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Saturday, July 29, 2017

settled zhone 2 raspberry pi.

dreamt invited my son, woz and his mom to go cinema. his mom in anger and after movie abrupt brought my son with her horse left. I had to endure the reckless woman's rage, find my horse and in dusk search for boarding. in my aunt's village I find a villager in his house offering help. he accompanied us find my aunt's house. we talked about my family, esp my passed eldest sister's 2 children, her son and her daughter and my obligation and concerns. then I decided to visit possible home my son and his mom might settled. on way my niece passed us and offer some sweet famous local feature snack to us, likely with my son with who I felt so warm in heart. I recall and chat my son how I liked the feature food and each time never enough in my childhood. its a late sleep till near noon. I'm now penniless while hours late I will visit my son and bring him dining out. last Wednesday I again worked overnight, to settle 2 raspberry pi 3 before my additional case ordered on taobao arrives, and backup before put into usage. the week spent into understanding raspberry os availability before making our choice to adopt ubuntu, libreelec, and android. in the process I learn more and sharpened my linux skill, esp after 2 failures accidentally deleted home folder with hidden mounted external disks and ruined plugged usb devices most. I had to rebuild ubuntu and multi-bootable disks in the devastation. rebuilding rewards: new os ran smoothly installing gapps on my raspberry pi android, against disk space shortage previously frequent me and failed my efforts!. after almost thoroughly perceived the situation of the raspberry pi world and community, I closed my resolution and brought it to see my son on Friday afternoon, after felt boring and sleepy in enjoying online stream our lovable kodi brings. in the vengeful small woman, son's mom's bully and scorn I arranged my son familiar with his new toy, including new os on it, and setup lunar calendar on his 2 android phones for informative lunar weather. my son immersed in new experience of kodi os, linux terminal mode. in the exciting meeting, my sleepiness disappeared totally. as to my raspberry pi's android, I likely left some remnant bugs to fix, but I will cop with it with conquered reign and leisure. God dad, this morning dream really strange and surreal. bring me sooner my new family when I enliven with it. bring my crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for our vested territory on eastern Asia, for our people and homeland. dad God, grant us affordable cinema experience this month and next around woz's new school term, which his start year in Junior middle school. grant us to visit Walmart local market with adequate purse capacity. we enjoyed the sale giant so much!
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