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Thursday, July 24, 2008

bookmarks daily 07/24/2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bookmarks daily 07/23/2008

  • its so nice and i waited for it for some times. now i have 2 custom subdomain at http://wiki.be21zh.org for my site be21zh, bring China abreast 21Century, and http://chinad.be21zh.org for my site China Democracy, other sites in be21zh.org list below with their new url:
    http://love.be21zh.org for site benzyrnill, set to fly
    http://home.be21zh.org for site faezrland, fatherland under angels' feather
    http://zhu.be21zh.org for site zhudajiu朱大九,龙泉之眼

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    • Map a site to a specific URL
  • i like vodpod very much, its easy to create ur channels and its functions constantly updating. hope it properous even more. glad to see its becoming more sociable.

    tags: vodpod, video, playlist, podcast

    • These are people who have video collections that are similar to yours — try following a few, it’s a fun way to track what they’re adding and you might see some cool new videos.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

new logo for my site, beinzh or beingzh

these days i more or less bored with reading tech news as usual. i switched to site maintance. i adding my family sites links to our facebook pages and groups. China surveillance heavily blocked facebook and i had to give up after almost finished adding links to pages, let pages of my baby's intact and unfinished. yesterday i google my family sites on google sites and found quite some were not indexed by google. so i had the idea to let our google sites interlinked, for the spider's convinience to crawl. in the mid i faced the site, beingzh, still lacking a logo. so i decided in rush to design a logo for it. even its quite speedy, with the help of google picture search, but i quite satisfied by the new logo. the fonts very beautiful, and the dragon pattern also impressive. i love the logo very much.

that's my life in cyberspace. i built lots of place to let people with the same interests of mine to interactive in it. but now i still in waiting for people that alike to join me. my sites also in itself a manifest of my belief, no matter how long i can see the mob of crowded people.

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