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Friday, July 8, 2016

tightened loophole.

dreamt to marry a minor tribe girl. the girl's family likely lives in
mountainous southwestern China. according to their custom, first
daughter will never marry but as heiress of family and move to second
daughter's marriage as escort. I'm happy with the marriage and in the
eve of wedding ceremony I talked with my brother-in-law near a
campfire while eating. I let him not to allow wind fire licks my
woollen shirt while I sat closely around the fire. then my past dad
passed away, he unhappy my casual but insecure way near fire. he gazed
me with anger then I woke up. my fiance is the second daughter of the
family which has 3 daughters. and she is likely tall, thin and
beautiful. yesterday bankcomm again buzzed in and talked detailedly
about my family, my finance. she got my son's mom's, and my kid
brother's mobile number. the dorm canteen operator also inquired how
is their loan of boarding and urged they in short of cash. in the
night I busy with fix typo among my sites on my wiki page. after
settled it time to bed. I surfed awhile then went to bed. on bed I
deeply frustrated by urged by nearby acquaintance. the operator family
long time has a different tradition or culture I reckon sinful from
mine. they not only hurry me to pay back their loan but also attempted
blocking my boarding there. without them and with my frozen salary by
PRC's credit administration, I will starve. the once workplace, QRRS,
likely adopted a stance not to intervene. my financial crisis roots in
poor salary which below ¥2000 decades. my living expense is the amount
and bank commision now rises to near that amount again. God, dad,
where is the way to survive the adversity the sinking PRC, the theft
of my vested Empire of China, setup? how to fund my startup for China
democracy and Royal of China? dad God, help me in the darkened
nightmare and threatened living. bring me my Royal China, my always
gospel, my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to shine over my
troubled pool of finance. bring me peace in building up my kingdom of
plenty and prosperous.
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