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Thursday, December 8, 2016

planning winter vacation with woz.

recent unsettled matters leads me less blogging. this dawn dreamt my
broken bromance with my Tibet artist friend, Bempa Chungdak. I saw in
his domineer friend, another artist when we made friend in Tianjin
where they studied art and craft design in Tianjin art college. in the
bossy friend, Li, or my once department leader in QRRS, Sun, his house
with his family, ie. his wife and only child. I waited Bempa spare his
time for me, while he silently co-works with his partner, later shift
to a workshop and closed the door behind. I saw their sculpture and
other works, till they open the door again and returned to the lounge.
Bempa still kept me muted, can't left his pal away. so I bitterly
left, knowing our bromance fades forever, likes what I have now in
reality. these days coming lunar new year festival holiday enthusiasm
haunted me a lot, I longing for 3rd flight with my son, woz, to our
hometown. my 2 elder sisters both asked me to come in gathering to
spend the largest festival among Chinese. and my youngest elder
sister's little son will hold wedding ceremony then. my sister
promised offering us ¥5000 for flight and travel. my son likes air
travel very much. but my credit debt will refrains us from modern and
elegant voyage inc airline, according rumor on PRC's finishing civil
solicitous credit system, even the cost between airline and railway
almost ignorable. my acide kid brother tentatively advised us to pick
railway which is dirty, exhausting and slow, according his research
there is a straight line between Qiqihar and Wuxue, our hometown. he
had tried most means to hurt me, lower promised aid monthly,
cheatingly evaded returning my credit cards he took away. there must
be hidden iron curtain in his living sphere. even last month salary
casually incresed to ¥5000, the department cashier woman attempted to
coerce me into obedient and idiotly satisfied. I have more renewal
online to pay while my only working credit card diluted its facility
to zero. God, dad, improve me higher to see safety of my properties,
shift me anxiousless from uncertainty of my unclaimed sovereign. dad
God, bring me sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and my
Royal China. bring us home and palace for settlement. grant us an
enjoyable journey in woz's winter vacation, and workable credit for
spanning things network in our living standard.

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