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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Chinese psyche failing in organizational crime.

dreamt enter university again. the day is opening school day. I with
other enrolled youth led to our school and dorm. through scenery
natural hill, we passed through crowd parents to get seat in our
campus. lately I carried my son explained to crowd what's philosophy
in my view and why I study in university gain. my anxiety of dorm wet
and over jammed disappeared and I won friendship from alumni, includes
alumna. my explanation turned likes public speech, which even myself
moved. yesterday is salary day. I got ¥3020, 200 less than last month.
even so, I arranged my monthly reunite my son in my dorm after cinema.
transfering 4 domains from godaddy to dynadot almost done. dynadot
home website online chat did wonderful support work. after 4 or 5
contacts including with godaddy support via land phone, I informed by
dynadot crew that .io since 2017 July refuse in its whois database
stores registrant information. so my long time dissatisfaction with
godaddy for its covering my registrant info with .io sponsor
organization is not their fault but limitation. in review my smooth
transfer I left comment on godaddy facebook page praising their
gracious service. the comment arose comments at once. some of them
question if I was godaddy's post bot. last night I read an article how
insane Chinese parents flattered their kids' teacher mischief in their
teacher and parent social circle via wechat, a PRC mainstream social
app, and despise other parents' lawful requests for their kid's
privilege like mobile not be seizure by school authority. most poor
Chinese just too feeble & coerced confronting organization. that's why
when I contact service providers in cyberspace I prone to be thankful
even they are within my privilege: I am afraid to be punished for
dispute with legal person. that reminds me long time in PRC society
legal person crashes on nature person in lawless reality, and why PRC
Chinese made their society a hell of organizational crime hell:
indifferent bureaucracy, warded gangster groups behaviors, shameless
prey & hate transparency esp free media of voices. these characters
all led to tyrant, like most mid-east countries where poorest & most
violent civilian leads only option, to exile. most PRC Chinese want to
be a leader in an organization, just try to manipulate a puppet. and
most forceful puppet is national army, largest dog or monster the
tyrant invent to have, at cost of national taxes. that's the
reasonable consequences of a society discriminates nature person to
superman/trojan horse, ie legal person. I at first thought I got the
hidden truth about Chinese failure, but then I saw more insane is
extinguish of free speech/express, freedom of media. that also led me
to review President Trump's efforts to blame American media. I first
time felt dubious upon Trump's intention, esp my hero, former
President G.W Bush recently criticize Trump, too.
God dad, PRC stepping into new Empire. but tyrant lacks qualification
to put him up for throne, like what happens in Russian shows, even the
small bitch trying getting his new turn of Presidency, relentlessly.
nobody except holy chosen leads to Crown. that's China future
political landscape. thx dad God, bring me sooner my Royal China, with
my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, with new territory we vested.

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