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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ICBC failed me twice.

first dreamt of taming lion. my once leader in QRRS, deputy CCP cadre
Zhou Kaiming, or my once colleague in QRRS cable station, Sun Feng,
demonstrated how to constantly padding lion's body's edge and hummed
short syllable to pacify the large cat. then on my own I started to
interactive with lion, including massage lion's toes, even trying
using Chinese needle to acupuncture to comfort it. it's terrifying to
let lion accept you, at least in dream I even in the end still felt
intimidating. then dreamt with my classmates, which mixing my
university and senior middle school alumni, in a march of experience.
everybody has a role, like monitor, flagger, propagation, etc, while I
was in charge of stamp, ie. official verification. we roamed times on
the same road, for boring orthodox drives anyone away. when finally
experiment lesson started in a classroom, I was chosen by the monitor
to dissect something. I did but disgusted to wake up. this week I
thrilled by coming unfreeze of my 2 icbc card, a debit salary card and
a credit card. it turns out neither succeed. I visited icbc HQ twice
but still in clouds who freezed my salary, now that icbc clerks all
claimed they didn't. its credit first time so said unlocked by the
card department director and let me wait a day to use, which is a fake
claim. after failed to shop online with it, I buzzed icbc hotline and
told unfreeze a locked credit account takes application, so I
immediately entrust him to apply for me. the agent did and asked me
wait for another 3 or 5 days. but next day, Monday this week, icbc
local branch called me to confirm fee of less than ¥100 taken from me
before resume my credit card, I admited at once. next day I tried
again to shop with the credit, but after twice failures sadly found my
credit quota decreased from original ¥10000 to zero. I even didn't
know a credit card with 0 credit is of any usage. so I buzzed the HQ
card department director, he advised to apply to icbc national HQ,
while the latter refutes to its local branch. in the loophole I
decided to visit the clearance center of icbc Qiqihar as the phone
bank receptionist tipped, but the its office location outdated and
removed. returned to local HQ, the card department director suggested
me deposit in its credit before shopping via it, like using it as a
debit, to win the bank over again for credit. I tried to argue with
him my credibility, my cyberspace startup, but seemingly defying me
credit is order from higher official and undebatable. so 2nd visit
icbc Qiqihar HQ fruitless except at last the director let me buzz him
next day for which freezes my salary now that ICBC didn't. I know
larger factor in PRC politburo intervenes my financial renewal of my
web assets. they desperate deprive my source of basic living and
business. God, dad, my throne against no one in its mightiness. grant
us innocence against dirty manipulation against my Royal China's
regime. bring me sooner my girls, my offspring in our new family that
lasts 1109 years ahead when China as an Empire reset. grant me
resource to update my ownership over our web assets. grant us a joyful
flight tour hometown in lunar new year.

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