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Saturday, October 31, 2009

settled family brizzly.

got up to let d/l then slept again. continued all family facebook's connect to brizzly after got up. also done with meebo. the grandma came over&clean house&cooked. baby gamed with his visiting cousin. i felt cozy with new work space&a bit tired now, after sorted portable suite.

Friday, October 30, 2009

claimed family brizzly.

read after returned home. gamed awhile with baby on notebook. fine tuned family blogger blogs, correct their feeds. claimed family accounts with brizzle, against harder day by day China surveillance. just settled down.

review my situation&immerse in God's love.

enjoy new work environment online, with all social im ready, at home in morning. idle in office, for the meaningless monitor shown his refusal my using his company wire. reviewed my waiting for my girls, their waiting for our babies, my being blessed by God. time to goodbye to my current family, soon if comparing elation baby son brings me and his mom. seeing the tall girl likely in QRRS at noon. left office earlier to avoid the dirts the facing dog attempt to profane.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

fine tuned my meebo, repair broken link with fb.

dozed in office in the morning. chat with office women. surfed in afternoon, reading, later adding facebook chat within family meebo. China surveillance let me give up after operated some lagging time online at home. gamed with baby in night. its mostly a sunny day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fine tuned facebook profiles.

got up lately. fine tuned my facebook profiles, post photo, comment on wall of friends there. sorted subscriptions in google reader.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

post a blog for holy dream&family new cyberspace.

sorted portable suite in office. look forward American friend's help on my family new facebook profile's mobile verification but failed. strike a new blog entry for the peace&pleasure of game with baby these months. noticed the tall girl of QRRS walking alone under my office window seeing me when i leaned outside of window to see her clearer. post to family web publication channels after returned home. China surveillance likely blocking result in lagging traffic but finally got all posted. before dinner got Taiwanese email&verified both new facebook profile with their vanity urls. gamed with baby&complete the game "call of duty 4: modern war" since he returned. so nice a day.

golden Autumn in light show. Holy dream

these weeks a bit busy, for the freedom world offers so many invalueable stuff. in these weeks, my family sites continued to expand, now including delicious accounts, which now support yahoo account's automaitcally login; tumblr blogs, which so powerful while so fit; seesmic, a twitter client can help me bypass the deadly blocking of twitter from China surveillance; and tweet.im, an autoposting service binding with gtalk account. i also seeing family site expanding within demestically, including 139.com, an affiliate of the monoply company, China mobile, and dii.cn, a twitter clone with neat interface. since yesterday, i felt i should preserve family 2 new namespace, riveryog for me and warozhu for baby son, warren zhu, Hope of China and God of universe, with facebook, the best and largest social network. China surveillance likely blocking facebook's sms service within its sovereign, for i tried several mobiles, none can receive facebook's verifying code in sms. i tried to reach out a Taiwanese among my google contacts, but his mobile also can't receive my facebook's verifying code.

these weeks mostly sunny days. with God's beam, i like to fly at will. China surveillance blocking more and more famous sites, including google sites, goole apps, tumblr, hellotxt, posterous, and yahoo meme, but i was never daunted, each time i lose an open voice channel, i would try to compensate with new reach out to more brilliant western world sites. God's message never fade, or wind-gone, but populate springly. i enjoy seeing my future people voice here now, a missing treat for my loneliness i suffered so far in this eccentric corner of northeastern China. i enjoy the virtual team in God's shine, upon every directions of the globle.

its also mostly lightened days, with so many games. baby son made every free moment gamed on my new notebook with my companion, imersing in games like "frontline" or "call of duty". play games is my long time dream, esp. when i saw quite less informed persons also enjoy themselves a lot in games, esp. first person shotting. i always love to see the advanced applications of artifical intelligence, or complicate interactive between human and robot or machine system, like games. but previously i always engaged in stuff more concrete, like download, resource management, site building, learning, etc. but baby's invitation these days drew me into hot games so deep and so imersing, that i really felt the world of colorful and possible.

its a bright moment now, seeing sunshine over the trees parrel to office window. dog on facing desk biting heavily, as usual, and the dead roaming in the corridor. i enjoyed so many golden moments in my life. last night, i asked baby son to sleep alone me, he did after some time of play. in mid night, all of us, including his mother, emakingir, woke up, in God's set, to celebrate the love and glory. i just dreamed of a lonely pilot, who fight persistantly. God shown me what's manly and what's the ultimate hardness and grace a blessed can be. i again, after many times seen before in the end of holy dreams, the mightiest God, and the non-impossible.

yes, gays and dogs biting now around. killing them just a matter of seconds. i see my second wife, Masheng, from Japan, changed this morning my bank deposit book into a deposit card, i saw the wells of my family never plentier and stronger.

at noon i again saw the tall girl in QRRS, walking passed my office window. i sticked my head outside of the window, likely she noticed me. she is tall and fit, i hope God don't train more me harsh and coarse with loneliness and ever harder hopes in perished.

Ok, now, Omen, God, save my Empire, bring me my beloved.

From Life as it extends

benzrad, me, proud dad, holding baby son, warren zhu, hope of China, for a shot by emakingir.

From Life as it extends

a corner view of south park, near emakingir's house. baby playing his scooter with his mom's companion.

From Life as it extends

bright beaming: baby son, warren zhu, in a lol.

more of my Autumn weekend hauntout.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

wrest with China surveillance.

its now golden season here in northeastern China. bright sunshine in most days, and warm&crisp air conveys the golden bliss. i enjoyed pc games more and more with baby son, who rightly a savvy gamer, and insatiable entertainment sitter. every night when i lay down on bed alone him and his mother, i just feel too precious a day it was. i hold his bear and smooth foot, and amazed by God's glory.

but now all things so bright. the China authority resolved to challenge the common sense. quite some lames supposed the tighten surveillance will loose after the special period of National Day march, but it was not the case in this year and this time. the loser broke the mind, doomed to farewell to its once appealing, doomed to separate China with the world, peaceful people with the docile. the Internet censorship turning more and more harsh and smooth most free mind and good wishes Chinese hold so far under the faked forged socialism.

these days my pc os was hacked, or my web traffic under arbitral filtering. my web traffic never overlap 90KB/s, since yesterday the grandma clean the house and i also at the moment refurnish my os with common software's update. in last 2 days i tried lots of way to make clear what's wrong with the lagging and sometimes unstable Internet traffic. but most of my works led lighter to the endeavor of hidden dark hand over my os and my account or audit or filter in my Internet ISP's router or network hardware. net neutral, a purpose pushing in US, a far cry and forever utopia for Chinese in Socialism dome, just like its doctorate died decades among the bloody red starred geopolitics. but i know world aligns to change, including the dying China mainland, as God promised me, as the Empire in my title and host from hundred years ago from my glorious ancestor. China determined to change, since the history of the world. the dying sin let to supervise the scary land in these years, was ordered to leave now. a brighter sky encompassing the land emerging from the dim and dark.

OK, its sunny now outside of my office. i was the blessed to own the vast land, China. i was testified to claim here again, as the theft of state nowadays frequent deaf due to their greediness.

From Baby Son Bathed In Late Autumn Halo

baby bathed at home in warm late Autumn

From Baby Son Bathed In Late Autumn Halo

baby watching his mom gaming and enjoy team gaming.

more of my bath.

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dream of dns setup in hometown.

last night gamed on notebook mostly. this dawn dreamed of my hometown, persuade a doctor to setup his home networks with his own dns server. got angry with my mother who block my activities. got up later&found ema brought baby left. its a gloomy morning.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

stay home to fix abnormal Internet conncet problem on my notebook since yesterday.

try to fix my notebook's abnormal Internet connect since getting up. mystically failed me 3 or more different ways of restore. ema visited home just before the noon break. i dined out near 12pm. still doubting if China surveillance hacking me&ruin soundness of my os.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

test frequent Internet access failure.

Internet connect still unstable, try to fix it at home&in office. buzz the telcom aim to replace the adsl modem but was suggested to assure the pc stable. post recent photo of baby's bath via office Internet access, when Internet connect again broke once or twice. doubting if China surveillance punish filtered url's access by blocking for ten or more minutes. notebook again blue screened once even offline&idle.

dreamed of MLM.

dreamed in hometown, some pyramid schemes made seminar there, some guy shown the behavior of steer mind. a bit tired&got up later.

Monday, October 12, 2009

the evil boy exhausted baby&me.

yesterday the evil boy, a Liu, visited&played pc game with baby. baby slept very early&sound. his mom claimed it caused by a bath at home when the evil boy at present. i also slept sound&got up later this morning. again dream of Chinese traditional KongFu, or breath practice.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

gather new host hack against gdoc's blocking under China surveillance.

gamed with baby till he slept. read most time&clear quite some feeds. also added some new feeds. tried new host hack to overcome China surveillance newly blocking https access to google docs.

dream of Chinese traditional KongFu.

dream 2 girls with KongFu, and emotional. gamed after got up. ema brought baby haunt outside, while i succeeded a mission in game "frontline: fuel of war". quite cozy, for i succeeded 4 mission then baby asked his visiting uncle, who smarter on game than me, finished all rest 4 missions. baby complained my clumsy on game, which more or less upset me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

dream of library&search for fonts.

dreamed lingering in a library, likely in my college school. then found a animate font with colorful banner, search everywhere for it. later baby son&his mom also in dream, there is a deep hollow just outside of the door of the library. we try to pass it. sex desire turns strong in mid night.

Friday, October 9, 2009

created 2 places on google maps.

played pc game with baby. read for some time. later built 2 places for scene nearby on google maps. also updated my panoramio with new photos. baby was brought by his mom to her school where she due to watch out in the vacation.

clean os.

got up earlier&let d/l. then slept again till ema brought baby son left. backup some stuff to dvd. restored os in office. sally sms me last night. reply her at noon. dealt withdraw&deposit for baby as ema asked. doubting my 4th wife. read history ebook "the rising and fall of great powers" in afternoon.

dozed alone at home. gamed in night.

read some time then dozed. ema returned home after 5pm with baby from her school. gamed since then. elder sister buzzed in night.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

dream of canteen.

dream joined a seminar but spent lots of time search other members in a canteen. baby also in the dream. got up&let d/l now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

read&d/l&try new games.

most of the day reading, while attending d/l. showered in public bathroom after noon. backup some stuff to dvd. tried new games in night. baby gamed a lot with his uncle's companion, but also screamed and spit a lot.

dreamed of snow here didn't.

in dawn dreamed its snow last night but found its sunny in the morning. let d/l&slept again. the grandma visited again. ema watched the Korea TV series lately last night, after baby&me slept.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

watch Korea TV series with ema.

check posting while watch Korea TV series ema watching aside. back some stuff to dvd. baby son slept early.

claimed family accounts with 139.com.

a friend on a domestic twitter suggested me 139.com, a subside of chinamobile. i claimed family frequent namespace with the site after finding it might be interesting. just finished customization. a relative of ema visiting&left. hope i can find value in the monopoly company i just had an account. surely i can demand reward after the chores of setup&so far its satisfying.

Temporary while forever lasting pleasure of now

the vacation of China National Day and lunar Mid-Autumn Day, almost passed. baby son, warren zhu, and me, benzrad, enjoyed larger and newer games which can drive my new acer AS 4736G to its full load, beyond wilderness. i also made good use of time when i was left with baby alone when his mom attending her school, to let baby son know more God and the mission of our Royal of China. i also condemned his mother and her family a lot. also a lot of time wasted attending games' download, which very lagging. we just found the beauty of larger pc games, like "Frontline: fuel of war" and "call of duty: modern warfare", both larger than 4 GB, which cost me for 2 and more days to download from p2p. i tried "Frontline" with baby son, who also been attracted at once, but later baby son ditched me and follow his visiting uncle's playing with it, for the uncle more a veteran on games. he was asked to come over to break my intimate time with baby by baby's mother, who likely felt my talk and my critics with baby upon her when she absent.

these days in vacation really sometimes ignite my sex desire. i longing for my girls a lot. but i sure seeing God consoles me with our promised gathering with all my beloved in coming months. i saw God let me endure to lighten the coming elation of new life. i promise all my girls of my full heart, with full fruitful.

its a gloomy morning. i don't fear the spying eyes from China surveillance. i saw budding like spring rains, weak but insistent. i saw blessing of God like warmest and brightest sunshine, killing and healing. i saw my promised love like rains rampant and torrential.


From baby son, warrenzh's works

baby's work.

From My second notebook, an Acer AS4736G

my second notebook, her membership of my family since Aug 28th, 2009.

From Life as it extends

an early full moon near lunar Mid-Autumn Day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

claimed family accounts with waakee.com, a Chinese clone of digg.

read most time in afternoon while baby gamed on notebook with his uncle. later found a Chinese digg clone, waakee.com, at once claimed family frequent namespace, via google openid. sorted bookmark locally. ema bought ready food for baby from nearby restaurant&cooked me a hot pepper. we enjoy a bottle of beer. nice day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

dreamed of sex trader.

a bit restless in dawn. ema went to lavatory&i got up to let d/l, then continued to sleep. dream of a nuke party, where 2 female nuked to dance. then try to contact one of them when she follow a guy to his computer room. very longing for my girls and sex.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


got up later&let d/l. gamed with baby on notebook in "frontline". later tried newly got game "residential evil 5"&backup stuff to dvd. shot baby's painting&scissor's works for publish to his blogs.

Friday, October 2, 2009


dream of seeing another Sun runs through the sky. talk it to sister but she doubt. later dream of a guard of vip, or a scout. dozed very sound. ema now bring baby slept in bedroom.

got up earlier&let d

got up earlier&let d/l. backup some stuff to dvd. then gamed on notebook with baby&tried new games.

dream of love&son.

dream fall in love a girl then a man broke in&spread rumor of our love&baby. the baby the same age with me, both 1 year. some crowd sympathy to us, and breezed the baby. i felt burning throat in night for ate too much catfish the grandma cooked eariler for ema.

@Htxt badly need htx

@Htxt badly need htxt support autopost to yahoo meme, dii.cn, and vikee.com.i like meme&dii very much. hope i can sooner to post to them via my htxt. TIA.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

read&transport stuff.

read at noon. ema went shopping while baby slept. i cared d/l. cared baby after he got up. tried to move data among computers but failed many times, so prepared new file transportation method in most night.

retouch my public google maps.

its a sunny day since morning. i update my google panoramio with recent photos. retouched my google maps, adding more links within my public marks.baby gamed on notebook with his mom&later haunted outside. let d/l all time.