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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

endangered investment by PRC shrinking economy.

dreamt at hometown in lunar Spring festival. my eldest cousin's 1st son and my 2nd elder brother's 1st son sit on my shoulders each, and soon my passed mother or other relatives, say my niece found my ears full of dirt, esp peanuts and dusts. they help pull huge long chain of this kind of sticky things inc peanuts, shells etc. I didn't blamed the 2 kids but I don't know why them fooled me. these 2 kids long time been used by their parents trying to challenge me, esp my growth via state education system. in the end, I noticed a half finished new house at outer of the village, on western part near the mountain. I was told it's my aunt, ie the jammed my ear kid's grandma, and her only daughter who already had 2 or 3 children but under strict influence of her always cursing mother. I felt misery but they doomed in hatred of my grand dad's family. It's a sunny morning. but I still felt chill indoor. dad God, I need ¥1200 to renew my son woz.fm domain, which is due and only accepts annually renewal, no more several years' preorder like other usual domain. its a pain for me not only for its the dearest domain we have but also most tending demands. Dad God, in recent years there was seemingly less and less year end bonus which my main source of income to support my domains' renewal. now my 21 domain annual renewal prices near ¥5000, while the bonus seemingly shrinking. I previously thought the society as well as per capita income will increase decade by decade, but now I saw sterner scenario in which monetary surplus drained gradually. the people and society turning poorer every year. dad God, I still believe development of society, civilian's consumable income increasing, and consumable commodities including domain and websites with richer options as social welfare. but now, God dad, I felt harsher burden to afford our 21 adorable domains. grant us booming business and my biz self-relying. guarantee our domains' ownership over period when it matters to us. God dad, bring me sooner my Royal China to put things right up. bring my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for better management of financial affair. in this PRC holiday put joys in my solitary in dorm. last night the wall near window of my dorm again cracked and dripped some ashes & blocks, it turning a dangerous house. save me from the dumping, shift me into comfortable & gracious shelter, even my new family in new settlement. dad God, put faith in me for brighter future, and my promised Empire never hurries.

Monday, September 25, 2017

wanting for a credit card for domains' renewal

dreamt at an airport with my son, woz. I designed a heading clip for a
competition event, but woz insisted adding his work onto it. I dislike
the idea and warned woz we otherwise will lose the competition. this
salary day full of joyes even there is no surprise in its amount. I
paid usual bills and still arranged 2 dining out with woz and one for
his neighbor pal. debt to bankcomm finally cleared. now I looking
forward a new credit card or credit limit in my current card resumes
to its before late payment, both just for guarantee our adorable
domains never fall into expired due invalid payment method. God, dad,
Bank of China had refute my application last week. help me gain a work
around for the deficit of credit. last week also sees woz monthly
visit his dad's dorm after settled his salary. we ordered meal and ate
them in dorm as woz likes. woz had his favor snack in the night and
watched videos online. next morning we ate KFC breakfast. on Sunday we
haunted a downtown hotel's canteen we recently frequented, and
satisfied by its cuisine again. then we went public spa for shower. I
told my son how I need a credit to avoid dependence upon the QRRS Dorm
canteen operative woman, and how misshaped current business of zhone
in fact possibly saves us from PRC seizure in messy dominating and
lawlessness. woz promised to try to keep ownership over our 21 domains
in his future. when he started homework as his mom arranged, I tried a
new video game on steam platform. after felt boring and sleepy my son
urged me to leave and I followed. I lingered in my dorm till this
morning breakfast. God, dad, this weekend I will gather my son and his
neighbor pal dining out. grant us a enjoyable dinner and happy time in
the event. grant me anxious free PRC national holiday meals, esp
another dining out with grilled mutton with my son. grant us a working
credit for domain renewal ready, and small bills capable esp in USD.
thx dad, in this morning sunshine among trees' branches, and
weightless blogging after weeks halt.

Monday, September 11, 2017

fast exercise in looming economy.

dreamt my aunt held party of our relatives at her house with my mom.
most relatives chose cards to play but I reluctant to join. then some
boys went fishing nearby. I still wandering. then they got some
fishes. yesterday I dreamt funeral worker secret skill to search
corpses for valuable items like gold or jewellery. on sea I with my
son discussed with those kind of craftsman, trying retrieve properties
my ancestor left us. then dreamt my ancestor, Emperor and founder of
Ming dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, who busy with writing his empire civil
law on his own. he treated me peacefully, and his looking was not so
ugly as some history book claimed. last week I first time practiced
meal limit: I starved 2 lunches in 2 series days. the reason first
likely for canteen operator woman not welcomes me. then I felt ate too
much next meal after the teeth cleanse operation. so I adopted fast
and intended skip a meal every week now on, including 2 meals in 2
weekends executed months. yesterday alos first day I felt so painful
after executed new scheme visiting my son: once a week. in Saturday
otherwise I will reunite my son, but I lonely stayed in my dorm,
tasteless online. my dorm internet warded again all the week. and my
son's chromecast strangely malfunctional. in God bliss I reset it and
setup it working again. I urged my son makes well usa of ward free
web, esp spoken English and left him alone with his android games just
after drizzle. the formosa franchise restore service last Sunday, but
hardly any changes after near 1 month "refurnish". I guess its in its
wade now. a nearby hotel's kitchen where we haunted during the
refurnish let us missing its pure Chinese cuisine dishes. and we
didn't visit Islamic noodle restaurants for half year, nor Islamic
pies. God, this breakfast in canteen I ate more than usual, for last
night I felt hungry. the background music and the adorable woman, the
operative of the canteen, let me regret, for they both out of my reach
and none enjoyable. God dad, save me from temptation and useless
emotional elation. put me in sole praying for my future family. help
those longing get them. bring me sooner my Royal China, my Japanese
Crown Queen Asoh Yukiko, to my new reality. grant us independent
business online and offline prosperous in hundred decades. bring my
son more chance of meaningful and joyful.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

thick weeds of hatred around.

dreamt of bring my son traveling to my hometown. in suburb of our current town, passing a hotel we met many witches and wizards. some ambushed us. some cursed us. some stealed us. some transfered our appearance. in first attack, my son lost his outdoor baggage in a blink. second attack turned my son a disabled kid with damaged arms, lost his 2 mobiles I prepared 2 years ago. my son later told me he hide them in a place intact. we were heading to a bus stop where we will travel to Tianjin, north China where I graduated and broke my heart for a girl collegian. in Tianjin we will switch a bus then reach its railway station and head to our hometown in central China. in homeless and changing fake idol, we held each other firm against misleading exerted by those dark power. sometimes I want blamed my son according his performance but I later gave up, for they were forged and fake. some witch attempted to trade or threat, and attacked after our refusal. its a frightening dream. my neck turns more stiff and painful after nap. last night I ate too much, esp snack from street vendor near dorm gate and got sore water in throat midnight after woke up abrupt. I so gave up breakfast in canteen, and just napped. there were so many hatred in area of QRRS that I really felt. for example, the day before yesterday, a pile of dog shit or feces laid exactly front entrance of the dorm gate which using fence to narrow route. I after dinner and routine dusk jog started and in a blink stepped onto it through the limited gate. the night a middle size rain cleanse the dirty road. then in last dusk another small plastic bag in which likely bloods and dirts held laid there, pits the road block. a stubborn goat in his 60 or 70 constantly challenges me on my way jogging in dusk. twice the sin copied and according my changed route around the QRRS square just to facing me and deface my innocence. God grants my killing over the rubbish, the enemies of zhone Royal China. its a sunny noon now. I sunburn after lunch in the dorm minigarden, till nearby Senior middle school students came canteen for lunch. its very brilliant during recent clouds and rains. God dad, you guide me so far I didn't make any change around me. you tells me my security intact so far for future more widespread slaughter. yes dad God, I remember and trying remember the betray and profanation of my Royal China. grant me lighter heart for enjoying my daily bread and social times. bring me my Japanese Crown Queen, Asoh Yukiko, for better future of felling PRC, failing Chinese on mainland. guarantee our spiritual uprising on Christian way. thx dad God.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

first time clean teeth in clinic.

dreamt with a Russian scholar visited bill gates' futuristic house.
bill at first introduce his encyclopedia. then his wife treated us
dinner. his daughter also appeared. while lingering I studied my
subjects. yesterday I in my life first time received dentistry health
care: teeth cleaning. it's a small local clinic, which charged me ¥80,
dearer than most web q/a. but the girl likely a deputy doctor worked
diligently and careful. the second half operative did by another woman
likely a doctor and a bit harsher. uncomfortable in the procedure
ignorable but time spent matters. I spent near 1 hour, even when I
left I felt relived. its my 1st step adopting western lifestyle in
grace and managed. last Sunday afternoon I arranged woz monthly
cinema. I waited him from his music class half hour in Qiqihar
supermarket. the nearby guard of the market even doubting my task
while I using my mobile to read there. after my son gloriously
appeared, I presented him ice drink, movie "Dunkirk", and hotpot
before taxied home. its wonderfully planned and executed. but the
night I slept so deep that next morning I felt clueless and unclear
when I visited my son for shower in public spa. his computer locked
him out after too many logon failure due to the problematic mouse. so
I spent another half day to reinstall windows. his mom, the small
bitch, tentatively brought him out and lingered somewhere lately after
7pm when I left the house after settle all issues fixed. I wanted to
report to my son my achievement and confidential but unable. my son
also forgot brought his mobile in usual hurry with his domineer mom.
returned to dorm, I doubt if I cared frustration and tasteless after
my son under expectation so many times. but I decided to care my son
full heart. so I buzzed him online and introduce my finished work and
blamed him for dispensable mobile, which blocked my access instant and
let me felt inferior to his mom hijacked him with superficial
educational purpose. PRC government like a cheap teacher monopolies
education and all time pretending orthodox. God dad, break through the
fake idol, free my Chinese society from lifeless stagnant. bring me my
Royal China, and my Crown Queen Asoh Yukiko from Japan, for humanizing
social flesh and architecture. grant me sustaining my adorable domains
with meaningful future world targeting.

Friday, September 1, 2017

PRC here darkened by mafia

first dreamt a veteran politician intended to make me a mayor. I then
follows a group municipal bureaucracy to a mine field in city hall. we
each hunted for diamond, golds, etc. then dreamt I was an
entrepreneur. our product is astronomical components. then dreamt a
group tourists visiting my elder brother's house. they likely helped
my brother for his celebration of event: performance show. after they
all left I left to blog in dream but delayed and unable settle. my
youngest elder sister and my 3nd nephew accompanied me at home. when
the guests came back, we and friends of my elder brother grouped into
2 delegations to compete with dart or shooting. my son attracted many
visitors attention with his adorable when the party went hot. its a
sunny morning while I napped most of mornings in the week. last night
is strange: I recklessly tried to protect the dorm canteen after
noticed likely mafia threatened and extracted custody fee. recently in
at least 3 occasions I saw hooligans lingering in dorm canteen,
superficially peacefully occupied seats with fewer orders but just
wasted time unusually late. that's threat of troubles. last dusk I
brought the canteen another water melon from street vendor and let
canteen workers prepared some for me to eat. there were only another
guy in the dorm there for dinner, and a 3 middle aged men group there
detaining with few orders. I felt glad with my melon and soon left. in
my room I reviewed the scenario and perceived the canteen operating
family's under bully. so I re-visit there and saw only their kid and
their father left them accompanied the lingering pests. I loudly
talked with the old father and angers left me left abrupt. in half
hour I visited the canteen 3rd time. the 3 hooligans left in dark dusk
with heavy bags each. I urged the father if they had problem they
should contact QRRS authority but he shown skepticism. in the night I
review my situation with rotten PRC society under shadow of world
largest mafia, CCP, dogs tyranny. God, sooner or later your faith
holder will be attested against sins and swan song of warlord, world
communism esp inflated PRC. instil us with strength of faithful. shift
us from dangers of brutal accusation. bring me sooner my Royal China,
and Asoh Yukiko, my Crown Queen from Japan, to enhance my life span.
bring me stable investment reward for constant growth in business. thx
dad, for the peace and hope.