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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Chinese psyche failing in organizational crime.

dreamt enter university again. the day is opening school day. I with
other enrolled youth led to our school and dorm. through scenery
natural hill, we passed through crowd parents to get seat in our
campus. lately I carried my son explained to crowd what's philosophy
in my view and why I study in university gain. my anxiety of dorm wet
and over jammed disappeared and I won friendship from alumni, includes
alumna. my explanation turned likes public speech, which even myself
moved. yesterday is salary day. I got ¥3020, 200 less than last month.
even so, I arranged my monthly reunite my son in my dorm after cinema.
transfering 4 domains from godaddy to dynadot almost done. dynadot
home website online chat did wonderful support work. after 4 or 5
contacts including with godaddy support via land phone, I informed by
dynadot crew that .io since 2017 July refuse in its whois database
stores registrant information. so my long time dissatisfaction with
godaddy for its covering my registrant info with .io sponsor
organization is not their fault but limitation. in review my smooth
transfer I left comment on godaddy facebook page praising their
gracious service. the comment arose comments at once. some of them
question if I was godaddy's post bot. last night I read an article how
insane Chinese parents flattered their kids' teacher mischief in their
teacher and parent social circle via wechat, a PRC mainstream social
app, and despise other parents' lawful requests for their kid's
privilege like mobile not be seizure by school authority. most poor
Chinese just too feeble & coerced confronting organization. that's why
when I contact service providers in cyberspace I prone to be thankful
even they are within my privilege: I am afraid to be punished for
dispute with legal person. that reminds me long time in PRC society
legal person crashes on nature person in lawless reality, and why PRC
Chinese made their society a hell of organizational crime hell:
indifferent bureaucracy, warded gangster groups behaviors, shameless
prey & hate transparency esp free media of voices. these characters
all led to tyrant, like most mid-east countries where poorest & most
violent civilian leads only option, to exile. most PRC Chinese want to
be a leader in an organization, just try to manipulate a puppet. and
most forceful puppet is national army, largest dog or monster the
tyrant invent to have, at cost of national taxes. that's the
reasonable consequences of a society discriminates nature person to
superman/trojan horse, ie legal person. I at first thought I got the
hidden truth about Chinese failure, but then I saw more insane is
extinguish of free speech/express, freedom of media. that also led me
to review President Trump's efforts to blame American media. I first
time felt dubious upon Trump's intention, esp my hero, former
President G.W Bush recently criticize Trump, too.
God dad, PRC stepping into new Empire. but tyrant lacks qualification
to put him up for throne, like what happens in Russian shows, even the
small bitch trying getting his new turn of Presidency, relentlessly.
nobody except holy chosen leads to Crown. that's China future
political landscape. thx dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China, with
my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, with new territory we vested.

Friday, October 13, 2017

bliss overwhelming: domains secured with aid domestic & overseas.

dreamt at hometown saw my kid brother had affair with a new bride whose husband's name same as mine in the village. he is an adopted son of a couple lately had their own younger son. in half nap I heard water heat system just water pumped in this season first time against chill and made sound inside channel. then I dream my kid brother bathed with the girl together in our old family's natural earth heat spring tube. the adulterous bride is granddaughter of the only woman whose most life is introducing half wizard religion with her tool of fate-telling in the village. my passed mother first attracted by the far neighbor then introduced to my dad, who since then more closer to faith and treated the old woman friendly in his late life till elapse. the old woman's surname is Mao, the same as PRC legendary leader. she never had a child and a life time smoker which quite strange among villager women. the bride father is also adopted by the old woman whose shrank husband also in surname Zhu as the founder of the village Zhudajiu, once prince of Founder & Emperor of Ming Dynasty. my kid brother introduced I had 2 other options to bath in the village. one is my aunt's homemade, another far from village near the village's dam & fountain. I hardly settled in man-powered bath tube in my aunt house. my youngest elder sister helped me to heat the water and chat with me. I just put off most of my lower part clothes but remained my chest covered in the scenario, squatted in bath tube before the water warmed up when later my cousins, ie my aunt's children, returned & gossiped around. I just felt awfully inconvenient with rural water heat system esp bath tube in dream likes old time rural toilet, maokeng or shit pit. in the last week I almost settled transferring out 4 domains from godaddy to dynadot. at first my son's domain, woz.fm, refuse display transfer authentication code. contacted godaddy then it fixed. then zho.io stuck in missing whois information and new platform can't find my email to send me initiating verification email to start transferring. I phone called godaddy 3 times barely explained my problem by my poor English. next day the hard initiative procedure rolling into track. that's all wonders I experienced after empowered by my hometown relatives' aid, and wonderful American gift of discount of my web presence cost, near ¥1200. the whole week in unease and relief of awesome of resolving. dad God, last to settle domain will arrive next Tuesday. help us clinch it unshakably. the whole week I felt unreal with the gain. now launch me in new land of adventure lest outpaced. God dad, in long run, let my investment on domain & our web presence weightless financially, burden free while rampant accessory as civilian in western democratic market nations. let us harvest in content and purposefully resourceful. in the week I review lots of my passed life, what my life means to others, including my son and my people in PRC. I hope my free of routine job while remains productive and self-rely. Dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China to carry mission longer. bring me sooner my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for better homing. thx for this golden autumn morning, dad.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

woz.fm got renewal on new platform

dreamt with my son woz hangout computer market which located in narrow deep lanes. just after we find a set of converter for video or something, came 2 vendors bragged their new product which has a larger capacity than ours. but we didn't give up, and gradually retreated from the place. last night a drizzle turned clear with rhythm in my dream where I at first thought the sound of dripping is ants' eating dry wood, a scenario frequents my children hometown memories. today is my birthday and I will visit my son weekly after PRC boring national day & lunar mid-autumn day holiday, in which my once and long term workplace, QRRS, left me empty hand of usual bonus. I badly need the highly anticipated bonus to renew my domains but... But that penniless didn't failed us, with aid from my sisters at hometown instead. my sinful kid brother, who been a small workshop owner in southern China and acclaimed millionaire, turned off my request of cash in for efficiency & currency with my sisters' promised loan, so did my niece in Wuhan, central China. both cold shoulders with liars superficially polite. my nephew, who operates retail shop on taobao.com, the largest e-commercial portal in PRC, and a promising young man, 1st son of my 3rd elder sister, at first also delayed handing over the loan. but I fatally need the loan at once for something active in boring holiday I can engaged. so I burst in air with my sister and her husband who casually gathering for his son's new house settled in eastern China. in minutes the loan arrives after my nephew avoid family shame and trouble possible from PRC secret surveillance over me & trenchs me in short & misery. with it I successfully launched transferring some of our most dearest domains to a new registrar who charges less. the saving is obvious: once ¥1200 only afford to renew a single domain, woz.fm, now covers our 4 domains among most priced. God, dad, in shrinking PRC doomed economy, and daunting insane starvation casted upon my life on my vested land of China and eastern Asia by CCP PRC, I will support my domains ownership from my food savings, & life support together. we will fight for survival with our domains wholly, never broke. last night I adjust my budget on buxfer.com to forecast my monthly bill in resolution. Dad God, domain renewal crisis seemingly short time passed, but we looking for once and all solution to be independent with the intelligent property, like average civilian's normal possess in a middle wellbeing nation. Dad God, in this blessing drizzle morning, I look forward more clearance of debt in year end 2017, and fresh starter of 2018 in new meaningful agenda. bring me sooner my Royal China with my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, with starting finance. bring solider China domestic affair upon glooming world war 3rd.