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Saturday, November 12, 2016

dreamland in Japan again before credit card unlock.

dreamt lingering in Japan and fell in love with a Japanese girl.
mostly dream scene in a room of a Japanese girl friend's house. a
little girl teaches me Japanese characters and gradually loves me. we
also practice martial art. then in a sleep my penis persistently
hardened and our love perceived by other Japanese boys there. they
plotted to challenge me, while the girl and the little girl manage to
avoid the death trap. I also dreamt rooted my smartphone via dirty cow
deploit. this week busy with restore 3 os from backup against dubious
intrusion and succeeded. days out and days in I endured to the day my
icbc cards' unlock. on Wednesday I first time visited icbc office to
manage to unlock them, after found even credit debt cleared and
automatic unlock didn't happen. buzzed the phone bank reception desk,
I was told there was a new transaction led me in debt of another $1.7
due to pay. I borrowed ¥100 from dorm canteen operator and tried to
clear the credit debt but failed on ATM. visited the branch office and
even with help of crew I failed to unlock my salary debit card. I also
was told unlocking credit card needs to be handle in local HQ. I
waited and busy for 2 days. then I visited the headquater on noon
yesterday. on counter debt was cleared but credit card department
director told me unlock needs a day to work. and clerk granted all
normal privilege on my salary card, but still failing transaction for
status abnormal. I thought might be the credit debt still persistently
preventing, so I returned in waiting. yesterday is shopping festival
on taobao.com, Chinese largest online store. I didn't buy anything for
all pay method freezed. but I know shopping heals and makes one
happier. I badly need to buy my son and my own a pair of backup
electric toothbrush. my web asset renewal also due to fill. God dad,
grant us credit to live in modern style. bring me my Royal China to
unlock the dead trap in failing PRC and its dictative CCP. grant us
3rd flight tour in join lunar new year holiday in our hometown. grant
me resource of self-relying in our publication.

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