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Monday, October 31, 2016

dream to be free again without credit debt burden.

dreamt confined by police in library. in winter now I usually close
tight my window lest waste networked heat. but that results in late
wake up in morning and missing dorm canteen breakfast. so I set alarm
on my cellphone. as side effect, I usually felt sleepy after unnature
woke up. this morning I at first busy with setup a migrated vision of
agarten.in under domain dabbog.com, lagging internet soon drove me
onto bed. In dream I brought my son, woz, haunted nowhere to find a
place to dwell. then when we leaving I let woz waited me awhile I
returned to library to pee. enter the hall, I found some people
watching a bull head on the wall, like hunting trophy. at first I
thought that's my work, then found its in fact copies of my works and
posted everywhere in the libary, attract lots of audience. among
people arrested under the bull head, one is a policeman, he listened
my claim calmly but replied I wouldn't allowed to leave in response of
the demonstration. when I doubting how to inform my son in waiting
about my dangerous situation, my 2nd elder sister in red clothes
appeared in the library and didn't recognize me. soon I found in the
central area of the hall, my son settled there among reading crowd,
including my sister. before detained or imprison I woke up from nap.
past week I sometimes woke up earlier upon good news of coming unlock
my salary card and ICBC credit card, now that with this month salary
paid to ICBC, my credit debt to the PRC largest bank will clear. In
bare waiting my kid brother's aid to cope every month living cost,
usual it will be ¥700 since my brother latest visit, my younger
brother buzzed in. he just brought his technician toured England.
according him that cost ¥30000. I then just settled site's migration
and with confidence persuaded my kid brother additional 300 helping me
resolving running debts among local contacts, and bad need to replace
shoes. he admited in the session, a loan of ¥1000. but later 2 days he
didn't remit me as promised. he is a man vulnerable of bitter
feelings, and in the case he not evaded again. when I on bus fetchinng
my son for monthly cinema with hard bargained loan from canteen
operator woman, ¥300, my brother buzzed in to check his damage on our
schedule. he failed to persuade me gave up my redundant phone number.
after the cinema, I check ATM and the promised aid right in its
position. with it, my doubts cleared and much glad found discount area
has a nice shoes for me priced ¥40. all the weekend turns brilliant
with the aid and hope of affirmative. on Sunday morning I with my only
¥20 bought hazelnut from street vendor near woz's community after near
a month I didn't buy my son fruits as usual. the hazelnut rewards us
in quality, large, crisp and delicious. at these moment in a sunny
morning, God dad, I pray in holy my life out of uncertainty and hatred
from sinful PRC dictation, stands peaceful, firm and hopeful. pray our
happy gathering every occasions with adequate financial support. bring
me sooner my Royal China for the prosperous China as well as eastern
Asia, bring me new family with my girls and our offspring. grant me
painless purchases and supportive credit and income base, esp my
cyberspace startup. thx, dad God.

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