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Monday, December 12, 2016

in woz's cold, and my sciatica.

dreamt of Jack Ma or alike. dreamt I was in relocation. then enrolled
by a company like Alibaba.com. I found my colleagues in confidence to
buy its stock shares at high price, near $21. then I felt the company
boosting. then Ma came to interview us, while I busy with reading its
finance report or company establishment. Ma had no place to sit down,
for the online seat among my roommates occupied by me. after found
that I calmly shift the stool to Ma. its a facing lake ground house,
among other flat houses which now Alibaba's warehouse and delivery
center. there were lots of flies with silver coat when I reading the
document. Ma offers our department deduction rate, which
quite generous. he likes leisure and strategy, grow up from wealthy
southeastern China. last weekend I brought my son, woz, Hope of China,
going cinema. we watched Japanese animation "Your name", which
currently records largest box office. its a touching story, reminds me
of my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. woz complained too soon
after last month's cinema. he upset by his internet unaccessible, for
his mom attempting switch another ISP, replacing cable modem with
fiber Optic cable while the telcom claimed currently no channel
available and had to wait for next upgrade of capacity. however, we
managed to borrow neighbor's internet to play his favorite game,
"garden warfare 2". his cold lasts 2 weeks and no recovery soon. his
cough lets me anxious. I tried to hold him longer showered yesterday
in hotter water even he complained, hoping the heat drives away more
or less his cold. God, dad, in your bliss I didn't visit hospital for
more than a decade, share my fitness with my dearest son, bring him
more exercises and sports trains. spare his sight from intensive
android games. grant his proud dad to equip him a pair of new shoes
before our hometown journey 3rd, and clothes update via his cousin's
online shop. God dad, bare us even in poverty and illness, unshakeable
joy of hope and faith. bring me sooner my Royal China to uphold my
Empire of China in 1109 years ahead, far more stable and concrete
sovereign with neighbor Japan, and America. Grant us financial
independence in coming salary. thx Dad.

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