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Monday, November 7, 2016

in peace 2nd snow of winter 2016.

dreamt first my passed mom help neighbor managing large herd of
gooses. the gooses swept shallow water and ate lots of plants and
bugs. the reward is cheerful, we can ate one or two without lose the
deposit base. then dreamt in open cinema with hometown folks. I
brought camera and saw the possibility of being caught by regulation
not allow to shoot. then before the ending, I dived into water below
to bring somewhat command and my 2nd elder brother in charge of summon
the folks to execute the order. last night 2nd snow in 2016 winter in
Qiqihar cover the ground with thick quilt. I ate rich breakfast and
full with satisfaction. these weeks with online audio ebook, I
learning and time elapses quick, results less blogging. my son showed
me his gaming skill ever improving when he epted made progress in old
game "family guy". he more or less too idle and urges me new training
or tasks for him, while I busy with preparing him live now channel on
youtube as windows of American life. long time waited game, "Lost
planet 3" also downloaded and I tried awhile. his mom mocked me when I
lingered there. but her Le smartTV, equipped less than half year,
wrecked and persuade by support crew to give up normal usage but just
as a monitor. so the messy poor woman consulted me how to connect the
monitor to her notebook, which also mine shift to her a year ago. I
offered her a backup hdmi cable and urged her restore a functional
smartTV, but I knew all my efforts less likely working: the cheap
bitch dare to curse nobody but me, bundled her with our son. I told my
son my analytics in his mom's twist fantasy and sick preference, her
cheap temper and behind frustration in her being uselessness while
desperate need for trade. God, dad, my life so long trapped within
these unholy beasts including my son's mom and her family. grant me
and my son elegent soul mates in our world. bring me sooner my Royal
China for healthy competition and wellbeing of humanity. bring me
sooner the unity of Christian universe. grant us independent finance,
empower me renew our web assets and maintain growing of our cyberspace

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