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Thursday, December 29, 2016

dreamt with kid in tour.

first dreamt Pony Ma, founder of tencent.com, lives our neighbor. when I leaving my house topless, he and his parents just returning home and caught astonished. I explained I was in active art performance after found myself fully naked. then dreamt among kids. I esp cared a little girl likely a Tibetan. then with my kid traveling in delegation of my once colleagues of QRRS cable TV station. my kid creative and rushes to package and seats for the bus when we leaving a mountain village, just like myself unsettled for tour coming. this week barely looking forward to new year end bonus from my once and long time employer, QRRS. last salary brought me ¥3100, merely covered credit debt clearance monthly, 2000rmb. now I had several small bill to write off, inc tea subscription, treating neighbor kid for his lent us internet during our switching to fiber cable from PPPOE dialing, monthly cinema with woz, Taiwanese restaurant Formosa membership recharge, keep alive several debit accounts after annual fee charges, groupon showers, etc. I already had 2 local debtee with debt 1100rmb, and my web assets didn't fully renew, esp small cost but largely rewards, like amazon prime, localphone rental. I almost can't live without them. zhone's 16 domains under woz, my dearest son's title, also needs renewal which nearly charges $250. coming new year holiday also renders additional expense for dorm canteen then will out of service. I have to feed myself and treat my son in gatherings in the period. devil in dorm still pesters me, even more shamelessly and desperate. they frequently cut me offline when I enjoy passive listening or watching, ie. no my input on computer, trying to entangle me in cheap under espionage. they also deprive me off due caliber of web traffic capacity, results in badly lagging video and webpage loading loop at rate near 0 bit/s. they trying ruin my pleasure among cyberspace community. my dorm's window wall leaked, loose with many ashes broken down. I invited dorm director, a young tall and beautiful woman, to inspect if it turns dangerous. but she brought 2 technicians and they claimed well around. I still don't believe in. I want change to another dorm room well in shape and to evade the dark and poisonous souls around my current dorm, esp the spitting and cough pretending cow in facing neighbor. my current residential situation likely predefined before my move in, doomed to frustrate me and intimidate me into sad silence among criminal and sick. they hated my brilliant website long enough. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to revitalize my mission so far so joyful to discipline Chinese in new millennium for future gracious survival, for greater transformation of its people and culture sound and independent. bring my son and myself via airline to our hometown in 3rd journey anxious free. grant me independent finance to maintain our web investment and growth of presence online.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

in need of caring.

dreamt detailedly about Japanese chore machine. there are 4 or 5
cabins, with different functions, like washing clothes, shower, put on
clothes, sleeping, massage, etc. each item has checkout or deduction,
financial log function. shower and put on clothes let me lingered a
lot. clothing charges 198 Japanese Yen. I even can't leave but trying
more and more till penniless. they are all 360 rotatable, around human
body inside. putting on clothes let you extending arms and shift your
waist to slide into clothes with string direction. it even can be
erotic. I later anxious if showering robot including smart toilet
cover function. its a silent Tuesday morning. since Monday morning
hoarfrost appeared on trees. salary day coming and I put on so much
hopes. next month I will book airline and railway for our hometown
tour, among rumors that during lunar spring festival holiday train
ticket will be scarce. last Friday night my son, woz, Hope of China,
ported a night in my dorm. recent credit debt crisis drove me away
from caring his living, so many occasions I asked why he always put on
his school uniform which is boring even in weekends, he didn't reply.
I thought his mom or the grandma would buy him more or less clothes in
my hard time. but they never. in the night when we lately went to bed,
I found my son slept with an old style cotton-padded trousers, likely
the trousers too tight to take off, my anger roused thick. I know at
the moment his sinful mother never bought him new clothes. I tried to
pacify myself but can't. so I got up and ordered 2 winter trousers and
2 pants for being stylish my son deserves. I asked my kid brother to
pay instead of me, for my only reservoir in ABC bank didn't bundle
with mobile number and can't spend online. so next morning I brought
my son on way returning his mom's house visit ABC bank and settled it.
just when I preparing to pay via alipay, I found my order already
paid, likely by my brother. so I additionally bought my son a pair of
winter shoes on my own. I asked my son let me know next time when
something needed. God, dad, what a misery my son was once! what a
affirmative my role as a proud dad meaningful! dad God, never let that
happen again, never deprive me from support my son's living! bring me
sooner my Royal China to sustain Chinese children, China wet and land!
bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to improve
my son's standard. in coming year end fulfill us with due joys and
anxious free. grant us a flight tour for better means of travel and

Monday, December 12, 2016

in woz's cold, and my sciatica.

dreamt of Jack Ma or alike. dreamt I was in relocation. then enrolled
by a company like Alibaba.com. I found my colleagues in confidence to
buy its stock shares at high price, near $21. then I felt the company
boosting. then Ma came to interview us, while I busy with reading its
finance report or company establishment. Ma had no place to sit down,
for the online seat among my roommates occupied by me. after found
that I calmly shift the stool to Ma. its a facing lake ground house,
among other flat houses which now Alibaba's warehouse and delivery
center. there were lots of flies with silver coat when I reading the
document. Ma offers our department deduction rate, which
quite generous. he likes leisure and strategy, grow up from wealthy
southeastern China. last weekend I brought my son, woz, Hope of China,
going cinema. we watched Japanese animation "Your name", which
currently records largest box office. its a touching story, reminds me
of my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. woz complained too soon
after last month's cinema. he upset by his internet unaccessible, for
his mom attempting switch another ISP, replacing cable modem with
fiber Optic cable while the telcom claimed currently no channel
available and had to wait for next upgrade of capacity. however, we
managed to borrow neighbor's internet to play his favorite game,
"garden warfare 2". his cold lasts 2 weeks and no recovery soon. his
cough lets me anxious. I tried to hold him longer showered yesterday
in hotter water even he complained, hoping the heat drives away more
or less his cold. God, dad, in your bliss I didn't visit hospital for
more than a decade, share my fitness with my dearest son, bring him
more exercises and sports trains. spare his sight from intensive
android games. grant his proud dad to equip him a pair of new shoes
before our hometown journey 3rd, and clothes update via his cousin's
online shop. God dad, bare us even in poverty and illness, unshakeable
joy of hope and faith. bring me sooner my Royal China to uphold my
Empire of China in 1109 years ahead, far more stable and concrete
sovereign with neighbor Japan, and America. Grant us financial
independence in coming salary. thx Dad.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

planning winter vacation with woz.

recent unsettled matters leads me less blogging. this dawn dreamt my
broken bromance with my Tibet artist friend, Bempa Chungdak. I saw in
his domineer friend, another artist when we made friend in Tianjin
where they studied art and craft design in Tianjin art college. in the
bossy friend, Li, or my once department leader in QRRS, Sun, his house
with his family, ie. his wife and only child. I waited Bempa spare his
time for me, while he silently co-works with his partner, later shift
to a workshop and closed the door behind. I saw their sculpture and
other works, till they open the door again and returned to the lounge.
Bempa still kept me muted, can't left his pal away. so I bitterly
left, knowing our bromance fades forever, likes what I have now in
reality. these days coming lunar new year festival holiday enthusiasm
haunted me a lot, I longing for 3rd flight with my son, woz, to our
hometown. my 2 elder sisters both asked me to come in gathering to
spend the largest festival among Chinese. and my youngest elder
sister's little son will hold wedding ceremony then. my sister
promised offering us ¥5000 for flight and travel. my son likes air
travel very much. but my credit debt will refrains us from modern and
elegant voyage inc airline, according rumor on PRC's finishing civil
solicitous credit system, even the cost between airline and railway
almost ignorable. my acide kid brother tentatively advised us to pick
railway which is dirty, exhausting and slow, according his research
there is a straight line between Qiqihar and Wuxue, our hometown. he
had tried most means to hurt me, lower promised aid monthly,
cheatingly evaded returning my credit cards he took away. there must
be hidden iron curtain in his living sphere. even last month salary
casually incresed to ¥5000, the department cashier woman attempted to
coerce me into obedient and idiotly satisfied. I have more renewal
online to pay while my only working credit card diluted its facility
to zero. God, dad, improve me higher to see safety of my properties,
shift me anxiousless from uncertainty of my unclaimed sovereign. dad
God, bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and my
Royal China. bring us home and palace for settlement. grant us an
enjoyable journey in woz's winter vacation, and workable credit for
spanning things network in our living standard.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

breakthrough to uphold my portal online.

first dreamt with my youngest elder sister, I saw my prelife and felt
creepy. then my past dad appeared and let me clean my ear. with help
of tool, I managed dug out a ball of earwax. then barely with finger I
dragged 2 large slices of earwax out, each the size of main palm, like
meat slice or vegetable ones. I felt glad and told my son's mom, who
also glad and our relation likely resume to its warm intimacy. I
loathed to that backward and woke up, still felt left ear clearer and
sharper actually. past week a bit messy for my web assets need renewal
while sinking PRC desperate blocked it. thx God, my icbc credit debt
right cleared and the credit card resumed to normal status, after 2
visits the largest bank in PRC to unlock strange freeze which defies
several tries its clerks attempted on routine counter. still the
credit quota is zero. I was suggested to deposit before paying with
it, like a debit card. most needed USD account took another visit to
the HQ to unlock, again with zero quota. I then tried to pay my USD
shopping via paypal which can handle currency conversion
automatically, but this time paypal strangely defied my logon. changed
many times password I still can't logon via vpn. so I buzzed its
Beijing office and cordially resolved it. but again strangely paypal
declined my payment to amazon, google, godaddy even my PRC account
fund enough, and previously never fail. its just freak out. then I
gave up and directly switch to alipay, largest e-payment tool in PRC,
and succeeded. God, dad, unclear my future web portal will survive,
but God, mercy in your fortitude of my publication based on free
service like google blogspot, zoho sites, etc which is abundant. grant
us 3rd flight tour to my hometown with woz, dearest son. bring me
sooner my Royal China to sustain the prosperous of Asia under
discipline. bring me year end bonus to enrich the celebration of new

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ICBC failed me twice.

first dreamt of taming lion. my once leader in QRRS, deputy CCP cadre
Zhou Kaiming, or my once colleague in QRRS cable station, Sun Feng,
demonstrated how to constantly padding lion's body's edge and hummed
short syllable to pacify the large cat. then on my own I started to
interactive with lion, including massage lion's toes, even trying
using Chinese needle to acupuncture to comfort it. it's terrifying to
let lion accept you, at least in dream I even in the end still felt
intimidating. then dreamt with my classmates, which mixing my
university and senior middle school alumni, in a march of experience.
everybody has a role, like monitor, flagger, propagation, etc, while I
was in charge of stamp, ie. official verification. we roamed times on
the same road, for boring orthodox drives anyone away. when finally
experiment lesson started in a classroom, I was chosen by the monitor
to dissect something. I did but disgusted to wake up. this week I
thrilled by coming unfreeze of my 2 icbc card, a debit salary card and
a credit card. it turns out neither succeed. I visited icbc HQ twice
but still in clouds who freezed my salary, now that icbc clerks all
claimed they didn't. its credit first time so said unlocked by the
card department director and let me wait a day to use, which is a fake
claim. after failed to shop online with it, I buzzed icbc hotline and
told unfreeze a locked credit account takes application, so I
immediately entrust him to apply for me. the agent did and asked me
wait for another 3 or 5 days. but next day, Monday this week, icbc
local branch called me to confirm fee of less than ¥100 taken from me
before resume my credit card, I admited at once. next day I tried
again to shop with the credit, but after twice failures sadly found my
credit quota decreased from original ¥10000 to zero. I even didn't
know a credit card with 0 credit is of any usage. so I buzzed the HQ
card department director, he advised to apply to icbc national HQ,
while the latter refutes to its local branch. in the loophole I
decided to visit the clearance center of icbc Qiqihar as the phone
bank receptionist tipped, but the its office location outdated and
removed. returned to local HQ, the card department director suggested
me deposit in its credit before shopping via it, like using it as a
debit, to win the bank over again for credit. I tried to argue with
him my credibility, my cyberspace startup, but seemingly defying me
credit is order from higher official and undebatable. so 2nd visit
icbc Qiqihar HQ fruitless except at last the director let me buzz him
next day for which freezes my salary now that ICBC didn't. I know
larger factor in PRC politburo intervenes my financial renewal of my
web assets. they desperate deprive my source of basic living and
business. God, dad, my throne against no one in its mightiness. grant
us innocence against dirty manipulation against my Royal China's
regime. bring me sooner my girls, my offspring in our new family that
lasts 1109 years ahead when China as an Empire reset. grant me
resource to update my ownership over our web assets. grant us a joyful
flight tour hometown in lunar new year.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

dreamland in Japan again before credit card unlock.

dreamt lingering in Japan and fell in love with a Japanese girl.
mostly dream scene in a room of a Japanese girl friend's house. a
little girl teaches me Japanese characters and gradually loves me. we
also practice martial art. then in a sleep my penis persistently
hardened and our love perceived by other Japanese boys there. they
plotted to challenge me, while the girl and the little girl manage to
avoid the death trap. I also dreamt rooted my smartphone via dirty cow
deploit. this week busy with restore 3 os from backup against dubious
intrusion and succeeded. days out and days in I endured to the day my
icbc cards' unlock. on Wednesday I first time visited icbc office to
manage to unlock them, after found even credit debt cleared and
automatic unlock didn't happen. buzzed the phone bank reception desk,
I was told there was a new transaction led me in debt of another $1.7
due to pay. I borrowed ¥100 from dorm canteen operator and tried to
clear the credit debt but failed on ATM. visited the branch office and
even with help of crew I failed to unlock my salary debit card. I also
was told unlocking credit card needs to be handle in local HQ. I
waited and busy for 2 days. then I visited the headquater on noon
yesterday. on counter debt was cleared but credit card department
director told me unlock needs a day to work. and clerk granted all
normal privilege on my salary card, but still failing transaction for
status abnormal. I thought might be the credit debt still persistently
preventing, so I returned in waiting. yesterday is shopping festival
on taobao.com, Chinese largest online store. I didn't buy anything for
all pay method freezed. but I know shopping heals and makes one
happier. I badly need to buy my son and my own a pair of backup
electric toothbrush. my web asset renewal also due to fill. God dad,
grant us credit to live in modern style. bring me my Royal China to
unlock the dead trap in failing PRC and its dictative CCP. grant us
3rd flight tour in join lunar new year holiday in our hometown. grant
me resource of self-relying in our publication.

Monday, November 7, 2016

in peace 2nd snow of winter 2016.

dreamt first my passed mom help neighbor managing large herd of
gooses. the gooses swept shallow water and ate lots of plants and
bugs. the reward is cheerful, we can ate one or two without lose the
deposit base. then dreamt in open cinema with hometown folks. I
brought camera and saw the possibility of being caught by regulation
not allow to shoot. then before the ending, I dived into water below
to bring somewhat command and my 2nd elder brother in charge of summon
the folks to execute the order. last night 2nd snow in 2016 winter in
Qiqihar cover the ground with thick quilt. I ate rich breakfast and
full with satisfaction. these weeks with online audio ebook, I
learning and time elapses quick, results less blogging. my son showed
me his gaming skill ever improving when he epted made progress in old
game "family guy". he more or less too idle and urges me new training
or tasks for him, while I busy with preparing him live now channel on
youtube as windows of American life. long time waited game, "Lost
planet 3" also downloaded and I tried awhile. his mom mocked me when I
lingered there. but her Le smartTV, equipped less than half year,
wrecked and persuade by support crew to give up normal usage but just
as a monitor. so the messy poor woman consulted me how to connect the
monitor to her notebook, which also mine shift to her a year ago. I
offered her a backup hdmi cable and urged her restore a functional
smartTV, but I knew all my efforts less likely working: the cheap
bitch dare to curse nobody but me, bundled her with our son. I told my
son my analytics in his mom's twist fantasy and sick preference, her
cheap temper and behind frustration in her being uselessness while
desperate need for trade. God, dad, my life so long trapped within
these unholy beasts including my son's mom and her family. grant me
and my son elegent soul mates in our world. bring me sooner my Royal
China for healthy competition and wellbeing of humanity. bring me
sooner the unity of Christian universe. grant us independent finance,
empower me renew our web assets and maintain growing of our cyberspace

Monday, October 31, 2016

dream to be free again without credit debt burden.

dreamt confined by police in library. in winter now I usually close
tight my window lest waste networked heat. but that results in late
wake up in morning and missing dorm canteen breakfast. so I set alarm
on my cellphone. as side effect, I usually felt sleepy after unnature
woke up. this morning I at first busy with setup a migrated vision of
agarten.in under domain dabbog.com, lagging internet soon drove me
onto bed. In dream I brought my son, woz, haunted nowhere to find a
place to dwell. then when we leaving I let woz waited me awhile I
returned to library to pee. enter the hall, I found some people
watching a bull head on the wall, like hunting trophy. at first I
thought that's my work, then found its in fact copies of my works and
posted everywhere in the libary, attract lots of audience. among
people arrested under the bull head, one is a policeman, he listened
my claim calmly but replied I wouldn't allowed to leave in response of
the demonstration. when I doubting how to inform my son in waiting
about my dangerous situation, my 2nd elder sister in red clothes
appeared in the library and didn't recognize me. soon I found in the
central area of the hall, my son settled there among reading crowd,
including my sister. before detained or imprison I woke up from nap.
past week I sometimes woke up earlier upon good news of coming unlock
my salary card and ICBC credit card, now that with this month salary
paid to ICBC, my credit debt to the PRC largest bank will clear. In
bare waiting my kid brother's aid to cope every month living cost,
usual it will be ¥700 since my brother latest visit, my younger
brother buzzed in. he just brought his technician toured England.
according him that cost ¥30000. I then just settled site's migration
and with confidence persuaded my kid brother additional 300 helping me
resolving running debts among local contacts, and bad need to replace
shoes. he admited in the session, a loan of ¥1000. but later 2 days he
didn't remit me as promised. he is a man vulnerable of bitter
feelings, and in the case he not evaded again. when I on bus fetchinng
my son for monthly cinema with hard bargained loan from canteen
operator woman, ¥300, my brother buzzed in to check his damage on our
schedule. he failed to persuade me gave up my redundant phone number.
after the cinema, I check ATM and the promised aid right in its
position. with it, my doubts cleared and much glad found discount area
has a nice shoes for me priced ¥40. all the weekend turns brilliant
with the aid and hope of affirmative. on Sunday morning I with my only
¥20 bought hazelnut from street vendor near woz's community after near
a month I didn't buy my son fruits as usual. the hazelnut rewards us
in quality, large, crisp and delicious. at these moment in a sunny
morning, God dad, I pray in holy my life out of uncertainty and hatred
from sinful PRC dictation, stands peaceful, firm and hopeful. pray our
happy gathering every occasions with adequate financial support. bring
me sooner my Royal China for the prosperous China as well as eastern
Asia, bring me new family with my girls and our offspring. grant me
painless purchases and supportive credit and income base, esp my
cyberspace startup. thx, dad God.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

dreamt Japan preparing war.

dreamt helping Japan in war. it's a lengthy dream. at first Japan just
in war and everywhere Japanese motivated and celebrated to join army.
I happened to be in Japan and take part in their parties, from rooms
to streets, learning their culture in ritual. then I applied to join
their army and likely accepted. but it's all in prewar, I just saw
group of soldiers busy with their operations. later in a room for war
donation, I gave all my money, ¥335. the staff recognized me and
teased me on my donation, but I made him registered my share. the
dream delayed me from breakfast, but it's such a strange dream.
yesterday I busied more than half day trying install google apps suite
on my cheap Chinese smartphone yet failed. its bit boring to hack the
gear. and I saw Chinese government blocked google service in one hand
while buying from world wide to develop most hacking tool on the other
hand to break through wall with malware, just aiming compromising its
citizen's security and private. I wouldn't take the bait. the world is
sad for the poor, even google itself increase their smartphone's
price, while its gapps suite so hard to install on Chinese product in
conflict of their service. and dictation in PRC day by day risk common
Chinese life and future to build war reservoir against mostly its
civilian, then the US which responsible for world democracy and peace.
in no way the tyrant in PRC will stop playing fire before forced to
quit dangerous suicide, like spoiled son of bitch in north Korea in
cult of wicked worship and dead totalitarian. God, dad, we suffered so
much in welcome the world democracy, in Christian united world of just
and independent. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain progress
China maintains since Ming Dynasty under my ancestor's title, Zhu.
bring me new family and offspring with my beloved girls, Asoh Yukiko,
Lyu, TW. grant my son and me new flight journey, finace independent,
and booming cyberspace startup, our portal online.

Monday, October 17, 2016

sins in sinking PRC and its dorm.

dreamt with Iron Man Elon Musk. he first introduced himself to me on a party. then I with him to his factory where I saw his rocket, which has 3 different speed empower to exceed gravity of air, earth, and sun. there are some pupils made advantage of his device and nail the window open and instant shift from one side of reality to another by climbing over the window. then saw Musk's family, his ongoing projects including raising fund, his charm among people. this week a bit busy: I tried hard to install google apps on my cheap new smartphone. comparing India where every new smartphone should have google apps ready, I can safely assert PRC losing in coming decade by turning down its people qualified service like google and all free web and shift to its domestic poor copycat inherits sinful. PRC people lose so much in strangling with its top-down dictative enslavement. on weekend reuniting my son, woz, we proud of our time together. due to mounting surveillance over my son's vpn, I had to spend more time just got his android applications updated from google play store. but anything elsewhere likely went smoothly. we felt triumph upon economic pinning down, dangerous circumstance around us, all by PRC dictation who more and more insanely fearful under our demonstration and turbulent PRC social unstable. we recently seldom play windows game, for downloading from steam or origin heavily lagged by China surveillance. we just cope with free web and security update. last Saturday heat system starts in service, and the dorm turns much better for dwelling. even in solitary, dogs around in the dorm desperate entangles me. the gay in nearby room using his protend coughs as weapon and spit quite messily on corridor and disgusted me. the big dog also humiliates me with his ill surveillance: each night if I go to bed later, he will stay his door open and make alarm sounds on corridor to urge my sedative, like any of his business or concern. I pray God disappears the sin and free me from poisonous environment. God dad, bring me sooner my Royal China, bring me a tidy work and life space anxiousless. grant us free of wants, finance independence, borderless web. in coming season allow us to renew our web assets as scheduled. thx for this sunny morning, God dad.

Monday, October 10, 2016

preparing passport in dawn dream.

dreamt of preparing my passport. this 2 weeks a bit astray: I too glad
to enjoy our new gadgets and their functional. also reunited my son in
celebration of PRC holiday. we went to movie, visited my dorm. before
his tour with his revengeful mom, I warned him about dangers in travel
and hope he less with his mom's desperate tour. the day before
yesterday on way returning to my dorm, there was almost an accident: a
motorist hit me and crashed my phablet in my notebook bag. thanks God,
I was intact. then I ordered a replacement from taobao.com. this dawn
I dreamt a lot about applying Unite State's passport. there likely
linked to my elder sister's recent call in which she let me know my
nephew's wedding near lunar new year and invited us to flight to join
them. at first I gladly admitted, then found my dearest sister, 3rd
elder sister, didn't really invite us. what's more, my younger brother
likely covertly plotted framing us in humiliation for we are currently
too poor. so I told my son we might rebuff it. then holy spirit
affirmed me the hometown journey, our 3rd flight tour. in dream I
first don't know how to compose application, only puzzled in wording
of causes. then gradually I see the categories of travel intention,
like business information, visiting friend, tourism, etc. then saw in
dream I chose BIX or something stands for business information
exchange, and lots of uncertainty of the audit outcome. I pee once
then dreamt again the applying process. in the end my senior middle
school alumnus, Chao Lixin, who aided me get my first domain,
be21zh.org, and a scholar in US since his Phd, and Wujiang, my Nankai
Univ alumnus, dropped me a visit. the former kindly check my
application and offer some tips, while the latter look through my
form. I finally got insight the meaning of categories of travel
causes, and saw large flow Chinese in PRC moving cross border. I saw
what happening in American embassy in China and handling of passport
application. God, my life can be limited to mainland of PRC, but grant
my son and my other offspring free migration among Christian united
one world. bring woz to peaceful nation before PRC war bubble burst
out. bring me sooner my Royal China to bring peace on the eastern
Asia. grant me financial independence and complete annual renewal of
all my domain and hosting plan. grant woz his 4th flight to his
grandpa's hometown and merry union with his cousins there. thx, dad,
in God's mercy.

Friday, September 30, 2016

a holiday ruined by idiot.

dreamt relocated within QRRS. in dawn dream I was assigned by my once
and long time employer, QRRS, again and work for its labor union. I
was called by the director, who told me my routine before read his
newspaper. I then interviewed by some other leaders in the department.
most of my job is dispatching newspaper, and at first I missed and the
director asking my sending his desk. then I discussed him about
digitalization of those subscribed newspaper for available for all
staff at same time in additional searchable feature. later dreamt
detailedly gaming, in which we drive and fly through all scenes of
urgent flee before destroy all enemies blocking. coming PRC national
day holiday I previously arranged my son going cinema with me, then
shopping Walmart and finally ported a night in my dorm. but his mom,
the cheap small woman, again will bring my son in tourism. the
relentless bitch desperately compete with me by offering my son evil
and destructive gift like travel. she never shared her tuition
earnings while occupied the house all time and does no chores when we
lived together. she didn't earn much from her jobs so cheap but she
never stop attempting won my son from me with her poisonous offer.
Dad, God, my son in many cases stupidly trying annoying me after
received his mom's stupid gift like tourism by ignoring my message via
digital gadgets I equipped him in last years. Dad God, free him from
his mom's stupid and stubborn like beast. he and his mom both do no
hurt me by that mean behavior substantially but just make me sad. in
my life blessed, I saw so many poor quality persons including my
siblings, women around me. God dad, I just need a considerate partner
so long, without cheating, without silent war, without psycho problem.
why I so hard to win world in my wise and faith unbeatable? God, dad,
bring me sooner my Royal China to family me. bring my girls, Asoh
Yukiko, girl TW, girl LYU, to soothe my pains among embarrassing
qualified poor people. grant me financial independence, warm me and
embed me with firmer holy commitment. thx dad!

Monday, September 19, 2016

dreams in Taipei.

I was likely in tourism to Taipei. when we lined up in front of
parliament hall, I bored and scratched pocket, then finger nails drag
out a toll of large amount old era bills hidden. my neighbor
schoolmates found at once and yelled. I evaded chase and made sure the
amount is large. I or schoolmates commented: in communism anything you
found will be confiscated, or seized by larger organization and only
in lawful nation your findings belongs to u. then in the monitor and a
girl schoolmate's house in Taipei they invited me. her mother
preparing meal for us. the monitor persuaded me honestly to check the
ancient bill again and try to save in bank. when I heading to bank
accordingly, the monitor and the girl trying to accompany me. its
about 5am, after noted the dream I returned to bed. dreamt jogging on
road near qrrs, my once and long time employer. met many foxes running
around, they didn't attack even fearsome. then more flying mouse,
flying crane or flying pig or goose, with their baby under their belly
in air. then in the girl schoolmate's house I busy writing down my
dream. her mother blamed me not helping her clean house. I told her
blogging and shift away to write on a paper pens holder. this 2 weeks
mostly fought GFW for my son's access English web. his internet via
vpn insanely blocked. I sometimes a full morning tried all means to
penetrate the iron curtain, just aiming bring my son amazon prime
video, among which lots of qualified kid English TV programs. I also
prepared myself an alternative os for secure operation, android-x86.
like in cold war I frequently felt insecure against government backed
hacking in sinking PRC, world largest and last hooligan. this weeks
mostly raining. the rain drop is the most in my 25 years in
northeastern China. I enjoy the rhythm so much! also in the rain I
picked my son to dine out while his mom arranged a boy schoolmate of
my son visited their house. my son accompanied the boy schoolmate till
saw him off. our shoes both sucked by water but fortunately its no
cold. we ate fish but woz ate less. returned to dorm, I sensed my
son's lose in my unable to prepare him friendship, career, payment or
reward like I prepared him tablet, cellphone or smart watch. I sensed
his loneliness and uncertainty ahead, while I demanding upon his
focus. next morning I resumed more or less courage, known that I can't
cover my son his life but God does. I sang in my workload to reinstall
his dell notebook os. in dining out I told him I will do my best and
likest as usual. he admitted. last day of lunar Mid-Autumn holiday he
asked to dine in dicos, after near half year absence since our debt
crisis. God dad, grant us financial independence. bring me sooner my
Royal China to support my life and family. bring me my Empire peaceful
for glory of the Son. free me from prison and notorious of debt trap.
in the rainy Autumn shed more sunshine to warm my bed. thx, dad God.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

meanings in rain rhythm.

dreamt of my relocation. last night the rain rhythm was one of the most beautiful moment in my life. this morning I felt sleepy and dreamt of in my hometown with my teenage friend, Fang, a professor now in my crisis of jobless. I saw myself rode a bike on mountainous road to visit Fang's village, where he suggested I trying to find a job in City Huangshi, means yellow stone, where he once worked there. I said I would be a driver then sought promotion to office work, refuted his suggestion of straightly more elegant job he will help. my son and his mom arrived before my departure. my son is very smart and touchingly attached to me. we tried our best to farewell with hope of survive and larger grace. its unclear why there was no bitterness in dream with son's mom. the rain lasted for more than 2 days, longest ever in my impression in Qiqihar where 25 years spent for holy commitment and glory before sticking out. this week I saw how beautiful a sound system can be. the new bluetooth speaker works independent with its own os, battery. I can rely it to entertain myself out of computer and online. harness my listening I will be less boring with too much reading online. in this aim, I bought a google chromecast audio yesterday for audio ebook and podcast in Chinese websites, during credit debt crisis which weighted my heart. I even envision I will listen some online university courses like accounting, economics, statistics, etc. God, dad, I never regret for what I spent in last 2 years by my credit card, every hardware substantially improve my living standard. grant us new gears updates current times and meaningful for future we share with the world. bring me sooner my Royal China to update the broken infrastructure under evil communism administrative abusing absent Lordship in my ancestor's title. bring me sooner my new family with my Queens and offspring. thx for the sunshine upon my visit my son 2 hours later.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

a day celebrating sound system.

a laughable dream. in dawn dream in my hometown while I busy with my stuff, my nephews, a dear and a far relative, watching TV quiz program. then they won prize of ¥70,000. that's great but I'm not moved and continue my work. then the TV program woman from Shanghai visited with my passed mother's companion. soon I got known their plan, they want reward me for my higher education background for promoting their program's popularity, instead of the 2 kids. before I reply I woke up. last night I busy lately 0pm till music library all settled for my new bluetooth speaker. I previously backup quite some music library but till got some new albums from domestic online shared space I felt satisfied. yesterday PRC broke down my vpn just before I setup the new gadget for google music. I contacted support crew of vpn but yet figured out what's the problem. that proves my doubt that GFW still have control upon my vpn as well as internet which among every level from root to endpoint in their manipulation. last week my son brought by his mom who hated and challenged me quite long, to tourism to far northeastern seashore now under Russian control. the small woman tentatively denied informing me their destiny, and let down my son's mobile as usual. in the 7 days esp lately around Saturday, now that dorm canteen operator held their sister's wedding ceremony and out of service, and I had only ¥30 in pocket, I missed my son very much and unable to reach him in air. I felt the gap son's mom tentative torn up between me and my son under her custody. I felt the despise my son shown influenced by his sinful mom. in the night I thought through if I live without my son's visit and fight for new family on my own from scratch again, and felt quite ready. but next day after I buzzed my son as holy lets, after we reunited and known their tour in neighbor city across border, I forgive their bigot. I brought my son to cinema and dined out after that. God arranges a bonus from QRRS, my once and long time employer, ¥500. I returned remnant of debt for buying woz sony sw2, recharge restaurant subscription of Formosa pie. the rest I shifted to son's mom or the grandma for laundry for me, first time in half year since the credit crisis and unable to pay my support for son's living cost. its as glad as usual weekend reunion except on Monday. returned to dorm I waiting for my dear sound entertainment gadget so hard. setup like a breeze, then amazing workable arrives. while google music unavailable in PRC at the moment, I listened music archives all day. isn't it a wonderful world of innovative tools?
God dad, I'm so satisfied by your dome. bring me sooner my Royal China to deserve the ever fresh new world. rid me off debt and embrace the brave new world. grant me new family with my girls and steers my vested kingdom to new millennium to be more prosperous and peaceful.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

dreamt of graduation alone.

dreamt of just graduated. in dawn dream I gathered with schoolmates
before leaving for society. I commented after philosophy major we do
understand better abstract noun and use it better. I again didn't
attend graduate exam and gave up applying my certificate of bachelor.
after almost all other schoolmates left I stayed with my beloved girl
to farewell the dean office. I holding my girl who will stay in
Tianjin, where her hometown and work in petroleum industry, deeply and
she accepted with tendering. I will make living with what I have
except scholar proof. when the office administrator woman saw our way
off, she told me anytime when I need my certificate, I can return to
her and she will help. in dream my university schoolmates mingled with
senior middle schoolmates. for example, Zhang Chongfu, my Nankai
alumni who loaned me ¥2000 back to about 2008 appears, but the girl
accepts me as my girlfriend, likely my senoir middle schoolmate Luo
Hui. its really touching for after so long we didn't express love each
other in campus but still she accepts me at once after I carees her,
and we mean sincere in our first social occupation for living together
and support each other. and our schoolmates, the faculties so kind.
its a bright morning now. my son again brought by his relentless
mother into tourism. the woman copy my way of life and to my son,
enjoys current life without spares. previously she just deposit and
grab any changes into her wallet. but now she desperate to spend off
before our son's future expenditure in growth. is it her conspircy or
suicide in hatred, I don't know, but she lost base of trust and
stability. my son visited my dorm last Friday. with borrowed ¥300 we
well treated. we tried order our dine out as planned long and ate in
dorm first time. my son played video game and watched video online
while I busy with sorting my corporate email accounts and sharing them
among zhone google apps users. next morning I continued the remnant of
the task, for the night VPN unstable and I couldn't synchronize my
work online. before we left for KFC breakfast my son still played
awhile video game and we enjoy his success through a checkpoint after
hard battles against PLA. Sunday we did haircut, where I talked
political VIPs among surprised other customers there. in his mom's
house I accompanied him till his mom returned near 6pm. we gamed,
jogged outside in sunset and buy ice cream for his refrigerator.
returned to dorm the developer of our bought app, reply messenger for
sw2, replied us on twitter. so nice! dad God, this month my salary
improves to ¥2500, pl maintain the increasing and alleviate my credit
debt step by step. bring me sooner my Royal China to cater to our land
harvest. bring me closer to girls I longing so long. engage me with my
cyber startup and my tender love with my girls.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Asoh Yukiko and my TW girl appears in dream.

dreamt in a tour returning home. met my Tibet artist friend Benba
Chungdak. he collects painting job on street. then with him to campus
where his dorm hided his paintings. then I saw my 2 wives, a Taiwan
girl already with my son, and Asoh Yukiko who gracious as usual. they
trifled a small bit upon my love among them, and I blamed my son's
mom's improper grudge with Asoh. I'm so glad to see Asoh, who is so
beautiful and cordial forever. they likely disputed with persimmon
cakes and I brought the gift more for them. they waited for me too
long together in the campus. my once mentor in Nankai Univ, a woman in
family name Young, led me to where I saw my family. its such a proud
and relief, esp my Queens still so beautiful, I caress Asoh and calmed
down my son's mom, so pleasant that I woke up at once. napped again
found I carried 2 stone stamps to evaluate. the woman auditor
identified my own product and another inherited. she priced the old
one as ¥10,000 and encouraged me practize more on sculpture for true
value. its so nice dreams that I would rather not to talk any other
topics now. dad, God, I had lived without woman for nearly 10 years.
grant me my beloved girls, esp Asoh Yukiko, girl TW, to complete my
life long desire of beauty. bring me sooner my Royal China to maintain
Majesty, Mighty for beauty. grant me finance independence and
offspring prosperous.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

dreamt of imperial army.

dreamt first about imperial army of English, France, Germany. I was
with english army which I reckon best disciplined and survived world
monarchy crisis back to world war I. then dreamt with my cousin from
his village. on way passing a cave I found a tortoise in his lair and
caught it. I blamed escorts didn't bring pincer with us. then in a
factory I cooperated on crane with my once colleagues, a man and a
woman, trying protect 2 objects while moving other objects. after the
practise I will publish a book. this morning I felt sleepy. last
Friday I in holy affirmative visited my son who muted my instant
message, against risk of being cursed by his insane mom, a small
bitch. then found my son never implement our new router vpn app. I
demonstrated him again. during the process, local cop buzzed in,
saying ccb bank entreated the police station to urge me clear my
credit debt, in the courtesy of neighborhood of their office
buildings. returned to QRRS dorm, my 2nd elder sister called. she let
me know my kid brother's recent visit was trusted by my other sibling
in hometown, and blamed him didn't complete the voyage. I told her my
kid brother's wrong perception upon cheating bank, or escapage of
debt, claiming PRC's bank system all follow modern western bank's
practice, as corporate activity, no violence no cheating once common
phenomenon in old Chinese dynasties. I told her and later my kid
brother bank's penalty acceleration will soon surplus my paying back
speed with my poor salary, making my debt ever-increasing. then she
suggested helping me to pay back once for all. I knew how poor they
are but still hopeful upon resolving my credit crisis, as holy hints.
yesterday I visited my son earlier than usual after persuading him
install a reply message app on his smartwatch after he complained no
way to reply directly on it. his mom soon brought him to go cinema
after we just test out receiving social networks' im while sending
function yet problematic. God, help us get what we want. break bridge
against our universal messaging service. grant me financial
independence before it went worse. dad God, bring me sooner my Royal
China to remove the sinking nightmare of PRC aimlessness but
devastating. bring me new family and sound business in buffeting PRC
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Thursday, August 11, 2016

bitter after successful improvement among my life around.

this week very busy with innovate our internet borderless access by
install router app. I visited my son on Monday to settle it against
the bitch, his mom's curse. but she in fact absent. according my son
his mom in a 3 days tour out. we indeed enjoy more broader freedom
online. my son more or less agreed with me the endeavor after we
called it a day and watched Amazon video together with his pad game.
last Saturday I taught him a lesson when I found he didn't respect my
gift, his new Sony SmartWatch, and ditched aside. I blamed him wrong
judge upon quality of people and thing. later we reconciled in cause
of his naive. since left him I busy with fine tune my website template
for 2 days, adding page break into all articles to make homepage more
tidy with summaries, more compelling in versatile layout, esp columns.
last night after fixed chrome missing flash plugin and doesn't play
video, after enjoyed the peace of watching my favorite TV drama, I
deeply missing my son, doubting why he turned off so long, ignored my
instant message. lately around 9:30pm I buzzed him but he likely
slept. this morning I felt sleepy again after breakfast, I tried to
immerse in reading and watching but failed. in nap I dreamt I cooking
some delicacy in a niche with hotpot, the mood likely in my hometown
and my old family, except I am the husband and father. I waited and
waited while my son or my concerned more or less impatient. when I
ready to open beer, I in urgency to poo but can't help shit in my
pant. I intended to replace my under clothes in toilet room by myself
but at once woke up. God, dad, I do my best to improve our living
environment. even it likely not in my son's interest but I inspired to
do it on my own. dad, what's wrong in my son's silence upon my efforts
to equip him? Dad God, what's my futile to bring about improvement in
my son's living standard? or is it just the sinful little woman's
curse and reckless blockage? grant me good stay with my son, in my
means catering to him. bring me sooner my Royal China to fix the
uncertainty in unity my son, Hope of China, God of Universe. bring us
home and voyage with my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. engage
me with my cyberspace startup, and traffic meaningful to our web
presence. thx, Father.

Monday, August 1, 2016

pocket Sony SmartWatch 2.

first dreamt my passed parents. then dreamt as secretary of chief
scriptwriter of CCTV, PRC's official TV station. we slept on a giant
bed, like scene of Kanye West's "Famous" MTV, reviewed lots of grand
history, taiga drama, masterpiece episode, all kind of popular TV
programs created from nothing, including the most important, annual
lunar new year eve party. we help or direct lots of famous theme
commentary or documentary series, for we not only scholar but all
familiared each other to team up. we can check in without ticket
anytime. then my boss shitted some on bed and blamed me as scapegoat.
all people on bed laughed and didn't probe real trouble maker. last
week we settled woz's new Sony smart watch 2. he installed most on his
own, but while he too busy to logon facebook, twitter, gmail account,
I did instead when he is away for his lesson in my Wednesday visit
with inform of his ongoing in setup. that's more or less regret for I
promised him he handle the new gadget himself, for the sake of
technological savvy. the celebration ends with Japanese cuisine lunch
he preferred, but he didn't eat much, in fact quite few. and after
shower later, he felt exhausted and ate less fruits, too. I also felt
sorry mingling his new gear, so I picked video games in 2 weekends. my
son joined me sooner, fought through soon in "Bioshock: infinite" till
complete, and proud progress in "L.A Noir". he needs more pals to play
with, while I babbled too much for maintain Royal linkage. in the week
bankcomm clearance crew, I mean male dog, lost patience and trying
abuse me with my asylum record. the dog even buzzed my kid brother
claiming my mental status unstable, but in fact it totally clueless
and just aiming provoking my frustration or anger. God dad, release my
son's potential to self-rely, guide him meanings in normal life. bring
me sooner my Royal China to integrate Chinese youth's future
commitment with Empire of China in 1109 years ahead. straighten holy
road toward sanity and strength. grant us finance independence, my
startup's success as voice of Royal China and merit of democratic
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Monday, July 25, 2016

return to site after busy monetization.

dreamt communist cadres' secret entertainment. in my kid brother's
last visit, I led him visited QRRS stadium where once open now
furnished lavishly and close to communist cadres, who mostly enjoy
sports, party, so on at cost of state budget. I dreamt in a villa 2
mistress, young, beautiful, beast alike entertain their customers,
cadres of state owned enterprise. then dreamt in the villa one of
founders of PRC, Mao Zedong, enjoying talk with media. I asked after
all condemns, triumphs after hard time against ruling party of China,
nationalist party, if their is any thanks or obligation to the land
and people himself belongs to in his rages of nothing. He likely prone to refute it before I wake up. these weeks especially busy with monetize my website, adding
more amazon ads after max google ads display on my portal sites. I
also tried to gain a virtual American debit card through payoneer, an
international payment tool. I previously hope I can use it to collect
my google adsense earnings and pay my web site cost without need
google remits to domestic bank, which charged dearly and delayed
heavily by lots of customs procedures. but unfortunately it support
Amazon association ad system but incompatible with google's. what a
pity! this month I also inspired by my son, woz's affection on his
watch his mom bought him, cheap one and of poor quality. I felt time
for my equipping him a smart watch. so I searched online store like
amazon, taobao, and chose a Japanese product, Sony smartwatch 2. for
my e-payment domestic as well as digital social web locked down in my
credit crisis, I borrowed ¥500 from my acquaintance, a glasses vendor
migrate from neighbor province of my hometown, Jiangxi Prov, central
China. God, dad, grant us a durable and elegant product we bought
discount. cheer up my son and myself with new purchase. this week I
felt tired of monetizing my web publish, bless me normal altitude to
build up my sites steadily. grant these sites web traffic ever
increasing. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain people's
enthusiasm once appeared in PRC revolution, which faked by sinful
Atheism. renew eastern Asia with old dream of unity and glory.
Photo Description: a big spider among QRRS Dorm's bushes when benzrad
lingered outside after dinner jog.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Monday, July 18, 2016

dream of religion leader.

dreamt I as a heir of catholic in latin American, raised by 2nd grand
bishop. the 1st bishop, or pope, more or less jealous and put me into
test. on way to my hometown, my girlfriend and me try the best to
respect the 1st bishop and cared him individually, also trying settle
my heir status. then in my hometown village zhudajiu, my 2nd brother
summons his pals to assign tasks. before the outcome of competition I
woke up. then dreamt install entertainment system for my son woz. his
aunt gossips about show business of Chinese politicians, saying the
old ruling elite is official acting band, while recent politburo is
secondary, for the old one literally does acting and practise more.
Yesterday we first time recharged our Formosa, a Taiwan restaurant
franchise, membership with aid from my kid brother's loan, since
credit crisis. we ate a richer meal there before weekly shower. we
also bought extra fruits. my son was soon brought by his mom to his
music lesson, and I waited for more than 3 hours, updating his windows
update, tried video games, till found the sinful small woman
tentatively delayed my son and detained him in downtown dining out,
prevented us reunite. the bitch revengeful even in path of decease or
dissolve. returned to dorm, near dusk, bankcomm clerk buzzed again,
trying to launch a surveillance chat. the gay alike communication soon
put aside by me and cut off after several minutes not listening but
found still on air. PRC surveillance tried hard to profaned me with
lame ducks, that's well perceived tactics. they these days frequently
evalue brutal violence against me as last resort to cohere me into
silent dead landscape the dictator sickly addictive to. God, dad,
baptize me before physic abuse, free me from trap of prison. bring me
sooner my Royal China to sustain the national pride since my ancestor.
bring my new family in new millennium ahead. boost my startup to

Friday, July 15, 2016

resume to work after rescue pack from old family.

Dreamt with my artist friend. His work, a fine paintings just awarded,
a scene of shallow space with glitter highlights. I told him my
impression of its success, he listened. Then I followed him walked
through his life space, ie. school, dorm, etc. he searches for
something in different locations, some quite disgustingly messy and
dirty. 2 children of his school faculties played in one scene, on a
large stone cave and adjacent platform. When I tried hard to climb
down from the stone platform to leave with my artist friend, I woke
up. These days mobilizing my website comes to a end, all job done,
even amazon ads quite some cases doesn't show. I tried to reach help
of amazon support but strange errors blocked my posting my problem on
its discuss board. I quit with doubts that China surveillance
interfered. This week can't be better with tension relieved by kid
brother's financial help. In months I can again offer a blind man and
a mid-aged farmer woman some changes for charity. I also renew
subscription of snack on dorm gate vendor. I also renew subscription
in a Taiwanese restaurant, Formosa Pie, for weekend reunion with my
son. Its badly urgent for all groupon of dining out ran out. In a
word, our weekends saved. Bankcomm clearance crew daily buzzed in but
they more and more ran out of respect and patience. They abused their
privilege to contact client and I will more shut off conversation with
the hostile staff. I also tried to reach out on twitter and
kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gotrus/746383975/share
) to celebrities like Warren Buffet, Musk Elone, Jeff bezos for help
surviving my website under sinking PRC's strangle and debt trap. God,
dad, isn't my business booming? Bring my Royal China to family my
girls and offspring, support my new family with base of my website in
coming decades. Dad, God, I see clearly space of development of my
enterprise, or my Empire of China reset for 1109 years ahead.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Friday, July 8, 2016

tightened loophole.

dreamt to marry a minor tribe girl. the girl's family likely lives in
mountainous southwestern China. according to their custom, first
daughter will never marry but as heiress of family and move to second
daughter's marriage as escort. I'm happy with the marriage and in the
eve of wedding ceremony I talked with my brother-in-law near a
campfire while eating. I let him not to allow wind fire licks my
woollen shirt while I sat closely around the fire. then my past dad
passed away, he unhappy my casual but insecure way near fire. he gazed
me with anger then I woke up. my fiance is the second daughter of the
family which has 3 daughters. and she is likely tall, thin and
beautiful. yesterday bankcomm again buzzed in and talked detailedly
about my family, my finance. she got my son's mom's, and my kid
brother's mobile number. the dorm canteen operator also inquired how
is their loan of boarding and urged they in short of cash. in the
night I busy with fix typo among my sites on my wiki page. after
settled it time to bed. I surfed awhile then went to bed. on bed I
deeply frustrated by urged by nearby acquaintance. the operator family
long time has a different tradition or culture I reckon sinful from
mine. they not only hurry me to pay back their loan but also attempted
blocking my boarding there. without them and with my frozen salary by
PRC's credit administration, I will starve. the once workplace, QRRS,
likely adopted a stance not to intervene. my financial crisis roots in
poor salary which below ¥2000 decades. my living expense is the amount
and bank commision now rises to near that amount again. God, dad,
where is the way to survive the adversity the sinking PRC, the theft
of my vested Empire of China, setup? how to fund my startup for China
democracy and Royal of China? dad God, help me in the darkened
nightmare and threatened living. bring me my Royal China, my always
gospel, my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to shine over my
troubled pool of finance. bring me peace in building up my kingdom of
plenty and prosperous.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

there will be resolved.

in dawn dream I with my son, woz, made a huge package under PRC's
surveillance against adversity. woz's even bigger than mine. last
Friday the dorm canteen operator demanded me returning their loan of
boarding for they in short of cash. I have no way but my work place to
seek last help. so I visited my once department leader, now assistant
manager of QRRS, and discussed my unbalanced situation. he asked for
my mobile and promised informed me if QRRS leader has any solution
extends to me. returned to dorm, bankcomm clerk woman buzzed in. I
talked about my mortgage which intact so far. I suggested her to
elaborate with my workplace leader. last Saturday I brought my son
watched "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)" and
we both satisfied. his mom tentatively arranged my son's schedule too
pushy not to allow we dwelling more together. my son's mobile, a
nexus, very specifically targeted hacked, disabled vpn and revealed
messenger. I also lost temper upon my son's loose management of
security. but God dad, isn't they can't afford their losing and barked
loudly now to upset us? the sinking PRC surveillance, the dog system,
from start to end is a failure. they boast their triumph, times and
times targeted my son's computers, they in fact chasing its own tail
like mad dog. God, dad, I was aging and hostile in my circumstance
alerts me for hidden dangers. God, dad, I wouldn't exit with regret.
for glory of Son I will bring about, for Empire of China reset ahead
of 1109 years, I will stride to explore. dad God, grant me freedom of
financial independence. bring me my Royal China to tip turn the
sinking PRC dictation , and freak atheism worship now insaner and
mortaler. let my cyber startup booms.

Monday, June 27, 2016

prelude of bank's clearance.

Dreamt of 2nd son of my 2nd brother sick, his brain grows out of
skull. Then dreamt bank clearance clerk and cops visited my house,
scan my documents, tool box, all stuff about my entrepreneur. My once
workplace, QRRS cable TV branch, its most crews gathered likely with
subpoena. Some of them suggested me handover my most recent and
cherished tool box. I admit and suggested the searching clerk about
the toolbox but found the toolbox missing. Then I out of rage and
burst in angers. Its raining and likely in my hometown village,
Zhudajiu. I also during the investigation doubting add a TOS, Term of
Service onto my websites from template my site's dynamic backend web
app offers. My nephew appears again trying to calm me, with his
illness. Last weekend bankcomm.com clearance clerk informed me 3 times
before shift my case to its law enforcement department after I admit
unable to pay after 3 months. They tired best to prevent it by
persuading me to gather the amount, about ¥3000, to hand in in time.
But I really sick to beg my alumni, my relatives again after these 3
months my finance fell in trouble and lots of survival fights bank
suggested. The bankcomm soon buzzed my relatives, including my kid
brother, a foolish and mean man with his startup, my son woz. I got
the phone to my son on the bus to dine out after shower. I debated my
situation with the clerk woman and still felt innocent. My son dislike
my trouble and urged me leave him alone soon after we returned to his
mom's house, where we ate melon with newly handover subscription
barely from my kid brother's just arrived loan, ¥300. In dorm the
possible encountering cops and law enforcement staff from bank haunted
my mind while I started reading. Later I jogged as usual. This morning
I napped all the morning, for last night my son, woz ported a night in
my dorm and too small bed let me lack of sleep. Dad God, we have faith
in your salvage after all. Grant me independent finance and focus in
my cyberspace startup. Bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain the
bright future of young Chinese, as well as due respect of adults in
sinking PRC. Thx for the holy affirmative and sunny summer sky since
#God #AsohYikiko #dream #life #love

Saturday, June 25, 2016

live with salary frozen.

dreamt of uncle passed in my teenage. Its a sunny morning, but in dawn
dream I first time dreamt my dad's youngest brother who deceased in
his 40 or 50s'. my dad's eldest brother, a long time admirer of my
dad's marriage and family together even we were poorer, also appeared
in the village, ie outside of uncle's house. they entrusted me to find
their workplace, a factory. I tried to digitalize manually drawn map,
and also google map and searched both for location of their work unit
and their concerned persons. its a bit weird for I never dreamt my
uncle before. but God, dad, I in holy didn't believe in ghost. this
morning my salary officially freezed. I have to live with bare hands.
the canteen didn't show refusal but reserved. I will have to borrow to
pay mobile fee. my weekends reunion with my son will only support one
meal in 2 days, and the only meal on Sunday will also endangered.
meanwhile my world web access turns stable after 3 or more showily
hackings from PRC dictative curtain. dad God, the credit crisis really
draining me, buffet my mood of living happy. I took challenge, took
investment, took entrepreneur in recent years, but I now eagerer to
land safely and home. dad, God, bring me sooner my Royal China to
guard my family and offspring, guarant Chinese to independent and
China from totally collapse, like Mideastern Arab's wasteland. grant
me freedom of financial independence, grant my Empire glory of plenty
to be creative and magnitude social factors coexist and supportive.
#God #AsohYikiko #dream #life #love

Monday, June 20, 2016

in pre-warmth of summer 2016.

dreamt in our family's cabin. we had a party, inc my niece and guest
girls. then a guy spied us and joined our shuttercock game. we
together beat the guy till he confessed his role. its late night, then
we found in another room of the cabin, my niece lonely slept and fears
darkness. then we sorry and visited her as companions. we competed
with poems, including my nephews, for the peaceful night. yesterday I
had good time with my son. since last week I warned him pedophobia he
now loathed to hear my babbles, for my warn likely put his mightiness
in constrain. but he is so selfless and soon accepted my companion
again. I fed him with his favorite Chinese franchise restaurant,
Seejoys dunplings, where I only have less than ¥50 in purse and
constantly afraid of can't pay our bill there. next day, Sunday we
dined Japanese cuisine whose bill paid by our subscription digitally.
after shower I escorted him all the afternoon now that his mom not at
home, till the grandma prepared supper. I complained boring after we
tried video games and waiting for downloading. then I massaged woz,
whose neck and back under heavy usage in his frequent android gaming
and my concern to keep its resilient. my son more or less enjoys it.
after that I tried ice bag we recently ordered online for cooling our
legacy game notebook and works perfect, we applied it on woz's neck,
head. later he wrote awhile his homework and I continued trying to
sell the ice treatment. after returned to dorm, I busy restored my os
which damaged by China surveillance, first time it tentatively
disabled my vpn and forced me rebuilding it. the iron curtain
previously constantly broke in but maintained my world web accessible.
but they never gave up blocking my son browsing western video
websites. God, dad, grant my son richer entertainment, esp overseas
movies and TVs. forever win us broader access of world democracy and
its media, esp google and twitter, etc, to ensure our source of sound
news and judgement. help me cope my credit crisis with triumph, help
my cyberspace startup succeeds.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

Saturday, June 18, 2016

stuck in dream danger.

yesterday dreamt snakes everywhere around me. this dawn dreamt borrow
books from my 2nd elder brother and sister. then found in a month I
will graduate and without job. so I go to Lhasa to work. but there my
nephew, ie. first son of my 2nd elder sister and his son and other
relatives electronic sucked and lots of panic, including some of
evilous students I found from those paid my son's mom to receive her
tuition at her house when I visited son. at last I tried to rescue my
relatives and entered the electrified room, consulted nearby kids
about safe spots, jumped and trying to reach lever to cut down
electricity then woke up. this week a bit busy, upgrading my son's
intel nuc with new and larger ssd bought by my supportive credit card
from PSBC even in credit crisis. China surveillance heavily attacked
me when I prepare clean OS and backup on it. they desperate broke the
minipc and blocked my son from enjoy American movies and videos
through VPN I prepared. each time within a week after my clean built
they ruin the encrypted tunnel, make youtube and amazon video
inaccessible. and this month my once and long time employer, QRRS,
likely busier with orders. my purse almost empty but now new salary
would improve it and better. credit card issuer bank buzzed but now we
are more polite, except PSBC didn't call in so far, on air. and some
of them threatened shift me to its law enforcement department but yet
happened. but the dorm canteen operator who lent me boarding before my
promised pay, turns complainful. last night a heavy rain loudly sang
when I bought dine out groupon by PSBC credit online. its just so
blessing, so I dropped my son a phone even I doubt if its too late
around 9pm. but he is agile to pick the phone, as holy affirmed. this
noon I will reunite him in champion of new availability of
entertainment. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to host my
family. bring lifestyle we enjoyed so far. help me alleviate credit
crisis in this month salary. grant us happy weekends every week.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Friday, June 10, 2016

dream in rain.

dreamt in campus with my Nankai Univ alumni again in practice lesson.
I lost track when team launched. on half way I met some kids, I
rewarded some coins to a smart boy. when I caught up with the team,
they were leaving. I confused why these physics lessons so hard to
learn and discussed my problem with others, like ballistic track,
pounding force, etc. some of my alumni told me and I gradually grasped
it, for human have right to know what's going on in their life. so
science sometimes knows as curious as fun, doesn't always mean to
change courses, to fix something, but it tells truth even boring
truth. I met lots of classmates including girls when I arrived the
camp. on farewell party I suggested a toast and lots of biddings echo
from my classmates then I woke up. a rain in dawn turns clear even in
my dream. its a mid size rain, raindrops make happy rhythm like my
hometown central China summer rains. last night I first intended to
suffer starvation with the only noodle meal, for my only have 30rmb in
purse. near 9pm, hunger let me blue, I tried to shift focus from it
but failed. then I gave in and intended to watch and dine out my son
today, for according PRC calendar the Sunday will be a workday. I will
have to shower on Saturday rather than usual Sunday lest my son has no
vacation to do it for schooling. then I relieved and ate a candy I
prepared for my son's visit. later hunger even urgent and I had to
cost ¥5 for a street vendor snack nearby in the night. God, dad, when
is we in no want? when our enjoyed lifestyle makes us heartedly
settled? bring me sooner my Royal China to host my guests and under
Holy glory of plenty we cheer up. grant me my cyber startup booming
and credit as safe and likes a breeze.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

Thursday, June 9, 2016

dream in dragon boat day.

lunar dragon boat day holiday slides in before my notice. this morning
missed canteen breakfast among dreams and naps in early wakeup, or the
canteen already closed service in holiday likely its usual. in boring
morning I felt all world paled out in others' celebration, left me
alone and lonely. I felt cold and napped in quilt for warmth. near
noon I ate noodles in nearby restaurant after found canteen out of
service. the sunshine is faultlessly bright, but it a bit too stinging
for sunbath. I missed my son very much but decided follow Christian
calendar to reunite him in weekends, ie day after yesterday, and for
the sake of my poor wallet. which left no more than ¥30. this week my
credit card issuer bank buzzed several times, and I promised CCB whose
clearance clerk woman quite abled that I will pay it first with my
salary. bankcomm affirmed my unable to pay more than 3 times, likely
will adopt next phrase operation to secure its property. PSBC still
helping me with its credit to buy what I need, like SSD harddisk and
other item online, but its clearance clerk man too coarse to handle,
just cursed me times and times. in the afternoon I napped again to
avoid boringness, I dreamt my shared workplace visited by 2 pals of my
colleague, likely one of my Nankai Univ alumnus now lives in Canada,
or the youngest son of my uncle, which both tall and bigger build.
they invited me to name their company and trying using office computer
to find solution. I was a bit afraid them using my computer, so I
tried in mess and harsh to logout my computer but can't find keyboard
in piles of paperworks prompt. then I suddenly shout out my answer,
Tian'an in Chinese, totally safe or heavenly safe. my alumnus
approached me to cheer up before I woke up. its sunny now outside,
with classic music rather than podcast recently I listened more on
google play I felt right mood under bliss. God, dad, my income
shortage now weights me down. I saw in decades my earnings from my
blog and websites hardly supports our lifestyle we enjoyed so far with
my son since credit card power. dad, God, only ur Mightiness covers
our incomplete of life support. grant us freedom of financial
independence. bring me sooner my Royal China to sustain the brilliant
way ahead. boast my web presence and traffic that means. empower my
cyberspace startup to success. dad, I'm so complacent with my web
assets. secure them and let it deserves our effort to bring it out.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

Friday, June 3, 2016

hometown concern.

in dawn dream reviewed my passed mother helped my aunt's last child
with her 2nd husband preparing his wedding ceremony. I regarded the
2nd husband humiliated my dad and hostile toward my dad and our
family's success. but my mother always tried her best shown her
hospitality to the man and my uncle who admired her. my mother likely
hurt my dad much with her charm unselective and spare no expense. I
was asked to join the wedding ceremony in my summer vacation and
according customs carried bride's gift to fiance's family with other
young relatives in our old family. on way a steep wet slope a heavy
truck almost can't brake itself and dangerously slip downward and
almost brought me down. I narrowly escaped the truck with load of
gifts and many years after I thought its a holy salvage. the marriage
didn't last 3 years and the wife left. my mother just can't trust her
husband and fought with all her resources in her interest. then dreamt
I made 3 portable devices for data mobility. the design so effective
that I intended to shift to my son. this week began with idling then
gradually engaged. yahoo informed me to logon to keep account active.
when logon it require verification from backup mailbox, ie. google
account. in the process quite some of zhone google accounts suspended
for suspicious activities, likely PRC backed hacking. I tried several
means to report to google, which likely doesn't support human
individual handling, but machinary rules. but 3 days later, last night
my accounts unlocked and I rearranged them as planned. its such
champion like a breeze, I sang for the giant enterprise. this week my
credit card issuer bank buzzed 3 or more occasions, we agreed to shift
my unable to pay back to next phrase, even I don't know what will be.
my younger sister offered me ¥500 and I used it for weekend reuniting
my son, ie. dining out, and my medicine. I also tried to reach out to
my teenage friend, now works in college, but in vain. the teacher felt
guilty upon his empty hand and tried to arrange me in schedule to hide
his redemption. God, dad, life here runs deeper now. let's enjoy peace
of everyday. bring me sooner my Royal China to host my guests. bring
me glory of Son. grant me independent finance in my startup. thx for
the descending summer heat.

#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Thursday, May 26, 2016

woz 11 years old now.

dreamt of students protest and negotiation. after woz 11 years birthday gathering, last night I slept deep. dreamt likely in Peking Univ I gathered support students and went strike against ruling authority. my passed mother likely there cooked for canteen and listening my appeal for student's right which is vivid in dream but after breakfast untraceable. yesterday I finally told dorm canteen operator that my salary freezed by bank and I penniless. she admitted my loan for boarding. my support son's living cost also cancelled, his mom already informed by me when she inquired how I will handle the loan crisis, but even worse, I unable to hand over son's educational deposit, 200rmb/monthly as promised. she refused joining celebration I prepared for woz's 11 years birthday. locked herself in bedroom with her mother. I let my son waited for his mom return from her workplace is a waste. when kindles in position on cake by my son, we ran out of match, nor lighter. I previously intended asking son's mom to live cast the party via twitter's periscope but in reality I had to using woz's nexus mobile live stream on our own. its aweful clumsy but at least its our first live show. I quickly left my son after the reporting, in the air of contemptuous the evil woman casted upon us. in the night I published our video of the cake party, our monologue. its a chill summer, now its cloudy again in the morning. but its far from clueless. God, dad, bring us lifestyle we enjoy. grant me financial independence, esp supportive for my son's teenage. bring me my Royal China and my new family to save the broken and sinking PRC in its shrink of deterioration. prepare me for greater event in my life.

watchwoz 11 years birthday video online

or https://youtu.be/dSJNS8yCMb4



#God #AsohYukiko #dream #life #love

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

salary this month hit historic low.

first dreamt I have extra flesh around edge of my feet. I carefully cut them off and my 2nd brother found worms in it. I watched it and saw 2 worms and my brother claim he saw more much smaller I didn't see. then I thought now that I long time can't gain my master degree I should consider a job for living. I reckon teaching English and perfect my language skill. my niece asked me shift my tool, a picker to her, I admitted but loathed. then the ground floor of the building, an office of editors of a publish house, full with its staff lately returned. when I retreated, I saw a guy on way and though him too poor, so I intended to offer him ¥5 in charity. but the guy shamelessly chased after me and impatiently peek my purse and attempted using his picker tool like thief to take bill from it. I took too long to find ¥5 bill and enough by the harassment of the guy and cancel my offer. by a shallowly underground well, some woman murmured what a pity, seemingly I lost a chance to gain from my last kindness. I though they know something I don't know but too many meanings or conspires led me indecisive and woke up. previously in dawn dream I painted and let my artist friends, esp. Tibet artist Benba Chungdak, check it. he likely respects it. this month my salary reached a historic low at ¥1468, which even can't cover our living expense, ie. my son and myself. I have anticipated it restored to normal, around 3000, so hard. God, dad, what's the hell ahead for falling with sinking PRC, poverty and unprotection of social welfare or civil war's cannon fodder? dad, God, what challenge I was set in? bring me sooner my Royal China for the salvage. bring me painless through adversity currectly emcompasses me. remove the crucifixion the Son reraised from. I with happiness with the Holy in the unprecedented glory.
#God #AsohYukiko #dream #love #life

Friday, May 20, 2016

dream in prewar.

dreamt of social motivation. in dawn dream I was in team to allocate social resources. I assign reward for every personel enrolled, encode frequent used amount into quantity unit, embed short code replacing frequently used long terms like compression in propaganda slogans, which includes Zhao Benshang’s northeastern Chinese folk ballad, 二人转. civil war’s fog topmost heavy in the dream, we do our best to prepare for it. my old family’s enemy, the second husband of my aunt and his offspring, one of them is our neighbor in hometown village Zhudajiu, tempted me comment on his youngest brother’s performance, I said he is kind and popular. my passed mother in dream then asked me about myself, I said anyone know me would respect me. the enemy agreed. my mother glad upon my reputation. the dream is very clear and I needn’t hurry to blog after I woke up. this week I mostly peacefully enjoy silence before change. I watched more movies online, esp love movies which remind me of my broken love in Nankai Univ, and my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, when she studies abroad with us. I also bathed more in noon sunshine now that summer weather gradually steps in. Qiqihar this summer peculiarly cold among world report of increased temperature most places on the earth. last night I watched a Japanese episode, life in additional time. first episode about a youth values vocation more important than family and died on site and regret for his family he even didn’t know still loving him. second about common family how hard to find a better commodite like a richer meal in routine life. the good wife risk her life to bring a beef meal for her family before her decrease on rush road for discount meat. that reminds me of my burden in my trying best to support my son a better life so far, lends us to credit deficit. but I don’t regret, and only Christian saves China and Japan. only YHWH blesses world of no shortage but plenty in glory. out of him poverty and chaos breeds like rats and murders like norm, esp. in Buddhism and Islamic, in Asia and Africa. God, dad, thanks for the holy sign of rejoice. grant us a peaceful reunion this afternoon when I dine out my son grill mutton. dad, God, grant me more agile growth in my cyberspace existence. bring me my Royal China and its outline from distant view when I moulding Empire of China. fill my heart with love and brave. thx for the summer morning, God.