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Saturday, November 26, 2016

breakthrough to uphold my portal online.

first dreamt with my youngest elder sister, I saw my prelife and felt
creepy. then my past dad appeared and let me clean my ear. with help
of tool, I managed dug out a ball of earwax. then barely with finger I
dragged 2 large slices of earwax out, each the size of main palm, like
meat slice or vegetable ones. I felt glad and told my son's mom, who
also glad and our relation likely resume to its warm intimacy. I
loathed to that backward and woke up, still felt left ear clearer and
sharper actually. past week a bit messy for my web assets need renewal
while sinking PRC desperate blocked it. thx God, my icbc credit debt
right cleared and the credit card resumed to normal status, after 2
visits the largest bank in PRC to unlock strange freeze which defies
several tries its clerks attempted on routine counter. still the
credit quota is zero. I was suggested to deposit before paying with
it, like a debit card. most needed USD account took another visit to
the HQ to unlock, again with zero quota. I then tried to pay my USD
shopping via paypal which can handle currency conversion
automatically, but this time paypal strangely defied my logon. changed
many times password I still can't logon via vpn. so I buzzed its
Beijing office and cordially resolved it. but again strangely paypal
declined my payment to amazon, google, godaddy even my PRC account
fund enough, and previously never fail. its just freak out. then I
gave up and directly switch to alipay, largest e-payment tool in PRC,
and succeeded. God, dad, unclear my future web portal will survive,
but God, mercy in your fortitude of my publication based on free
service like google blogspot, zoho sites, etc which is abundant. grant
us 3rd flight tour to my hometown with woz, dearest son. bring me
sooner my Royal China to sustain the prosperous of Asia under
discipline. bring me year end bonus to enrich the celebration of new

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