop
called in for my PSBC credit debt. he urged me to call him back but I
wouldn't. God dad, they don't wait another 2 month when I will clear
bankcomm's debt and starts to return ccb and psbc's. as to recent
works, its quite fruitful. my ordering woz a raspberry pi 3 leads me
to research other oses like ubuntu, libreelec, rt-android, etc. the
linux based home media center, libreelec at once attracted me, as I
was in process equipping my son a better living experience including
TV and other entertainment. sooner after found it working to provide
reliable source of online stream, I deployed it onto my desktop
wintel, chromebox, and raspberry pi. with knowledge of online
community and powerful google, I soon turned my chromebox into dual
booting chromeos and libreelec, cheap but viable. my nephew, ie elder
son of my youngest elder sister, loaned me ¥230 to buy raspberry pi
for my son, but refused me another order 2 days later to update air
drier powders against wet dorm near toilet I laid on taobao.com. so I
turned appeal to my niece, ie first child of my eldest brother, his
daughter, for loan to buy myself another raspberry pi. it succeeded
with some trifle exchange of view over credibility of PRC's software
mostly shamelessly preying its user base. and this month salary barely
satisfying, near ¥3300. I mistakenly paid back ccb instead of bankcomm
to whom there is a debt under ¥2500 and can be cleared at max 2 months
within. last dusk jog I review my lingering naps and saw my wondering
dream of a new family, a real family of my own in which I authorized,
catered to my relatives. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to
support my new family. bring my girls into new reality shapes new
eastern Asia. grant me free of debt and joy of living.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

a week long elation.

summer 2017 turns much milder after many small rains. and my room
window again gathers lots of bugs. yesterday I delivered our first
raspberry pi 3 to my son, woz for his study. we managed install it.
after 2 failures due to file system format misconfiguration, we boot
it up with noobs 4 on tf card formatted by my chromebook. in the harsh
process debug, we armateur damaged a 16GB tfcard and had to use his
32GB tfcard for his portable boombox instead. such a elation after saw
raspberry pi interface! after let it downloading Rispbian I left it to
my son and arranged he sit in front of TV and returned to my dorm. a
thunderstorm just left and air outside freshly crisp. last week
boosted by improved salary, we ordered several inspiring goods online,
inc 2 seat cover made of cooler materials for summer, a backup vpn
router, and raspberry pi 3. my own have an order for replacing used
air drier powder made in Japan in my QRRS dorm, 3rd time replacement
order with the same vendor on taobao.com. my credit debt near
clearance to bankcomm.com after this month, and my total credit debt
to other 2 banks mounts below ¥40000, a great relief for me. in this
regard, I more and more thinking my long term ownership over zhone 21
domains I cherished so much and indispensable. I also saw decades
hereafter my life and investment and intelligent property registered.
God dad, put me anxious free upon stealthy CCP and robbing vicious
human population competition pressure. promise me my vested Royal
garden and shadow of trees and plants, song of birds and bees. this
dawn dreamt a lot about prominent global topics, which now in
evaporation. last night I in deep content after watched episode on
amazon, for faith and pride. God dad, I'm in no one's enemy when I in
holy bliss. target me in your future mission all world gathering
bravery. if cheap souls can't discipline themselves, the chosen does.
let America acts and makes adjustment at will, like Trump did for US,
graciously and arbitrarily as whole family as vocation. dad God,
people nation and shrine of Holy lending its way. grant me the
breakthrough toward new land and territory that renew our old oath and
blood bond in eastern Asia. God, bring me sooner my Royal China and
Asoh Yukiko, my crown Queen from Japan. lives me another child and a
family here.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

stealthy ternination of my parcel.

dreamt of training of Royal member, ie. royal court and Prince
himself. how his attitude toward his servants, esp 3 closest
secretaries, can affect the quality of leadership. saw philosophy in
social interactive. then dreamt with my wife treated in a banquet,
with social skill just learned in train. last week's shopping online,
a backup router of Asus RT-N66u, finally ruined by PRC surveillance.
the express, STO.com, totally denied the parcel it serving, just as
taobao's logistics. the poor vendor kindly promised me to check why
the parcel missing or without ending, but after 1 day he refused to
talk to me and prompt refund me instead, likely unspoken shame of PRC
secret cop's hassle intimates him, seals his mouth. with the money
returned, I at once ordered another from different vendor now that the
market is full of the product. within the day, around 4pm, the vendor
sms informed me parcel dispatched. God, dad, how I glad to hear that!
yesterday after read news that squareup.com offer in account credit
service, I decided to give it a try. but when I trying signup the
wonderful website, my internet worsen and inaccessible for 3 hours. I
finally gave up and shut down computer. PRC dog likely warns me that
even with most powerful network hardware, they still interceptive in
my internet traffic, or blocks my financial connection with American
service. however, after dinner and a thunderstorm, I smoothly claimed
2 zhone accounts with squareup.com and its affilate, cash.me . without
US ID mostly service out of my reach, esp high expected in account
virtual credit, but still the wonderful service from the same founder
of twitter.com, generously offers us 2 vanity url,
https://cash.me/$faezrland and https://cash.me/$zuocenter . I can't be
more proud of the operation out of distress of surveillance. in the
week I also modified 2 online resource of google sites' widgets, both
of google photo's, to fit my online brand, and deployed onto my
portal. visit them on http://www.be21zh.org/regalbum . hope the author
grants my reusing his code in xml file that show my google albums' rss
source. and I honestly pray google sites, now confronted with google
new sites, don't elapse into disappear. zhone assets based on the
service remarkable hugely maintained. God, dad, this month I merely
left ¥100, grant us a happy weekends with my son, woz, Hope of China.
bring sooner my crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for better
management of my vested Empire of China. bring me my second child as
namespace billingzhu.com prepares. with adequate financial support,
dad, God, I live anxious free in this eccentric city for future open
and welcoming eastern Asia.