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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

in need of caring.

dreamt detailedly about Japanese chore machine. there are 4 or 5
cabins, with different functions, like washing clothes, shower, put on
clothes, sleeping, massage, etc. each item has checkout or deduction,
financial log function. shower and put on clothes let me lingered a
lot. clothing charges 198 Japanese Yen. I even can't leave but trying
more and more till penniless. they are all 360 rotatable, around human
body inside. putting on clothes let you extending arms and shift your
waist to slide into clothes with string direction. it even can be
erotic. I later anxious if showering robot including smart toilet
cover function. its a silent Tuesday morning. since Monday morning
hoarfrost appeared on trees. salary day coming and I put on so much
hopes. next month I will book airline and railway for our hometown
tour, among rumors that during lunar spring festival holiday train
ticket will be scarce. last Friday night my son, woz, Hope of China,
ported a night in my dorm. recent credit debt crisis drove me away
from caring his living, so many occasions I asked why he always put on
his school uniform which is boring even in weekends, he didn't reply.
I thought his mom or the grandma would buy him more or less clothes in
my hard time. but they never. in the night when we lately went to bed,
I found my son slept with an old style cotton-padded trousers, likely
the trousers too tight to take off, my anger roused thick. I know at
the moment his sinful mother never bought him new clothes. I tried to
pacify myself but can't. so I got up and ordered 2 winter trousers and
2 pants for being stylish my son deserves. I asked my kid brother to
pay instead of me, for my only reservoir in ABC bank didn't bundle
with mobile number and can't spend online. so next morning I brought
my son on way returning his mom's house visit ABC bank and settled it.
just when I preparing to pay via alipay, I found my order already
paid, likely by my brother. so I additionally bought my son a pair of
winter shoes on my own. I asked my son let me know next time when
something needed. God, dad, what a misery my son was once! what a
affirmative my role as a proud dad meaningful! dad God, never let that
happen again, never deprive me from support my son's living! bring me
sooner my Royal China to sustain Chinese children, China wet and land!
bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to improve
my son's standard. in coming year end fulfill us with due joys and
anxious free. grant us a flight tour for better means of travel and

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